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A Miracle


About 20 minutes after I got up this morning, the power went out. (And it just now came back on.) It was dark. I lit a couple candles, then took a flashlight and went back to bed to read. When it was light outside, I came back downstairs. Casper was sitting at the door on the back porch like usual. He got up and ran around the side of the house for a few seconds, then came back and sat down again. I thought I should do my routine check on the front porch, feeling kind of hopeless about it. It’s a glass-paned door, so you can see right through it. There was a big mound of white fur on the other side of the door. I couldn’t believe my eyes. IT WAS COCO. I ran out there and threw my arms around her neck, crying and blubbering and everything.

Morgan had spent the night at her friend’s house up the road. I got Coco inside, and started trying to call, but I had to wait till I guess they got up and plugged in their non-electric power outage phone. I had them go wake her up to come to the phone. I said, “Morgan, guess who I have with me right now?” She said, “Coco?” She came home as fast as she could.

The only vet I could find open in the area is the emergency vet in Charleston. They told me all they do is stabilize animals until they can get to their regular vet. Coco was walking on three legs, holding up an injured back leg, but she appeared perfectly stable and alert and fine otherwise. I called my cousin, and he and his wife, Sheryl (who is a nurse) came over. Sheryl brought her nursing supplies and checked Coco over and did some tending and pronounced that the wound I thought looked horrible actually looked pretty good to her. Coco’s leg isn’t broken, unless there is a hairline crack or fracture that isn’t evident from examination. I’m sure the vet will do an x-ray, and her wound will need sutured. Morgan is going to stay home from school tomorrow to help me get her to the vet (and into the car, ack). Coco is eating, drinking, and acting normal other than walking on three legs. She walked around and around in the house for about half an hour on three legs till she finally laid down and took a nap. She is tired. I suspect she wore that injured leg out running on it because there’s no way she raced down the ravine out of the pastures and up over the ridge on three legs. She didn’t bark when she came back, by the way. I had no idea she was out there until I looked. I think Casper did know, though, because when I checked on him on the back porch, he got up and ran around the side of the house, then came back and sat down again. I think he was just keeping tabs on her.

I’ll be keeping her in the house until she’s recovered, then she’s back behind the fence. We’re still planning to get a Pyr puppy here, thinking a companion for Coco will make her happier behind the fence. (I can’t put Casper in with her with the goats and sheep. He isn’t aggressive at all, but he harasses them plays with them. Only his idea of fun doesn’t match up to theirs.) But, that is for another day. Today, I have my sweet dog back. I can hardly believe it.

We’ll never know where she’s been or what she’s done for the past five days, but when she got done doing it, she came home!!!!!

Thank you so much for your support! (I’m sorry it took hours after she came home before the power came back on so I could tell you!)

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Familiar Scene


This is what it looks like outside your back door, right?




(That’s the Crooked Little Hen in the middle, by the way. Despite being told by numerous people that she would keel over dead, she is now four years old.)

Stay tuned. I have a “coop d’etat” planned AGAINST the chickens this week. You just watch!

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The Slanted Little House

"It was a cold wintry day when I brought my children to live in rural West Virginia. The farmhouse was one hundred years old, there was already snow on the ground, and the heat was sparse-—as was the insulation. The floors weren’t even, either. My then-twelve-year-old son walked in the door and said, “You’ve brought us to this slanted little house to die." Keep reading our story....

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