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A Long Wait


Casper, poor fellow, wondering where Coco went again.

Coco gimped around on three legs trying to get away from me this morning when I wanted to put the harness on her, but when Morgan came downstairs she just plopped on her back and said, “Put it on!” Ornery dog. We didn’t have to wrangle her too much to get her into the car, so that was a nice surprise. The most difficult part was hefting her up into it. Once Coco gets in a vehicle, she acts like she’s having a great time. It’s the getting in part that she’s not too keen on. (I’ve had to RESCHEDULE vet appointments for Coco in the past because of inability to get her in the car at the appointed hour.) The only vet in the county was not in his office here today, and the next closest vet office wasn’t answering the phone, so I took her all the way to the city. I didn’t want to wait another day for her to start receiving care. They did an x-ray first thing, and the good news is that there is no broken bone, not even a tiny crack or fracture. She’s in good health all around and quite fine except for the wound on her leg. The bad news is that they wouldn’t let me take her back home today. The wound is too big to stitch, and will need daily fresh bandaging and skilled attention to monitor it as it’s healing.

After losing her for nearly a week, to have to turn around and leave her at the vet was really hard. She will have to stay for a minimum of one week and possibly up to three weeks. A long wait, after only one day of having her back. I have to remind myself that at least I know where she is. (And we can visit her!)

Some people who had missed it asked for the links–Coco Goes Missing (A Crushing Event), and Coco Comes Home (A Miracle).

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Off to the Vet


Poor Casper wants to be with Coco so badly. We have been letting him in periodically to visit with her, but there are also cats in the house and Casper harasses them plays with them and they don’t appreciate it, so he can only be inside for short periods then back out. Before the cats turn suicidal.

We’ll be off to the vet as soon as they open. I went to Petsmart yesterday and got a new pretty pink harness for Coco. She had chewed up her last one. (That is indicative of how she feels about harnesses.) But the only way I can trust to handle her out in public is on a harness. I’d die if she got away from me in the parking lot at the vet’s office. I might put two leads on the harness so Morgan and I can both hold on to her. I might put her in a gilded cage atop my pillow and lock her in my bedroom afterward, too. (The last time we took her to the vet for shots, we kept her in the car and the vet came out to the parking lot and gave her the shots through the car window! Obviously, she will have to go inside this time.)

The second miracle of this 24 hours will be if Morgan and I can push, prod, heft, haul, beg her into the car to begin with.

I will update when we get back from the vet.

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