Annabelle Has a Puppy!


If this thing was any more adorable, it would probably be illegal.

Annabelle showed up with this lil pup a week ago. I didn’t say anything for several days because 1) I was in the middle of an ongoing BP story that was taking up a lot of Barn page space, and 2) it’s a LAMB. You know that means it’s probably going to keel over dead. Just plop, dead. We have zero luck with lambs. So I wanted to wait and tell you all in one breath–Annabelle had a baby, look how cute, and THEN IT DIED. I just thought that would be easier on you.



But it could plop, keel over dead any minute, I’m tellin’ ya. IT’S A LAMB.

And it’s the cutest thing since– Annabelle!

It was covered in yellowy goop right after it was born. We thought it was a really funny-colored lamb. Then Annabelle licked it off.

We’ve never had a little white lamb before, so who knew. Annabelle is a Dorset-Suffolk cross (and obviously favors the Dorset genes). The papa is Mr. Cotswold, so this is a half-Cotswold, half Dorset-Suffolk cross. It will be interesting to see if it has the long curly Cotswold fleece or the quilt batting Dorset wool. You know, if it lives long enough to grow out its fleece!

After losing Miss Jacob’s twin lambs this year to a predator, we were quick to bring Annabelle and her baby up near the house, to the goat yard. It’s the safest field on the farm. We gave her a few hours to finish expelling the afterbirth and clean up her baby, then dragged her kicking and screaming up the hill. (She didn’t want to go!) However, once she got up here, she settled in fairly quickly……after she got over the giant calf. The giant calf, unfortunately, is incredibly curious about everything. New mothers don’t like giant calves sniffing their babies.

In case you were wondering.

I was sure the baby would be dead by the next morning, but lo and behold, next morning it was still alive!

And it just keeps living! But it could plop, be dead tomorrow. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! IT’S A LAMB.

Annabelle is being a good mama and feeding her baby, so no bottle pup here,

A week old now, it’s starting to get curious and frisky, checking out the other animals, seeing who might play.

Then it takes a nap, and I’m all, IT’S DEAD! IT’S DEAD!

A baby can’t hardly get a nap with me around.

Here’s the kicker–it’s a girl! Which means we can keep it! And Annabelle finally has a friend of her own. Someone to love, and to love her back.

In other sheep news, within a few days, Miss Jacob-Cotswold (the yearling, aka Crazy) popped out a little lamb, too.

This one is a boy, so it’s not a keeper, but it’s just as cute.

They have also been brought up to the goat yard. Miss Jacob-Cotswold is the wildest of our sheep and so far she has written her Congressewe, the President, and Gloria Allred demanding her release.

So, after the failed attempts to get Glory Bee stationed in the meadow bottom and clear out the goat yard except for, you know, GOATS, we now have the giant calf AND two mama sheep and babies in there for the duration.

Just back the hay truck up to the gate because we aren’t growing any grass in the goat yard this year!

(Digression: This is our hay, though it’s not yet in our field. We’re buying 29 round bales off our neighbor Sonny across the river. We’ve been getting a good deal on our square bales, but this is even cheaper. And we’re gonna need it! Not just for now, but this will get us through the winter, too. Skip baled it for Sonny, and Skip’s going to loan us his trailer to get it over here. I love our little “neighborhood” here.)

Peek into a little lamb’s world in this video. Notice that the baby is not eating grass, but just nosing over it, imitating mommy, and hear Annabelle’s “mommy noises” to the baby!

Anyway…… We may not be growing grass in the goat yard this summer, but if we’re really, really lucky–and they don’t plop, keel over dead (seriously! they’re LAMBS!)–

–we’re growing this.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on June 20, 2011  

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53 Responses | RSS feed for comments on this post

  1. 6-20

    I am in love! She is just beyond cute…if you are looking for names to put in the bucket, I would love to add Bella to the list!!

  2. 6-20

    I know NOTHING about farm animals……….are the lambs tails docked. Some look like they’re shorter( by a lot) then others. :) :wave:

  3. 6-20

    Soooo darn cute. And I like Bella too!! and the black little dude is cute too!!

  4. 6-20

    Oh she is so cute, I do hope she makes it. Are you leaving Coco out there? How about the name Mischief? That last picture looks like she is up to something. :D

  5. 6-20

    So cute I just can’t stand it! I like your ‘fair warning’ system. Very practical. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for you that everyone makes it. What a busy week on the farm!

  6. 6-20

    Oh, my word! I’m in love again, just as I was when Annabelle was a puppy! Has Coco seen the new one yet? And I agree – Bella seems to be a perfect name! Although she kind of looks like a little Yoda in the last photo. I love your videos – it’s amazing to me how all your different animals share their space.

    Nancy in Iowa – close to the Missouri River but not flooded out!

  7. 6-20

    Oh — what cuties! Congrats Suzanne!
    In answer to cin13 – we always docked tails because flies cause problems —
    So cute to watch the tails go when the lambs nurse. Maybe Miss Jacob-Cotswold will warm up to you now that you have contact on a regular basis. She might learn to like cookies!

  8. 6-20

    Aaaaah! They’re gorgeous :yes:
    :sheepjump: :sheep: :sheepjump: :sheep:

  9. 6-20

    OMG! I didn’t think that there could be anything cuter than baby goats but baby lambs, really???!!!! They are adorable. I may have to add to the farm animal series paintings. They are gorgeous!!! Congrats.

  10. 6-20

    I am DEAD from the cuteness!!

  11. 6-20

    Really cute! Thanks for the post and the repeated warnings. Hopefully, they won’t be needed, but if they were, it helps to know from the get-go.

    I wish everyone continued health!


  12. 6-20

    Yes, thank you for warning us what to expect… maybe. Oh, couldn’t we name her ‘Puppy’? So, so cute!

  13. 6-20

    Or, Puppy Belle. She looks just like her ewe did at that age.

  14. 6-20

    :duck: I am in love tooo. I want a lamb..ok a cow..a goat..
    Texting hubbie now. Thanks for sharing the love.
    Hugs Granny Trace

  15. 6-20

    Funny you should talk about how easily sheep die. The animal caretaker at a local historical farm, that raise historical animals, once told us that “sheep just look for ways to die.”

    Mind you that pup is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

  16. 6-20

    Spring Peeper, another version of that saying is, “Sheep are born looking for a way to die!”

  17. 6-20

    I love lambs. We used to have sheep and I loved that whickering noise the mamas make at the lambs. Thanks for reminding me.

  18. 6-20

    I’d love to have that last photo as my wallpaper. I have never seen such an adorable photo! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  19. 6-20

    Awww!! that baby is the cutest!!!

  20. 6-20

    I agree, she’s CUTE! Love the name Mischief. Don’t want to hurt her feelings, but she does look an awful lot like Yoda! :)

  21. 6-20

    Just wondering why you cant keep the boy lambs? They are adorable too.

  22. 6-20

    How sweet! That little lamb is just as precious as Annabelle’s baby pictures!

  23. 6-20

    doje71, boy lambs turn into rams…… We have one ram and don’t need another. Excess rams can cause fighting etc. You only need one good ram to make babies–extra rams are extra mouths to feed that aren’t producing anything (other than wool–and we don’t make much money from wool). We have barely enough pasture for our sheep as it is, so an extra mouth eating our grass without producing anything isn’t good for our girls.

  24. 6-20

    OMG, just when I think I’ve seen the cutest thing EVER, Annabelle goes and has her puppy! How adorable!!!! :heart:

  25. 6-20

    What wonderful pictures.. So cute, it is hard to remember they are livestock. Suzanne has a cuteness meter on her camera!

  26. 6-20

    Wonderful pictures, Suzanne! Looks like everything is as it should be on your farm right now…peace in the holler. :happyflower:

  27. 6-20

    These little lambs are so cute! I’m so glad there doing well. I had no idea that lambs had such a low survival rate. That’s got to be hard on the heart.

  28. 6-20

    OMG, I’m in love with the lamb puppy!!

  29. 6-20

    Oh my. Adorableness!!!!! :sheep: :heart: :snoopy:

    I like the name Bella too! Beautiful Bella :heart:

  30. 6-20

    Call her Baabara

  31. 6-20

    I’m not surprised that Annabelle would make the most adorable little lamb. What a cutie she is!! Little baby ram is precious too! Of course I wanna snuggle them. (dontcha just love babies) I hope they don’t “find a way to die!”

  32. 6-20

    Congratulations! That’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you! You needs some little lambs that grow up, after losing a few. Have you named Annabell’s new pup?

  33. 6-20

    Oh, what lovely babies! Hope they make it! Could you not raise the male lambs for meat? A lot of former tobacco farmers around here have moved into sheep raising and an area grocery chain buys their meat. I think Corabelle would be a lovely name for Annabelle’s baby!

  34. 6-20

    That has GOT to be the cutest thing I have ever seen….with the exception of my son. Oh gosh is she ever a treasure! Keeping fingers crossed that nothing “bad” happens to her…..what an angel!


  35. 6-20

    What an adorable little face! :sheep: I hope they make it. Looks like it would be hard to not get attached. My 4-yr-old daughter loved the video. It was very peaceful and sweet.

  36. 6-20

    she has a permanent smile on her face, and those EARS!!! another adorable addition to the Stringtown Rising Farm family.

  37. 6-20

    The first lamb we ever had( this year) died because another ewe stepped on it. Since then we’ve had two sets of triplets and raised three bottle babies that replaced the one that died. “From the moment a sheep is born it starts looking for ways to die.” is really the way to look at sheep I have no doubt Mini-bell will live a long life with you close by :sheep:

  38. 6-20

    Maybe puppy-lambs are sturdier than other lambs. Or maybe Annabelle is an above-average mother; it wouldn’t surprise me, as she seems smarter than the average sheep.

    I think Bella suits her, too.

    Your ram-bo lamb is cute, too. Will he stay that dark? That would be pretty wool. You could name him Barnabas, since he looks like a dark shadow. Never mind, you’re probably too young to remember Dark Shadows, and you might not want to name a lamb after a vampire, anyway. Even a handsome one.

  39. 6-20

    She is the most cutest thing I have seen in a long while.Had a VERY bad day, came home earl and this post cheered me up,well,I mean as long as she doesn’t fall over dead.Maybe you could not tell us for a few days if she falls over dead.
    Being a farmer is not for wimps.I admire your courage and stamina AND your sense of humor,Suzanne!

  40. 6-20

    Cutest babies ever.

  41. 6-20

    Well, since Annabelle had such a precious looking little pup, you can call her “Precious”…..(do you remember the old Precious Pup cartoons?)

    She is just gorgeous, and I thought I spotted her in one of your Daily Farm photos the other day…I thought, what is that little white head I’m seeing here?! PLUS 52 mentioned in a comment about the new lamb being born, but I thought maybe it was Frank’s or Skips’s since you hadn’t mentioned anything about the birth.

    I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE AND PRAY that these little angels get to grow up and live happily ever after!!!!!!!. :heart:

  42. 6-20

    What a sweet little face. She looks like the little lambs from the Precious Moments pictures. All the names suggested are good. I’m partial to Puppy ’cause I had a cat named Puppy once (who knows why, don’t ask). But she should be named something with ‘belle’ in it.

    Whaledancer, I loved “Dark Shadows”. Okay, if I ever raise sheep the ram that I keep will be named “Barnabaas”, get it, get it? HA! Oh, I hope its a black ram. Ooops!

  43. 6-21

    Your lambs should be fine! I’ve had sheep/lambs for 5 years now and never lost a one. Mine are Katahdins. Nothing kills them. Well, maybe the butcher does every once in a while and when I feed too much grain. Then the boys will go PLOP, dead.

  44. 6-21

    My 10 year old granddaughter thinks her name should Isabella or Isabelle or Tinkerbell. :fairy:

  45. 6-21

    :sheep: I think Mamajhk’s 10 year old granddaugther has the right name… Isabella and for a nick name call it Izzy! It is so cute and I hope it stays healthy for you and doesn’t plop down dead. ha ha

    Mrs. Turkey

  46. 6-21

    Awwwww!!! LOVE the new babes! I like the name Belle or Bella (my cats name). I had to laugh when I read yvonnem’s comment…… Precious? Made me think of Silence of the Lambs!

  47. 6-22

    OMG, I so hope she doesnt go “plop”, that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I live so vicariously through you. I will keep my fingers crossed. :sheep:

  48. 6-24

    How beautiful ! Thank you for sharing.

  49. 6-25

    I think I’ve read this post at least 10 times and have looked at the pictures even more. They just make me smile! Please post more!!

  50. 7-1

    I’m hooked! Love your blog. Love the posts. Love this post. Here’s wishing a long life for Annabelle’s wee pup.

  51. 7-2

    OMG …aren’t lambs the cutest things ever!!! Stay positive Suzanne, looks like things are turning around with the lambing.

  52. 7-4

    OMGosh adorable :snoopy: I havent been over for a visit for awhile and i just love to see all the critters . I alwasy am cheered up by the antics of everyone

  53. 2-21

    I just found your wonderful website after viewing something about regrowing celery that was shared on Facebook. What a happy place to visit and explore. Baby lamb is adorable though I’m guessing by the date that she is all grown up now.

    Now, if I could just find that post about regrowing celery. LOL :snuggle:

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