As It Turned Out, the Chicken House Wouldn’t Build Itself


This is what things looked like for awhile after 16 set the posts.

The chicken house is positioned near the house, with steps down from the porch to access the chickens and plenty of room on the porch to watch them. That side window over the steps is one of the windows in my bedroom, so I can check on the chickens from inside, too.

Then, just when the-chicken-house-will-never-get-built despair was setting in, 52 took the day off to build!

Up it went, fairly quickly. The screen door is the “people” access to the chicken house. There will be another access over the nesting boxes to gather eggs without even going inside. (The screen door will be reinforced with more wire.) Isn’t the rustic old barn wood on the sides cool?

I love the old barn wood.

The chickens heard about all the activity and got excited.

“Did you say chicken house?”

“I deserve a chicken house.”

“I need a chicken house all to myself.”

“What chicken house? They’ve been talking about a chicken house for weeks. Whatever.”

Then they fell asleep.

Before they saw this.

The chicken house and chicken yard should be done soon! We made so much progress yesterday!

Okay, that was “we” in the royal way…..

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on May 8, 2008  

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  1. 5-8

    52 sure is handy to have around..He is like my husband he can do anything..He’s a keeper Suzanne..As always I LOVE the sleeping chicks that is so sweet.Connie

  2. 5-8

    :love: 52 definitely sounds like a handy person to have around. It appears he can be the “go to” person for these type projects. You know your kids can not be counted on too often for anything – or at least mine fall into that category.

    The chicks are so cute…!

    Amelia in Oklahoma

  3. 5-8

    Go 52! Oh, and 52…are we ever going to get to meet you?

  4. 5-8

    WHOO HOOO 52!!!!! You are the fella! LOL the chickens look excited.. see the glint in there littel black eyes. LOL :)

  5. 5-8

    What they all said !!! The coop looks fantastic. I can hardly wait to see it occupied.

  6. 5-8

    I thought I would mention…as an experiment, I painted the floor of my coop with an epoxy garage floor paint in the hope it would be easy to clean and disinfect. This is the second year and it has worked perfectly.

  7. 5-8

    Woo Hoo! Happy Chickens! Happy Suzanne! Love the old barn wood.

  8. 5-8

    I gotta hand it to 15! Digging post holes is hard work! :clap: Remember 15’s grow up to be 52’s! :yes:
    WTG, 15 and 52! :shimmy:
    I absolutely love those chick pics! :thumbsup:

  9. 5-8

    digging post holes is tough work, Way to go Becky for remembering 15… Good job 15, you Rock like Ozzy and 52 you rock like….er uh….the Beach Boys!!!

    Totally love your captions! the 3rd one seriously does look like she is saying humph…I need one to MYSELF! ahahaha I just love your blog..


  10. 5-8

    I’m loving the pictures of the chicks. And sleeping chicks so sweet!! Please don’t torture us with the tiny little pictures, make them all big, please!!

  11. 5-8

    My husband just finished building our kids a fort. I told him the fort was just practice for building a chicken house. He said as long as it was square/rectangle he could build it. Now I just have to get a place where I can raise chickens.

  12. 5-8

    Go 52!!!! Love the chicken house – love the chickens :)

    Love your site – It’s one of the first things I do in the morning before starting work :)

  13. 5-8

    “we” is the best way to do chores, as far as I’m concerned!

  14. 5-8

    SORRY! Meant 16!

  15. 5-8

    The chicken house is looking great. Good job by 52 and “the royal family”.

  16. 5-8

    Very exciting! love the barn wood and the chicks.

  17. 5-8

    Hey Suzanne!
    I have 8 chicky-babies. I am in the process of finishing their chicken house. The building was old and orginally a chicken house 75 years ago. I live on my Grandparent’s farm. The yard is finished and the girls have moved in. I am using a nest that belonged to Grandparents on the other side of my family. I think that is pretty neat. I have my own 52 that is helping me finish the inside. I feel your joy!! :shimmy: Isn’t life good?????

  18. 5-8

    Does 52 know of an available 67 (or thereabout)? :flying:

  19. 5-8

    Thanks for just making me smile every day..

  20. 5-8

    I love your blog…in fact, your blog has turned me into a compulsive blog checker …..we built our home 25 years ago , out here in the country, and your home building adventures reminded us of ours! We too have chickens, the kids loved raising them and even showed them in 4H, and I still keep the little critters. When I need diversion, cheering up, or entertainment, I take a cup of coffee or glass of wine out to my strategically ( sp?) placed chair and sit myself down and watch my chickens ! Ahhhhhhhhh, forget the big world. Watch feathered fun and drama, can’t beat that reality T.V. Kathy B.

  21. 5-8

    As long as 52 is looking for a 67 for Karen B, could he clone out a 60 anything for me? Seriously, you have one handy group there and I LOVE the chick stories…..
    PLEEZE what are you shooting with? I need to purchase a new camera and the choices are toooooo manyy!!!!!
    Thank you for making my everyday better!

  22. 5-8

    You did a great job 52! :clap: Maybe Suzanne will bake something special for you in return. :wave:

  23. 5-8

    The more I see of your chickens, the more I want my own! Goats too, so I look forward to seeing yours.

    I featured your amazingly simple croissant dough on my blog today; hope you have time to pay a visit and see what I did with it!

  24. 5-8

    Those are just the cutest little chicks…adorable!!! Thier little chicken house is so cute too! I picked eggs once from my aunt’s ranch, chicken was FUN.

  25. 5-8

    I think the right terminology was GATHERED EGGS. LOL

  26. 5-8

    Yeah for 52!! I love the old barn wood. It’s lookin’ great. “WE” (I mean it royally too) are building our chicken coop this weekend. We have a total of 5 hens though, nothing like your brood.

  27. 5-8

    Your adventures make me think about moving back to our family farmhouse. I’d need a 65 around to help out [although I’d rather have a 52].

  28. 5-8

    When’s moving day – it worked pretty much for the house :mrgreen:

  29. 5-8

    Looking good! Y’all should be proud. *That’s the royal y’all.* *G*

  30. 5-8

    WTG 52!
    The sleeping chicks are too cute.

  31. 5-8

    I enjoy watching the progress of your delightful farm in the making. We built a house out in the country (my husband literally) a few years ago, and our baby chicks arrive tonight! We’re currently building our own chicken coop – love yours! I always look forward to the inspiration I receive from checking in on your daily adventures…and your reipes, oh my! Thank you.

  32. 5-8

    sorry, I typed a wrong website address in my previous comment. This is the correct one, in case you’re interested!

  33. 5-8

    Carol, I use a Canon S51S!

  34. 5-8

    Go 16 and 52! You guys rock!

  35. 5-8

    LOL, “we in the royal way”. Love it!

  36. 5-8

    Huh. Would have thought that chicken house would have built itself, the posts were so lovely.

    LOL on the royal “we”….pretty much how we do things around here. :thumbsup:

  37. 5-8

    Does 52 have an older available brother? Say a 56 – 60 maybe? I can cook! And I sew, and do many other inside farm type things! I love chickens and dogs and cats, horses, goats, and all the like…
    That chicken house is looking marvelous. WOW! How handy can one man be? I love the old barn wood too. Lucky chickens!
    On a side note. One of my coworkers at work called me over the radio to find out where I was, cause she had something to show me. I told her I was upstairs. She came up with a duckling cradled in her hands. One of our customers had come in with it nestled in his jacket pocket! I love this job sometimes. Our customers really know how to cheer us up. They bring in a sorts of babies, to “socialize” them!

  38. 5-8

    Such a cute chicken house. I love the sound of a screen door slamming. Hope the chickens aren’t too close to the house when it’s 95 humid in the shade, if you know what I mean.

  39. 5-9

    The chicks are so cute. Every thing is looking good,but I wonder if you plan to put a wooden door in front of the screen door? Coons can chew right through that screen. I don’t know if they eat chickens or not but they love chicken eggs. One night I forgot and left a carton of eggs on my kitchen counter. I always left my window open on hot nights. During the night I heard a racket in the kitchen. When I went to see about it, there was a NINGA RACCOON eating those eggs. He had chewed or clawed a large hole right through that window screen. Love your blog

  40. 5-9

    A good man is hard to find….a good man to build a chicken house is even harder to find!

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