The Early History of Casper the Terrible


Casper the Puppy, also known as Casper the Terrible, is most recognized for his brutal trash rampages, centralized porch pooping, and expansion of the boundaries of the Canine Empire into feline territories.

He was born in the boonies in the spring of 2010, one of a litter of six. Little is known of his earliest days, but his young puppyhood is reported to have been without incident or foreshadowing of his later exploits.

Casper was only a few months old when he was separated from his birth mother. He immediately laid claim to a new land, assuming a position of power through the use of frenetic energy. Justly earning his outrageous reputation, the pup’s reign has been peppered with battles engaging imaginary foreign invaders in the form of clumps of moss, piles of papers, the ears of other dogs, or sometimes just his own tail.

Sources close to the wild pup call it a rule of terror never before seen in Stringtown history.

Dookie: “I told you not to get another puppy.”

Boomer: “He’s ruining my life.”

Coco: “What puppy?”

Based on the evidence so far, canine analysts predict a rocky year or more to come in Casper’s reign. “It’s entirely possible the pup could calm down,” one expert said.

But don’t count on it.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on June 29, 2010  

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  1. 6-29

    The difference between our daughters is that yours left you with a rampaging puppy when she went to Texas; mine left me with a caged hamster to care for when she went back to college one quarter many, many years ago! :hissyfit:

  2. 6-29

    But he’s so cute!!! The bad news is he looks like he has some Lab in him and if that is the case he will stay “puppyish” for 3 or 4 years. Doesn’t that make you feel better????!!!!

  3. 6-29

    Oh, look, he’s got the Donkey Eye! Can’t wait for the next adventure in Casper’s exploits!

  4. 6-29

    I am living with a puppy. I hear you about the tearing up the paper, and wild explosions. lol. Look into getting him fixed. That will help some. But I agree he does look like he has some lab in him. Puppy time for awhile now. :) But he is so cute.

  5. 6-29

    Don’t you wish you had half the energy that little guy has?

  6. 6-29

    If my Lab didn’t have gray hairs around her mouth now, you’d never know she was 10…..pure puppy!!! Have fun on this lifelong adventure with Casper!!!

  7. 6-29

    LOL, he’s SOooooo cute though:D I needed a smile today, thank you!

  8. 6-29

    Oh I love hearing about his exploits and adventures! You probably could make some money if you taped it and sent it into america’s funniest video. Little N just loves that show!

  9. 6-29

    Looks like there must be some golden retriever in there, too! Yeah, look for the golden – soooo much calmer… :happypuppy:

  10. 6-29

    I feel your pain. I have FIVE lab puppies at the moment. There were eight..three left pretty quickly to new homes. We were only keeping ONE and …..well……don’t ask me how this happened. I just kept meaning to give them away and I couldn’t decide which ones to give away, and then its so hot, and I fed them so well…and well………….multiply Casper’s enthusiasm times five!! anyone want a puppy?!?!?!?!

  11. 6-29

    We have a lab and he turned 3 in May and I haven’t seen any signs of the “puppy” leaving him yet. He does listen a little better than he used to but at 120 pounds he pretty much does what he wants to.

  12. 6-29

    My “Boston Terror” is 10 years old, and he acts like that, daily. But that doesn’t mean YOUR puppy won’t calm down :-), just sayin’.

  13. 6-29

    So funny…. pups are just so frustratingly delightful! I read another blog and a while back their family pup was eating expensive riding boots that were left on the porch. EEK! Live and learn.


  14. 6-29

    We took in a stray, Julie and for the life us we could not tame that pup. She would bite our ankles, eat my lawn furniture and eventually started attacking our pool cleaner (machine,not man!). We tried, Lord knows but after nearly a year I found her a new home on a ranch. The guy that took her wanted her for a cattle dog. I hope she didn’t chew on their ankles…

  15. 6-29

    A young lady who rented a bedroom in our home in Austin had a lab named Hudson. He had a sweet personality but a real appetite….he ate her loveseat and then her couch. My son has one and his bride posts pictures of pillow destruction. When I first saw the picture of the new puppy, my first thought was “I wonder what all he’ll chew up.” I have an Australlian Shepherd who at nine has chewed two things in her whole life…unfortunately it was first one than the other rocker leg of a hundred year old chair. I wouldn’t trade her for anything though.

  16. 6-29

    Loved reading about Casper the Terrible! Dogs can bring such joy and such frustration in equal measure sometimes! Hello to Casper from our trouble-maker Keani. His long-suffering big brother Icewind is just rolling his eyes and sympathizing with Dookie and Boomer.

  17. 6-29

    How can that sweet,beautiful dog be any trouble. Just kiss him and everthing else doesn’t matter. I love all your dogs!!! Great pics. :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof:

  18. 6-29

    I love it! We have six older terror’s here, I don’t feel alone! digging, chewing, barking, chasing chickens! and one small one that likes to pee in the house! so much fun! I would not trade them in for all the money in the world. :snoopy:

  19. 6-29

    I have a 3 month old basset baby and I know exactly what you’re going through. I don’t have the older dogs to help out, kids are grown so I’m on my own! I feel like a chewy squeeker toy!!!

  20. 6-29

    Poor little guy! Got to feel somewhat sorry for him with that cute face!

  21. 6-30

    This was great! yeah, puppies are a lot of work! I foster German Shepherds and can’t believe all the people who ONLY want puppies. Personally I prefer to foster the older ones who are already house trained! And have other manners:)But puppies sure are cute.

  22. 6-30

    Some puppies just need LOTS of time to mature…..sounds like Casper might be one!

  23. 7-1

    They are all still worth the trouble. What love they have to offer to anyone willing to receive it. Couldn’t survive without my dogs…wouldn’t want to.

  24. 7-2

    That third picture says it all! He IS Terrible! Terribly cute!

  25. 7-10

    HA! HA! Puppy exploits – I know them well!!!
    He is just entirely too cute for his own good, that one!

    Wonderful pictures of him!

  26. 7-10

    I have a well loved 5 month old great pyrenees named Buck! He’s smart and loving and impish and playful and all the things puppies excel at – in giant form!

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