Cokie Dokie


Yesterday, I put Coco’s harness and leash in my Jeep. I always bring Coco’s harness and leash with me when I go to see her. I hadn’t been driving my Jeep because I never drive my Jeep unless I have to, and I had to yesterday because my cousin was fixing my latest Explorer problem. Most of the time, I leave my Jeep at my cousin’s house. The Jeep is weird and annoying and I don’t really like it. I bought it so my kids could drive it when they were learning. Only my kids never wanted to drive it. Because it’s weird and annoying and they didn’t like it. But my cousin likes the Jeep! Now that Ross has signed his old pickup over to me, I’m going to sign the Jeep over to my cousin. Because that’s what we do here. When we have a vehicle we don’t really like but someone else could use, we just sign it over to them when we get a chance. If everyone did that, no one would ever have to buy a car!

ANYWAY. I put the harness and leash in the Jeep and off we went to Charleston. I call about my Cokie Dokie on a regular basis to where they must be really tired of me, so I was surprised to learn when I arrived that they had just decided that it was time to take off Coco’s splint. I seized upon the opening to immediately say, “CAN SHE COME HOME?” We were in the visiting room with the assistant. She got the doctor. The doctor gave me a brief lecture about how I needed to take care of Coco if I took her home, then agreed I could take her home.

I sent Morgan to the Jeep for the harness and leash!

The assistant came back and said, “We will bathe her and groom her if you want and she can go home tomorrow.”


All the assistants came to say goodbye to her and tell her she was their favorite. She pooped in the back seat of the Jeep on the way home. I cleaned it up but I think the smell is lingering. I called my cousin and told him that I thought the value of the Jeep had gone down and now I might have to pay him to take it.

Coco was so excited the whole time. Every time I have visited her, she has behaved in a way that shows she wants to go home. Not that she was unhappy there. They doted on her. The assistants all told me over and over how much they adored her. But. She wanted to go home. It was sad every time we had to leave her because there was always such disappointment in her. She knew when Morgan brought the harness and put it on her that this time was for real. She was going home.

She’s on all four feet now.

Her injury is healed (bandage all gone!), and her tendons have been strengthened by the splint, but the leg is still weak. She puts the leg down now and she walks on it, but she walks gingerly on it. It will take time for her leg to slowly strengthen. We don’t know yet what her full level of recovery will be. (She may always have a limp. That leg may always be weaker than her other legs.) Most important is to not allow her any setbacks from excessive activity. If she got excited and attempted to run and romp, she could easily damage her still-fragile tendons. She was discharged on very restricted activity. For the foreseeable future, she will be a house dog, taken outside only on a leash at duly appropriate times to potty and walk around a brief bit for limited exercise then it’s back to the house. She will have weekly checkups at the vet to assess her progress.

Chloe broke out of the barnyard twice yesterday (I’m working on this problem), so she and Casper were both outside when we arrived home. Ross held Chloe and Casper back while Morgan and I got Coco to the house. She met Chloe through the glass back door of the house. I let them observe each other for awhile, then took Coco out on the leash. I’ve never been quite sure how I would handle their introduction, since it would depend on all the variable factors that might be going on at the time. And as it occurred, it was just the most natural thing. Chloe was there. Coco was there. And my instinct of what would occur no matter how they were introduced, based on Coco’s temperament, was exactly what occurred. It was all just fine. Coco is one of the most patient dogs you could ever meet in your life. Chloe is bouncy and silly, but she was duly submissive of the queenly Giant Pup.

She sniffed, and backed off. And sniffed, and backed off. And Coco said, “Okay, you can be here.”

And Casper licked her and was very gentle with her–but so glad to see her.

And Chloe licked her, too, and sniffed and backed off, and between the two of them, they knew their places.

There was not a single bark or growl.

And then I took Coco back inside.

Tomorrow I’m going to fix where Chloe’s getting out of the barnyard, so Coco won’t see her quite as much, but they have met and they have agreed it is okay and everyone understands who is top dog. Coco just has that aura. It will be quite some time before Coco can go to the barnyard, and I haven’t taken her to see her goaties or Patriot or anything else yet because the fields are all further than she is allowed to walk.

Later, later, there will be plenty of time later.

Coco is home.

P.S. If you’re new here and missed what happened to Coco, you can find the story of how we lost her here and how we found her here. She’s been at the animal hospital for TWO MONTHS.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on April 12, 2012  

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  1. 4-12

    Coco looks wonderful! I am so glad you did what Coco needed, even though it was hard. Love the pictures!

  2. 4-12

    I’m so glad she’s home! That was THE best b-day present! Hope you kept the dancing slow due to Coco’s leg. :lol:

  3. 4-12

    Awww Coco looks happy to be home. I would not of been able to leave her at the vet to get bathed either. Such a sweet dog she is.

  4. 4-12

    I am sooooooo happy for you all. Happy Coco is home…happy the introduction went well. She is still the most beautiful girl. Give her a big hug for me please.

  5. 4-12

    What a wonderful present! She looks great and happy to be with you all.

  6. 4-12

    A year ago, we found our one year old ‘barn cat’ sitting on our porch with two completely broken legs. Not sure how it happened, we think he may have fallen out of a tree. No other damage on him. The vet said most folks would have put him down, the surgery would be expensive. And trying to get a cat to be still and have two full leg casts on for two months of recovery, would be a challenge. Well, we did it anyway. I figured he’d have a limp and some lingering pain, but NO. He healed and is completely fine! He runs, jumps, does everything cats do. The only thing that changed is he is now a house cat. He has made the adjustment well and his recovery has been amazing! Good luck with your girl.

  7. 4-12

    LOVE this story!!!

  8. 4-12

    The picture with morgan,did the place on her knee come from the fall from the horse? I am glad that coco’s home. (I bet you are too)

  9. 4-12

    I’m new to this site but I’m very happy your Coco is home and safe. I wasn’t sure until reading the previous posts about what happened but I suspected Coco was a Great Pyr doggie. My hubby and I lost our sweet choc lab on 4/1 due to a friend hitting him in our driveway. We are devostated by it still but started to cope. It was fast and hopefully painless. Anyway, I’m so happy your story turned out better than ours. They sure are like members of the family huh? Its funny that I read this story now and your dogs are Great Pyr because thats a breed my dad recommended for us when we are ready for another. I did some research and they are said to be good dogs, very loyal and good at protecting livestock (we have horses). We currently have a lab/chow mix that is not a great family dog… so I’m looking for something that is trustworthy, protective, and great for a young family with kids (hopefully). Glad Coco is home and everyone is getting along fine. If you wouldn’t mind, can you tell me where you got your puppy. I live in SW PA but I’m having a hard time finding Great Pyr breeders.

  10. 4-12

    Such a wonderful Birthday present.Soooo glad the Queen has returned!

  11. 4-12

    She looks just wonderful :D and so happy to be home :woof: :heart:

  12. 4-12

    Oh my gosh, Coco is beautiful! Thank you so much for posting links on what happened to her and how she got back home. I’ve only been reading posts on this site now for about a month, so I was lost!

    What breed is Coco? I am a huge dog-lover and there’s nothing more I want to do right now than reach out and hug Coco (gingerly!).

  13. 4-12

    :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof:
    Thank you, this post made my day.

  14. 4-12

    Great! Hope the joy of being HOME gives Coco the extra umpfh to get totally well.

  15. 4-12

    So glad to see Coco back home at last. :happypuppy: I’m sure she and the silly puppy will be great friends once they can hang out together in the barnyard. Sorry about the jeep now being weird, annoying, AND smelly but you didn’t like it anyway…….

  16. 4-12

    Welcome home sweet girl! :snoopy:

  17. 4-12

    Welcome home CoCo! You look wonderful and so happy to be home.

  18. 4-12

    So happy Coco is home!! Glad the introduction went well! Chloe is growing QUICK!!

  19. 4-12

    I am sooooo HAPPY to hear that Coco is home again. The best kind of birthday present you could get! She seems so pleased and her leg looks great. It will be nice to have the Giant Puppy as a house dog for a while. Great Pyrs have such a nice personality, it is a treat to keep one near you as YOUR guardian. I relayed Coco’s story to my family all along and now I can tell them that Coco has returned home for good. Happy Days!

  20. 4-12

    Back to Two Big White Dogs. It looks just like our pasture. Congratulations and enjoy her return. It’s so wonderful that you found a treatment center that would be so patient with her care.

  21. 4-12

    Oh-my-oh-my-oh-my!!! I’m sooo happy for you Suzanne! To be without your sweet doggy for 2 months. I cannot imagine. But I do wonder all the time what actually happened to her and what all she did while she was lost. Start to finish–such an incredible story…and such a happy ending.

  22. 4-12

    It’s wonderful to see Coco back in her kingdom with her human & animal family who love her! So happy for all of you.

  23. 4-12

    Oh thank the gods. Oh the power of love.


  24. 4-12

    Coco looks SO happy to be home. Thank you for all the great pictures. I know you’ll love having her with you in the house while she continues to mend. YAY! WELCOME HOME COCO! :woof: :snoopy:

  25. 4-12

    Oh, that is soooo sweet :) Casper was checking out Coco’s injured leg-looks like they are gonna all be the best of buddies! What a happy birfday for you, Suzanne! God bless!

  26. 4-12

    Welcome home Beautiful COCO. We missed you so much. I’m happy that you are going to be a house dog for a while.

  27. 4-12

    I’m so happy you have you baby back! And Chloe is so big now! She’s looking more like Coco…

  28. 4-12

    The next to the last picture made me cry happy tears. It looks like Coco is smiling!
    I’m so happy for you thatyou have your Coco back!

  29. 4-12

    Well finally the Giant Puppy gets to return to her household! So glad to hear it. I think I would have gone completely crazy having my precious pet gone for such a long time but I know it was in her best interest. Your vet team sounds like a band of angels.

    So glad that she has recovered enough to join her pal Casper and new pal Chloe also – looks like the introduction went really, really well! That’s not to say that she won’t have to put Chloe in her puppy place every now and then however…!

    Wishing you all the best.

  30. 4-12

    Happiest birthday present ever Suzanne! :hug: :happyflower: Good thoughts continuing your way!!–Rain

  31. 4-12

    Can’t hardly type through the tears. So happy Coco is back.

  32. 4-12

    This is one of the best CITR posts I have ever read! (And I love them all!)

    I’m soooo glad CoCo is home and that Chloe was accepted so easily by her…melts my heart.

    And Casper being so sweet to Coco as well, he missed her, you can tell from the awesome photos you took of the three of them.

    Than you for sharing!

  33. 4-13

    Happy, happy homecoming! In the picture with Morgan, you can tell she knew she was coming home ’cause she’s smiling! :woof:

  34. 4-13

    Oh, I am thrilled to know Coco is home! :snoopy:

  35. 4-13

    I just knew I had to catch-up on reading your blog today. Searched to see if Coco was home again… YEAH!!!! I’m so happy with her progress. I can’t imagine going through 2 months of being away from my dog (miles and miles away). My vet is just down the street from me but I’m sure it would cost thousands to keep him there for 2 months. I’ve been thinking about Coco because I read the Collin Co. Humane Society blog on facebook and they have a rescued Great Pyr. I am tempted to lobby my husband to adopt him, but I think it would upset the delicate balance of dog to cat in our house. 1 dog, 1 cat, busom buddies.

  36. 4-13

    WELCOME HOME COCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof: :woof:

  37. 4-14

    The more I think about Coco. how long she had to be at the vet’s, and that she still has a way to go…I can only imagine how much (pain? perseverance?) she went through to make her way back to you after the accident. …just amazing

  38. 4-15

    My heart is so grateful that Coco is home with her family!!!!

  39. 4-18

    I am so GLAD she is home!!! Thank You Lord! Still time to heal- but home where she belongs.

    My ex-husband Ron has goats and a LGD GPyr, he named his Hondo. Hondo was put in with the goats as a baby pup, he grew up thinking he was a goat… The Best LGD you could ask for. After about 4 yrs he lost a battle against coyotes- but before that NEVER. Didn’t take to people for the most part- he knew his job- guard the flock… and he did!
    As for his food- Ron would turn a 55 gallon plastic barrel on it’s side and set Hondo’s food bowl in there… most of the goats couldn’t get their heads into the barrel so they would leave his food alone.

    I am so GLAD Coco is home- for your soul it is good!

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