Ghosts of Christmas Past





I’ve said very little (or nothing) about Clover since it happened. I can’t. I’m heartbroken. But Christmas is coming, and I’ve thought about the “annual holiday tableau” a lot.

There will be one. I’ve already discussed it with my assistant (Morgan). There will be joy. I declare it! Joy for what I have known, and joy for what is yet to be.

Clover would want it that way.
Clover: “Shut up, Woman, you’re embarrassing me.”

P.S. See you right here Christmas Day. If getting this photo doesn’t kill me. The annual holiday tableau is NOT EASY!!!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on December 23, 2012  

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  1. 12-23

    bitter sweet. loved that crazy goat……

  2. 12-23

    Yep, bbkrehmeyer has it right. Bittersweet. Of course the only way to not lose our critter friends is to never have any in the first place and what a barren and bleak sort of life that would be. I stopped saying, “I’m never going through this again.” when I lose an animal friend. Now I just say, “I may have to wait a bit” never knowing of course when I’ll be ready to jump back in, then some fuzzy little something worms its way into my heart and boom. I don’t think animals much approve of sorrow.

  3. 12-23

    I miss Clover too! Christmas blessings to you and yours!

  4. 12-23

    Oh, sweet Clover. She was a very special goat. I’ll always be grateful to you for sharing her with us.

    I always feel that Christmas is like looking at a multiple exposure photograph. I see not only this year, this moment, but all the Christmases before it, stretching back as far as I can remember, one laid over another. It’s no wonder the edges are a little fuzzy.

    Clover will always be part of your Christmases, and in time the joy of that will override the sadness. But until then, there’s nothing at all wrong with shedding a few tears because you miss her. Remembering love doesn’t diminish the joy of Christmas.

  5. 12-23

    Clover lives in the memories of so many. She is probably the best loved goat of all time. Tears here for Clover. Love these pictures.

  6. 12-23

    Dear Suzanne,
    Not to many goats have the love and attention that your beloved Clover had.She loved you and you loved her.She brought joy to many people, thanks to you.Have a blessed Christmas.

  7. 12-23

    Not TOO many old women like me can type properly with eyes full of tears. :cry:

  8. 12-23

    Not many people would understand how much one can love a goat but they capture your heart. I understand because I still can’t talk about Houdini my goat who died of a urinary blockage. There is a story about this older couple who had an old goat who led the rest of the goats to safety when their barn caught on fire. I’ll try to find it and send it to you but it made me realize that there are a lot of us goat lovers out there. Bless you – that crazy Clover had a great life with you.
    One Old Goat

  9. 12-23

    Dumbcatluvr, that is a beautiful comment. And no one minds a typo. :D Be kind to yourself! :snoopy:

    Ah, Clover… she was one of a kind….

  10. 12-23

    I’m so sorry about Clover; it’s so hard to lose them, but that’s the price you pay for loving them so much. I’m glad you’ve got all your other animals (and people!) to comfort you. Have a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays to everyone here!

  11. 12-23

    Maaaaarrry Christmas Suzaaaaannnnne. Clover will always be the star on the top of your Christmas tree.

    And we all love YOU dearly sweetheart, even those of us who may never be blessed with the ability to meet you. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

  12. 12-23

    She was special to me–loved her & miss her.

  13. 12-24

    I miss her too. I still mourn the loss of my special goat. There are those that think we are crazy and all I can say is they must not have ever had the love of a goat. She will always be in your heart and ours. Merry Christmas.

  14. 12-24

    I miss Clover too :( I always loved reading about her. It must be so hard :( You are right though, Clover would want this time to be joyful for you :)

  15. 12-24

    Oh Suzanne,
    I am writing this with tears rolling down my face. I am still wishing you and all of this board’s members a very Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah in memory of that Crazy Clover (who I adored) and the adorable Minibelle who soon outgrew her name. Love to all of you.
    Amy Goldshine

  16. 12-24

    It can’t be easy to create the annual tableau, but it it SO APPRECIATED!! My fav is 2011, the hay sticking out of the queen’s mouth and the look, it is that look in her eyes! Merry Christmas! :snoopy:

  17. 12-24

    Suzanne –

    I don’t post much on here but I read your stories every day and love them all. You are such an inspiration to many women, including me! It is because of Clover and your relationship with her that we got goats for the first time two years ago. I think about her often when I go out to feed my “kids”. Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year! :snoopy:

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