Photo courtesy Joe Woolweaver.

I’m getting a bottle lamb this afternoon!

This little ram lamb is one of a set of twins and he has been rejected by his mother. He is a Tunis lamb. I’m hoping to also get a couple of ewe lambs–births are ongoing–but for now, I’m getting this little guy because he needs to be bottle fed. I haven’t had a bottle lamb since Annabelle. I’m excited!

And yes, I realize that sometimes a bottle fed ram lamb can go wrong when they get older, too familiar with people, so please hold the comments on that? If he becomes a problem later, I will do what is necessary (sell him, or butcher him, after the first breeding season).

I’m a farmer now. I do, sometimes, actually know what I’m doing and the consequences. For now, I’m gonna get a bottle, some replacer, and some tiny diapers and enjoy the heck out of this baby!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on February 5, 2013  

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  1. 2-5

    :heart: enjoy!

  2. 2-5


  3. 2-5

    Suzanne would you be willing to share where you are getting your Tunis sheep? I am in VA and have been passively looking for a Tunis breeder fora while.

  4. 2-5

    :sheep: He’s adorable!!! Enjoy the little dude :)

  5. 2-5

    awwww – curious to see if Gwennie adopts him :heart:

  6. 2-5

    I’m sorry, did you say tiny diapers? Ya…we’re gonna need a picture of that too!

  7. 2-5

    I have 2 bottle fed goats, a bottle fed sheep and two bottle fed cats… I wouldn’t change the loving bond I have with any of them! He’s a cutie!

  8. 2-5

    How darn cute is that!!! and your going to put a diaper on him??? wow,, now that’s some talent! I would like to see a video of that! lol:::

  9. 2-5

    Nothing sweeter than a farm baby! Good luck with the bottle feeding. And if you put a diaper on it, we MUST have photos. Will it live in the barn or in the house?

  10. 2-5

    Go for it!! I did this exact same thing about 2 years ago. He was the sweetest guy. Used him to breed all my ewes. Then sent him on to the butcher. He was trying to jump fences. A friend bought him for $150. Not a bad deal for a $25 lamb fed on goat milk and grass.

  11. 2-5

    Baby lambs are so cute, especially when they are are someone else’s baby to care for.
    I don’t know if you read thecrazysheeplady’s (I think that is the title) blog but she is raising a bottle lamb. Just for info, her lamb wasn’t digesting the lamb formula very well and was doing poorly. She switched to goat milk and the little cutie is growing like a weed.
    I read on another blog about someone feels the replacers are not as good at replacing as they use to be. Which would make sense as I imagine companies are using more plant proteins as they would be cheaper and easier to come by. I know that there use to be a vast difference in the quality of different brands of calf milk replacers.
    I also can’t wait to see pictures of a lamb in diapers. And I am wondering if you have to different styles for boys and girls?. Will he keep that lovely color as he matures and does he have a white tipped tail?

  12. 2-5

    He’s a cutie!

    On a another note, something I have been wondering about. Is BP still around? I never see any pics or hear you mention her anymore.

  13. 2-5

    Claycath, there’s been quite a few mentions of BP in the last month or so – one quite harrowing when she fell in the creek/ditch?!

    Love the new baby – can’t wait to see the diapers!♥

  14. 2-5

    I would be scared after that Mr. Cotswold monster. Good for you! Maybe the tractor will be good practice for possible ram rage. Or the other way around!

  15. 2-5

    Aww! I’ve bottlefed more bucks than I can remember and all have remained friendly as adults, though I have no sheep experience. lol! :sheep:

  16. 2-5

    So funny. I have diapers for my elderly dog but never seen them on a lamb. He’s a cute little baby. I am also wondering how Gwennie does with him. Please post more pictures of him and in his diapers.

  17. 2-5

    Looking forward to the bottle and diaper adventures of this oh-so-cute little guy. Name???

  18. 2-5

    Aw, he’s so cute – enjoy! Like others, can’t wait for the diaper pics!


  19. 2-5

    Have fun with the new baby! Looking forward to lots of baby pics!

  20. 2-5


    Based on the other comments along with my own, will you please address the diaper comment? Diapers? Will he stay inside with you? I have bottle fed 3 boy lambs before… only 1 did not remain friendly, the other 2 are sweeties. But they always stayed outside…. if I’d known about diapers for lambs maybe they’d have been inside? i don’t know! there were plenty of times when i was so enamored with them that i would have gladly slept outside with them in the barn.

    Please do tell!

  21. 2-5

    ENJOY this baby! I too, want to see pics of this baby in diapers :)

  22. 2-5

    The blog SwissMiss mentioned is called Punkin’s Patch and the URL is Today’s post is about the goats who provide Maisie the Lamb’s food.

  23. 2-5

    Well, I have to admit I wouldn’t know a thing about a bottle lamb. Ask about a bottle calf and I could clue you in. I hope this experience is like a real child for you. It sound like it could be, either loving or not. New reading material is ssssssssssoooooooooooooo good.

  24. 2-7

    You can use fresh cow’s milk for your lamb. I volunteer on a farm that raises sheep and they used fresh cow’s milk for the bottle lambs last year. The lambs thrived and none died, which can happen if they do not get colostrum.

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