Little Duck Mine


The pond is quiet.

A long time ago (okay, this past spring), when I started free-ranging my chickens and ducks, I released my six Pekins to the pond.
One by one, they began to disappear. I couldn’t capture the last duck. Those ducks hadn’t been trained to come to me. They weren’t sleeping in the chicken house at night, not after I released them. Ducks don’t come back like chickens. Ducks don’t roost. This one lonely duck waited on the pond for her friends to come back, but they never did. And she wouldn’t come to me.
I still had more ducks, though. I had hatched out three ducklings in my incubator from Mr. and Mrs. Duck. This pair of mixed breed ducks came from a farmer friend a few miles away. When I released the Pekins (which came as ducklings from the feedstore), I kept Mr. and Mrs. Duck in the chicken yard, not wanting to release them until their babies were grown. Finally, the three ducklings were big enough and I let them all out together. Mr. and Mrs. Duck performed a mercy mission and went down to the pond, wrapping that lonely Pekin in their feathers. They brought her back up to the farmhouse and the goat yard. She wouldn’t come to me, but she was more than happy to go to them. And so I had six ducks. They had all sorts of adventures, some of them pretty entertaining. Then one day Mrs. Duck disappeared. I wondered if she had made a nest somewhere and was refusing to come home. I worried. I trained the chickens and ducks to come back to the chicken house at night with cracked corn. I felt better. They found the pond. Everyone was so happy!
Then Mr. Duck disappeared, too.

And then, a few days ago, the three ducks hatched from the eggs I incubated from Mrs. Duck disappeared, too. They were in the goat yard all day. A few hours before it was time to round everyone up with cracked corn to go back to the chicken house, they vanished.

Leaving her alone.

And I don’t have any more ducks to befriend her, to wrap her in their feathers.

I let all the chickens out of the yard for the day yesterday morning. The lonely Pekin waddled out, looking, quacking. Desperately. Lonely ducks are desperate ducks. I picked her up and took her to the porch. I didn’t want her to be lonely.
I thought about taking her inside, fixing up a room for her. Setting her a place at the table.
That didn’t seem quite workable.
So I took her back to the chicken yard and gave her some water and all the scoopings from a pumpkin I was baking. And I promised her I would keep her safe.
And I promised her I would get more ducks in the spring. A LOT MORE DUCKS.
And I promised her that every once in a while I’d take her up to the porch for special goodies and to sit on my lap.
I don’t know what keeps happening to the ducks. I don’t know if they run away to the river. I don’t know if something is getting them in the woods. I just know it never happens to this duck. This duck is mine.
And I’m gonna make her a real pet.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on November 25, 2009  

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  1. 11-25

    So…have you named her yet? Such a sweet duck, that likes bonnets need a name you know. What about Martha or Tessie or Daisy…something. LOL Come say hi :D

  2. 11-25

    Stayed up late and voted.
    Poor lil duck. Suppose the others just R.U.N.N.O.F.T?

  3. 11-25

    That’s so sad. Good chance something could be lurking out there in the woods. The not knowing if the hard part. Hope all the other animals stay safe…

  4. 11-25

    That’s just ducky!

  5. 11-25

    Good morning, it is sad not knowing were the other ducks might be.
    I am getting ready to make your pie crust and while reading the recipe I thought, why not name her after one one the little church ladies ( notice I am not using the word “old”–does that tell you something about my age?)
    Of course a name drawing is the only fair way to make sure no feelings are hurt.
    I know I would be honored if I were the duck, she is beautiful, she looks like Mother Goose in her bonnet.


  6. 11-25

    Poor little duck!

  7. 11-25

    poor little duck…..but she looks just happy in that bonnet! will clover be having issues of someone else wearing a hat?

    I voted!! Keep the rallying going, chicken friends!! Steady and strong……..that’s our motto!

  8. 11-25

    When I first saw this post, I thought “Yay!Another duck story!” But it was a sad story (see my sad face? :no: Not happy.) – but I hope there is a happy ending. Maybe the ducks went to a party and decided to stay. Maybe they are living in a building with a brushy fellow guarding them. Maybe it’s an elaborate duck joke and they all hide when you come near.

  9. 11-25

    You might want to start trapping for raccoons, they will easily kill a duck. Do you have plans on fencing the pond in?

  10. 11-25

    Many ducks migrate in the winter. Not all, but many breeds do. Even if your temperatures have not been too cold yet, they might think it is time. I guess I would rather believe that than the alternatives. And…they may come back. We have had that happen. Good luck little duck!

  11. 11-25

    I want to put fencing around the pond somehow, and a duck house down there, but I haven’t figured out how to get that accomplished yet!

  12. 11-25

    Oh the poor little girl! She desperately needs other ducks. Ducks are flock people and need other ducks to be happy. She was so thrilled to have other ducks to be with. You have to get the girl some more ducks!

    She looks cute in her bonnet. So does she come to you now and let you pick her up?

  13. 11-25

    I have a fondness for ducks. We had ducks in the creek that passed in front of our house, while growing up. My grandfather spoiled them by feeding them cracked corn. They hung around and multiplied. The one sad thing was we had to chase a few of them down at times and take 6 pack rings off of their necks. I have cut these rings up ever since. People laugh at me, but I saw the damage they could do.

    Snapping turtles are a big problem for babies, I am sure your pond has them, even if you haven’t seen any. I hope your ducks find their way back home.

    Have a great day.


  14. 11-25

    :woof: Morning!! I am sure Little Duck appreciates the love and support!! The bonnet is tops!! What a look for Thanksgivng!!
    Have a great day everyone preparing for the GOBBLE GOBBLE DAY!!

  15. 11-25

    Poor little duck. Hate that you don’t have the others anymore.

    Love the bonnet! It is very cute!

  16. 11-25

    You could name her Margaret or Aunt Mag.Love the bonnet on her. :duck:

  17. 11-25

    The bonnet was too cute but what a sad story :cry: I know life on a farm can’t be all the fairy tale stories we love to hear.
    Have a great day preparing your fixings for Thanksgiving feast tomorrow~

  18. 11-25

    Poor ducks. :o( We lost a momma and her 11 babies this summer. I try not to think about what probably happened to them.

    The one you have left makes me think of Beatrix Potter’s story about Jemima Puddleduck.

  19. 11-25

    Poor little duck!
    Suzanne, if that pond was in Florida, you could bet it was a ‘gator in that pond!! Preying on the innocent unsuspecting ducks!

    I hope you get that fence and duck house up somehow. I remember raccoons and possum’s were bad to get Mama’s ducks at night in our chicken yard.

    Now I’m off to vote!


  20. 11-25

    How about — Lucy?

  21. 11-25

    Coyotes are extremely hard on ducks. One method is to put a floating platform in the middle of the pond as a place to roost (use a cinderblock to anchor it)but then when the pond freezes over the coyotes have the ice to walk on. A 223 works well on coyotes. Coyotes are flourishing in the western part of the state because the deer have better habitat in this part of the state rather than in the mountains where it use to be. Good luck last Duck.

  22. 11-25

    How sad for the little duck maybe the others have just left for warmer climate and will be back in the spring happy thanksgiving

  23. 11-25

    My brother in Georgia buys ducks every year to keep on the lake behind their home. Every year, one-by-one, the ducks disappear. He’s had a trapper come in to see if it was a predator but they can find no sign. The Great Duck Mystery. You would think a predator would leave a stray feather or something. But, no, no feathers, nothing.

    There are so many predators: Raccoons, weasels, fox, bear, possums, dogs, owls, hawks, man. I’ve been told the Game Commission released Fishers (some form of Martin/Mink-type predator here in Pennsylvania. We even heard them mewling around outside our home in the summer. GREAT!! And I just get chickens for the first time! Needless to say, they are fenced in, netted over, and continually watched just in case.

    Best of luck with the remaining duck. Hope she gets friends soon.

  24. 11-25

    Jemima Puddle-Duck!! :duck:

  25. 11-25

    Isn’t it hard? I had a loss here in October
    ( ).
    My Ari Duckass has made a good recovery as the sole duck-among-chickens, she even flirts with my rooster, Egglebert. I hope your girl will bounce back. The photo of her from the back, standing alone, was just too much for me this morning.

  26. 11-25

    the sad truths of mother nature… hope it is that they are flying south that the other…

  27. 11-25

    Hope your beautiful ducks return. They’ed be silly not to want to live on your farm!

  28. 11-25

    This would make a good children’s story if it wasn’t so SAD. Give her a big hug from me.

  29. 11-25

    Poor thing!

  30. 11-25

    Awwwww. What a story of survival in the woods!

  31. 11-25

    I feel for her too! I know you will take such good care of her though.

    The vote is not going our way. Hopefully the comments we have all left on the SamE blog will sway the voters!!!

  32. 11-25

    Ducks must be the tastiest predator treats out there, judging from the tracks I find in the snow in the duck area in winter. No doubt it’s the same in your area. Everything stalks the ducks, it seems. Take heart, though, ducks can be trained to come in at night & fairly easily, too. Expecially if you start when they’re young and only put feed out for them in the night pen. My flock of 50 ducks free-range in small groups all day, under the protection of the farmcollies, with access to a pond & two creeks. I have very little trouble putting them away in the evening.

  33. 11-25

    Had to share: I just got done mixing 3 loaves of my “Grammy” bread and had to share this with you.

    I always mix my flour, sugar, salt, dough enhancer together and make sure it’s mixed well before adding the wet sturr. A while ago, I put the flour (in a metal bowl) in the oven to warm it as the Dough Enhancer I put in it was cold. I forgot…DUH!…and left it in a little too long and it was pretty warm. HOWEVER, I sifted it to cool it down and mixed it with the wet yeast mix. POUFFFF! Did that dough ever rise in record time! What started as a mistake turned into a step I now take everytime I make bread. Heat the flour till slightly warm. Even on the coldest day, that really gives the dough a boost!

  34. 11-25

    She is too cute! We are looking forward to more pictures of this one!

  35. 11-25

    She’s delighful. I’d set a place for her at the table. She seems quite civilized!

  36. 11-25

    Poor Duck! If only she could talk…..her new hat suits her!

  37. 11-25

    For some strange reason, she reminds me strongly of Scarlett O’Hara in that bonnet. And Scarlett was left alone,`also. Well, she sort of ran everyone off….HEY!!! Wait a minute….what are the chances that this seemingly innocent duck has had something to do with the mysterious disappearance of not one, but TWO sets of ducks???`It could have been her elaborate plan all along…to be the sole duck on the place! To be the Queen Duck of the porch! To be the feathered bonnet wearer of her duckdom?? Oh my gosh…the implications are awesome and frightening. If I was a chicken, I’d be looking over my feathered shoulder when Scarlett O’Ducky was around.
    Wow….talk about free-ranging imagination!!! I need more coffee now.

  38. 11-25

    I need to say that there are some interesting things happening in the Sam-e voting. By interesting I don’t mean good. Suzanne’s vote count is steady and consistent – and that’s what we need, so KEEP IT UP FOLKS!
    Two other applicants have interestingly had a huge odd surge in votes – one has gotten over 8000 in two days after a big lull. Hmmmm.
    So let’s keep up what we are doing – voting often and legitimately, leaving comments on the Sam-e site, spreading the word and reminding friends daily to vote!
    As Cindy posted so eloquently in the forum,
    DO NOT be discouraged by the numbers! The vote is only 20% of the determining factors – it’s important, but even more so is the commitment of the CITR family to reading Suzanne’s blog and the COMMENTS that you make which truly shows our presence and loyalty.
    I am proud to see that CITR readers aren’t buzzing about 90 ways to cheat on voting numbers. Woohoo keep voting and commenting!


  39. 11-25

    Okay….that’s not what happened at all. Something chased away the other ducks (nothing ate them. NOTHING ATE THEM)and this pretty little girl duck was saved so that Suzanne could shower love and affection on her as only Suzanne can do to her farm friends. She’s pretty in her bonnet and has a sweet look to her ducky little face. But I still like Scarlett O’Ducky for a name.
    I can’t find a link to vote this morning…!!!!

  40. 11-25

  41. 11-25

    Omigosh! Tessie is a perfect name!

  42. 11-25

    We hatched one duck out of a dozen eggs. I called it Uno, but my daughter called it Sparkle. One day it just disappeared. A chicken disappeared around the same time, and I suspected they might have run off together to pursue an inter-species romance that might have been less favorably viewed by the other animals. Your duck reminds me of my Jemima Puddleduck toy from when I was little.

  43. 11-25

    And Suzanne has waaaay more more people who regularly read her blog if those of us who visit and comment are any indication. Surely Sam-e will want a blogger who can actually bring people to their site to read what’s there, not just round up voters.

    That little duck looks so sweet. Love the bonnet!

  44. 11-25

    I love Scarlett O’Ducky! And I don’t believe for a minute the other ducks were eaten (yet I am just getting ready to eat a turkey) Where is the logic in that? Oh yeah, we don’t have to be logical.

  45. 11-25

    well if anyone out there can make this poor little duck feel better, I’m sure it’s you and your staff! You’re the best!

  46. 11-25

    Poor lonely duckie! I finally gave up on ducks. I had so many disappear that I just couldn’t make myself get more knowing their fate. We have a lot of coyotes around here and they get every last one of them, one at a time. I know they have to eat and feed their young but I refuse to let them have any more ducks! We even put 2 different duck houses on the pond for them but they refused to use them.

  47. 11-25

    Every time I read a disappearing duck story I wonder if I REALLY want to get ducks this spring. I have a duck house all planned out and have started gathering scraps and found building materials and have bought a few things too when I see them at good prices. I have all the same predators here in OH though… I’ll keep thinkin’ about it.

    NorthCountryGirl! What a good way to insure a good rise! Have you posted that over on the forum? I’m going to try it on today’s baking!

  48. 11-25

    I’m on the side of those who think your ducks just flew south. Won’t you be happily surprised when you see them again in the spring!

    Voted again this morning: 14076 votes.

  49. 11-25

    Awww the poor little thing! At least she’s got a good home and people and animals who love her on the farm. She’ll be a happy girl next spring when you get more ducks. Is that what she’ll be wearing in the Easter Parade? I did my vote duty and I like what #37 said about not getting discouraged by the vote numbers. Let’s hope that the honesty and integrity shown by Suzanne and all her voters is taken into consideration by the Sam-e people. In the meantime…lets keep voting! :hungry2: (pitchfork!)

  50. 11-25

    I love ducks! I think the other ones will come back. One day you’ll go outside and there they will be.

  51. 11-25

    Love that sweet duck….I am sorry about all her friends. Can’t wait for more pictures and to find out her name…(I like Daisy). Must get busy with Thanksgiving feast.

  52. 11-25

    Your porch seems to be a safe haven. Love the picture of Miss Duck with Coco and your shitsu (whose name escapes me right now, it is early you know) in the background.

  53. 11-25

    All I can say is that, for all your animals, it’s a good thing that your porch is real big and your heart is even bigger!
    Donna :clover:

  54. 11-25

    Hi Suzanne – I voted for you and will bump it up again on my facebook page. By the way, we haven’t heard about your pigs in awhile. Do you still have them?

    Beth aka oneoldgoat

  55. 11-25

    :purpleflower: So sad to see the ducks disappear. What a survivor!
    Makes you ready for the rebirth of spring and new ducks. :clover:

  56. 11-25

    It’s so strange about the ducks. I think they’ll be back though. Scarlet will be so pampered by that time that she won’t even Want them back. Happy Thanksgiving.

  57. 11-25

    I’m sure they just decided to be “snowbirds” and are vacationing in Florida. Poor little lonely duck though.

  58. 11-25

    The pigs are still here, getting bigger and scarier by the day, LOL!

  59. 11-25

    Having lived in Alaska for many years….I vote for them flying south for the winter. There is always a supply of aluminum foil there. LOL. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I agree with naming her Scarlet O’Ducky.

  60. 11-25

    Poor ducky! When you get her new friends, you should get GPS tracking devices for them so you can solve the mystery once and for all!

    I like Scarlet O’Ducky too. It reminds me of the way I name my betta fishes – Names like Fishnest Hemingway and Fishbert Humperdink. Our current betta is named Fishard Dean Anderson

  61. 11-25

    Awww, what a sweetheart. She looks so soft. I hope her friends come home. :-)

    Thanks for the shout out on Facebook, Suzanne!

  62. 11-25

    Poor little lonely duck! I hope you’re not getting discouraged about the votes, the head honchos will make the right decision!!

  63. 11-25

    She looks like Jemimah Puddleduck!

  64. 11-25

    your little duck story brought tears to my eyes if you dont write childrens’ stories, then you should, you must! I have to go VOTE VOTE VOTE.

  65. 11-25

    No, I’m not discouraged! I hope you all won’t get discouraged, either! My votes are steady and consistent and from real readers. That’s what counts! Thank you!!! Please keep voting just as you are.

  66. 11-25

    Oh, she is precious! What a beauty. She has such dignity, even in her bonnet! Now, she needs a name you know. :yes: :yes: :yes:

  67. 11-25

    oh my…I have a lone male Pekin! The last of a flock that like yours is disappearing. Too bad we didn’t live close…they have a lot in common!

  68. 11-25

    Love the ducks! Almost as much as the kitties. And if Sam-E bases their final decision on who would give the best start to the day, CITR will win hands down! It’s my good start!

  69. 11-25

    I love the photos of your ducks.

  70. 11-25

    I’m still voting too Suzanne and sending out my daily messages.

    It’s so hard when you lose your beloved animals…Been through that and it’s a bummer. Could be anything getting them. The worst culprit I ever had was a raccoon….


  71. 11-25

    My Mom had some pet ducks once and took them down to our pond for a dip. She no more than looked away for a second and one was gone…no feathers or any indication the duck was ever there! Turns out it was a big snapping turtle…sorry about your ducks, they are so cute!

    And I’m continuing to vote and to read everyday…I love this blog and all the wonderful supporters! :hug:

  72. 11-25

    I think you need one of those nifty little spy cams for your pond!

  73. 11-25

    At 7:45 Pacific Standard Time, I was #14,390 in the voting! I love to click the Vote button and watch the number change, it just thrills me! I wish I had another computer to go and vote again. But I have asked my friends to check out this great blog and vote for you.
    Poor Miss Ducky! It is bittersweet that she is alone in her duckness. I know she will be spoiled now that she get special treats on the porch!
    I hope Ms. Clover doesn’t get jealous now.

  74. 11-25

    She’s a beautiful duck, perhaps a neighbor would have a duck they could spare as company for your girl? Until Spring? Hard being just one of your species. Perhaps a webcam is in order here?

  75. 11-25

    She should definitely be Jemima Puddleduck after Beatrix Potter’s little duck that takes up with the red fox. So sorry about the rest of her flock. Make her a porchduck for the winter.

  76. 11-25

    What a plucky duck she is! And deserves to be a pet. Can’t wait to read more adventures of Miss Duck!

  77. 11-25

    Yes on the real readers!

    I’m confident that Sam-e knew they couldn’t completely control human nature even though they tried. Votes aren’t readers or potential visitors to the Sam-e site when one voter armed with 2 home computers, 5 browsers, a netbook or laptop or two, and a phone, visits the library, the coffee shop and one or two or local shops, racking up lots of votes in a relatively short period of time (do the math. It’s astonishing). I don’t even want to think about how many computers anyone on a college campus has access to. (Not saying that either of these things is happening; just that computers being computers and human nature being human nature, they certainly could happen).

    But the people at Sam-e must have foreseen that things like that might take place and that the candidates (who may have not even know their voting supporters) wouldn’t be able to control this any more than Sam-e can.

    Just saying that all of that is probably why voting is only 20% of final judging. Because the ultimate goal is to bring actual readers to the Sam-e site, to find a dependable candidate who will offer a positive message and whose readers will follow her or him to that site every day.

    And you know that we will be there! :sun:

    Now, back to other fun things! Like duck names. I really love the name Sparkle that someone said her daughter had named their duck (such a fun name)! But, under the circumstances, Scarlett is so fitting. (If she starts quacking “I’ll think about that tomorrow” you know you’ve got your name).

  78. 11-25

    I think I like Scarlet O’Ducky the best – just sayin’!

  79. 11-25

    Aw Suzanne. Maybe they will come back home! I sure hope so. We tried to have ducks at our house when I was a teen. We got them when they were little. Something would pull them under in the pond and they wouldn’t ever come back up. Must had been a big cat fish or something???? We finally gave up on having ducks at our house. Now I’m off to vote! :shimmy:

    Happy Thanksgiving Suzanne! :chef:
    Angela :wave:

  80. 11-25

    <who may have not even know

    Who wrote that? And what does it mean? LOL What I meant was "who may not even know."

    Sorry, I hate when I make mistakes like that. Had to correct it. (I need an editor).

  81. 11-25

    And that is why I vote for you every day. Your stories affect the heart so much. I can’t start my day without Chickens In The Road! By the way, made your cranberry sauce yesterday…excellent! Thanks for sharing your life with us. Happy Thanksgiving!

  82. 11-25

    It’s 11:44 am in West Virginia and I was number 14522 :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy:

  83. 11-25

    Oh, yes, Scarlett O’Ducky just fits her!!! Especially with the bonnet. She’s sad because the other ducks left her and wouldn’t let her go on their adventure – yes, that’s right, they’ve just gone on an ADVENTURE through the woods, over the hill, through the creek, down the dirt road, and through the other creek! Maybe they’re aiming for Sam-E headquarters to make sure the judges read your blog so that they can see for themselves that your readers depend on it to brighten every morning.

  84. 11-25

    I love the name Scarlett. That just “fits” her. :duck:

    I’m voting away, Suzanne! Not being swayed by the two ahead! Voting is just 20% this time but we need to keep voting!!

    I was thinking about this voting situation last night as I was going to sleep… of the contestants doesn’t even really “blog”, from what I gather (and I could be wrong) she does mainly youtube videos. And I agree with the above poster that said, there’s a difference between getting real readers to come to your site each and every day and rounding up votes!

    If you end up the Good Mood Blogger at SAM-e I will be reading your blog over there every day too! I think every one that reads your blog here will do the same.

    We love you, Suzanne. :hug:

  85. 11-25

    Oh by the way…good news! My husband I are not getting divorced….he is voting now. :shimmy:

  86. 11-25

    I agree, this little beauty needs a name. This would make a great little contest (no prizes needed, unless you want to share a new craft or new recipe with us!)around Christmas time although I do like the name Scarlet O’Ducky. Rather fits her. Just don’t try to put a drapery rod, along with the drapery, on her. (I’m having a senior moment, can’t remember the name of the beautiful comedian who did that. I still laugh when I see the rerun!)

    We are all voting for you and will continue to do so. You will always be our favorite list, no matter what!

  87. 11-25

    Just saw the big numbers from Ca. …suggest asking everyone to forward to friends and they’ll likely vote too. I appreciate very much what you do for my family and for me, every day. Thank you.

  88. 11-25

    The ducks have a predator – that’s the reason the older ducks disappear first. They’re trying to protect the youngsters and are first to meet the threat.

  89. 11-25

    What a lovely story. :happyflower:

  90. 11-25

    Yep, I think the ducks just went on a little trip, Scarlette Jemima
    Puddle O’Ducky was just too afraid to join them. They’ll be back!

  91. 11-25

    I LOVE THE BONNET ON HER. :happyflower:

  92. 11-25

    Happy Thanksgiving! :chef:

  93. 11-25

    I think Scarlett O’Ducky can’t think about all that today, she’ll think about it tomorrow…after all, tomorrow is another day!!!

  94. 11-25

    I am hoping your ducks come home. The bonnet on your last duck is so fairy tale-ish. Cute. I am voting for you each day, your website is the best and you are an excellent blogger!

  95. 11-25

    I am #14,739.Just voted.You need to win. I vote every day, as does my whole family.Love you, Suzanne. have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  96. 11-25

    I know…”Daisy Duck!” :duck:

  97. 11-25

    She is so much cuter than those ceramic ducks and geese that people dress up.

  98. 11-25

    We love your blog and we’ve been following it for months now. I’ve been a consitant voter and now I have my college freshman voting too!! You would be PERFECT for the job!!!Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  99. 11-25

    If you have been commenting on the Sam-e site (DON’T STOP COMMENTING BY THE WAY!)

    ~ see link on #38 above ~ there is now a message posted there:

    Lisa Wednesday, November 25, 2009

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick note about comments. Your comments are greatly appreciated, and I admire your efforts to support your favorite candidate. That being said, you’ll also probably notice that there are quite a few comments being left on this post, and it does take some time to look through and consider everything you’d like to say.

    We’re doing our best, and we appreciate your patience. Take a second to review the Comment Policy ( if you have any questions.

    If you don’t see your comment show up immediately, don’t fret, it probably just means that it is in moderation. We should have it up in no more than 3 days.

    Once again, we appreciate your patience in sorting through all these comments. However, please keep the good words coming! Your Good Mood Gig candidates appreciate the support, too!


  100. 11-25

    I’m so excited that I found you by way of ImmigrantDaughter.
    Your blog is just beautiful! You might enjoy seeing my semi-pet turkey Tilly at
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    I’m following you now so I’ll be visiting again very soon.
    Happy Thanksgiving from Nashville, Tennessee

  101. 11-25

    Poor ducks.
    Sometimes living in the country has its sad moments.

  102. 11-25

    Well I’m still waiting for my comment to show – we’ll see if it does. Poor duckies – hope they’re not someone’s dinner (human or otherwise) but then I would think the chickens would disappear too – tis a puzzlement.

  103. 11-25

    That is so sad. I hope you can figure out how to keep your ducks next year. Your lone duck is cute in that hat.

  104. 11-25

    So sweet in her bonnet. I love her.

  105. 11-25

    It’s amazing to me that Lori in the contest has set up a web page at the address “goodmoodblogger” dot com. She must feel she’s already won! :shocked:

  106. 11-25

    she is so cute, and the bonnet is the perfect touch.

  107. 11-25

    Carol Burnett dressed as Scarlett O’Hara in a skit once, complete with drapery rod and green drapes as her outfit. The thought of that still cracks me up.

    Now on to business.
    I well remember how you nailed that raccoon’s butt to your porch a few months ago, after it got your little lovely hen. If anyone reading this doesn’t remember, Suzanne is a good shot with a .22.
    But if the Loch Ness monster is living in your pond and stealing ducks by pulling them down without a sound or a feather for proof, the pond either needs to be dragged, or more easily, make a different pond. Have your menfolk dig a pond in a corner of your goatyard, just as a fishpond is dug in people’s yard. To rent a digger is about $150 here in MN. Or have a dig party. Line it with clay or plastic. Doesn’t have to be too deep. That way your ducks are safe. I just hate predators. A coyote got a lamb of mine once.

  108. 11-25

    I have just finished reading all the comments, and I have to say you have some very funny followers Suzanne. Tons of fun!

  109. 11-25

    I believe it is the turtles as well, that is what happened to my bothers ducks on his pond. The turtles come up from underneath the water while the ducks are just lazily floating along, and grab them by the leg and pull them under and that’s it for the poor duck they are turtle food. I hate to say it but unless Miss Scarlett ( I like that name too ) stays away from the pond she will be next i am afraid… :cry:

  110. 11-25

    I’ve voted every way possible today! Work on IE and Foxfire. Blackberry. Home on IE, Foxfire and Chrome and Foxfire and IE on hubbys computer. I’m thinking knocking on people’s doors on Thanksgiving to just “use their computer for a couple minutes” might be intrusive. :hungry2:

  111. 11-25

    We’ve had the same issue this year, except with the chickens. Every couple of days, one would disappear. We went from 25 feathered friends to 10. Finally we made the tough decision to not let them free range anymore. They are all clearly furious and hate us with every feather in their fluffy little bums, but not a single loss since they have been cooped up in their run.

    Tell little Miss Scarlett that she will have new friends to boss around come springtime. Until then she can help you draw out plans for a duck compound!! :happyflower:

  112. 11-26

    Got my vote in today. :sun:

    Poor ducky. We had two that lived in the chicken pen and would come out sometimes and walk around around the yard. Ducks are cool. And I adore the name Scarlett O Ducky. LOL

  113. 11-26

    hi suzanne, your duckie is beautiful. have a great thanksgiving everyone. :wave:

  114. 11-26

    Awww, love that sweet little face under the bonnet! I’m thinking her name must be Lucky Duck. :sun2:

  115. 11-26

    That was adorable. From the front view, it looks like the donkey has on a beanie cap pulled down to his eyes because of his thick coat. The noise the cat made was my favorite. What a “good mood” video that was. It made me wish I was there visiting with them.

    I thought you looked fine on camera. I really think you did a great job on your Sam-e video. I thought you narrated it beautifully and you looked very much at ease in your appearance in the end.

    Off to vote – I am up way too late working tonight.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  116. 11-27

    What an adorable pet! I think you should bring her in to play in your bathtub at least once a week, let her use your best shampoo on her feathers, & bake her something special whenever she lets you put a hat on her. Does she have a name? She would sure be a beautiful calendar girl!!

  117. 4-1

    Your pond may be housing snapping turtles which are deadly to ducks. I’ve seen one as big as a wheelbarrow around here in PA and took a chunk out of a machete knife like it was a piece of cake.

    Aside from dredging the pond and then wire-mesh fencing it off which still may not solve the problem as birds can carry eggs on their feet, I can’t offer you much more. Occasionally fox or stray dogs will kill ducks too but usually you find some evidence.

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