Setting Goals for Clover


Yesterday, we went to the goat farm where we got Clover and Nutmeg….. And we came home with two bucks, Eclipse and Rhett. You know what that means, Clover?

Wait a minute. That’s not Clover.

That’s Cookie Doe, Clover’s sister. I’m always amazed by how much she looks like Clover. That’s Clover in the top photo here and Cookie Doe in the second and third. And again, this is Cookie Doe. (She is such a Clover look-alike!)

They’re identical twins except that Clover has a white half-moon on one side and Cookie Doe has the half-moon on both sides. Plus, Cookie Doe has more of a beard. Cookie Doe’s beard:

Clover’s beard:

Clover: “My dear sister Cookie Doe, they make PRODUCTS for that, hon.”

I love seeing all their gorgeous goats over there…and Admiral, their Great Pyr. Admiral and his goaties tried to have a synchronistic portrait moment here.

I love this sweet creamy-white doe.

And this one.

Wait! That’s not a goat!

They have a new pony!

I couldn’t fit her in my pocket, though, so we had to leave her there.

But we took home two boys……

Everyone was fascinated.

Especially Clover.

She’ll get a closer look SOON.

SPRITE! Don’t look, you’re too young!

Poky: “What about me? When do I get a boyfriend?”

You don’t know Jack….. (You’re too young, too, Poky.)

As for the boys…. (Eclipse is the all black one. He and Rhett are the same age, though Rhett is much smaller.)

They’re still mostly hiding.

Rhett has some seriously pretty coloring.

And they both have blue eyes.

I’ll show them my cookies soon. And then…. Yes, then….. CLOVER.

I’m setting goals for you!!!! AM TOO. And do you SEE? I brought TWO BOYS to the dance for you.

I understand that you are too much woman for one man!

Clover: “Thank you, Woman. I see you can learn. Now tell them to fight over me and then I shall think about it.”

P.S. The dance begins soon. Stay tuned for all the romance! Goats are pregnant for five months. I WANT JUNE BABIES!

Looking for Nigerian Dwarf goats like Clover, Nutmeg, Eclipse, and Rhett? They have more! Contact Pete and Missy!

Want Fainting goats like our Sprite, Fanta, and Mr. Pibb? Contact Bob!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on January 24, 2010  

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  1. 1-24

    YEA! I was wondering when Clover was going to get a boyfriend… er I mean husband… but TWO!!! I am so looking forward to reading about the new kids and… MILKING! I wish you an easy time.

  2. 1-24

    Why two males? Just curious…I love animals and enjoy yours so much…I wish I was young or at least had energy enough for animals…I have one little manure bunny and hopefully one day maybe a few chickens…but I’m not sure about that one even

  3. 1-24

    Will you be keeping two boys, or are they on loan? And yeah, I’m curious too why you need two?

    They are all beauties in my book!

  4. 1-24

    I’m guessing they need two boys because Clover is a very picky girlie goat….she can try one out and if he’s not the man she envisions for herself, there is a back up! My money is on Eclispe…he’s a big boy and Clover will need a strong hand…er, hoof.
    I want to know what a ‘manure bunny’ is. The name brings to mind all kinds of animals but none of them seem quite right.
    Have a great Sunday!

  5. 1-24

    Very funny post. I got a kick out of it. :-)

  6. 1-24

    I now have a serious case of hicups from laughing so hard Sue!!! LOL

  7. 1-24

    Clover can be such a picky, err choosey, ahhh selective woman. However I think that one look at those blue eyes and she may be in lust. I certainly am. Hope for your sake that this time she decides to be a mother. I know you want more cheese, err milk, ahh goats.

  8. 1-24

    Your “boys” are beautiful! I just love their blue eyes and the colors on Rhett are gorgeous. Hope Clover agrees…

  9. 1-24

    They are all so beautiful..Love their faces!! Oh how lucky you are!! Dreaming of a goat of my very own..Gosh I wish my hubbie would get busy on my barn!! lol
    Hugs Granny Trace :snoopy:

  10. 1-24

    For once I think Clover approves! The boys have such pretty blue eyes. How can she not!!

  11. 1-24

    How old is Clover? I have 2 Nigerian dwarf does who didn’t get pregnant until they were alittle over 2 years old, despite the buck running with them since they were 12 months old! Now they have kids every year and are the best Moms. Maybe some goats just mature more slowly and this will be Clover’s year!!! It lokks so warm and sunny in WV! Anne

  12. 1-24

    What lovely creatures! Are the males always marked more beautifully, like birds and some other animals in nature or did you just happen to select dark hair, blue eyed boys?

    Personally I prefer the dark hair, blue eyed ones myself!


  13. 1-24

    I think Clover is a picky girl and is probably going to play hard to get…she needs CHOICES!!! Can’t wait until June to see what you get Suzanne…what an exciting time that will be for all of us! :hungry2:

  14. 1-24

    What beautiful bucks. Those blue eyes are amazing. Hopefully Clover will think so as well! Good luck with that, Suzanne.

    Carol Langille, I think a manure bunny is one that is used for its manure (great gardening fertilizer) – as opposed to rabbits raised for meat or fur (spinning).

  15. 1-24

    Awww, they are too cute! Love is in the air….

  16. 1-24

    When will Nutmeg be old enough to make you a “goat grannie”?

  17. 1-24

    Spring is on the way. Love the blue eyes! Can’t wait for baby goats in June. :snoopy:

  18. 1-24

    Rhett is beautiful and looks so sweet.

  19. 1-24

    Time to breed Nutmeg too

  20. 1-24

    We want to get some fainting goats; but I think WV is just too far away and we will have to find some closer to home. Your new boys are just dreamy!

  21. 1-24

    Re: the fainting goats–Bob who has the fainting goat farm where we got ours is not in West Virginia. He is in Tennessee.

  22. 1-24

    Yes, Nutmeg will also be bred! She is 1 1/2. Clover is about 3. (Clover has been bred before, of course–she’s Nutmeg’s mother.)

  23. 1-24

    Love the blue eyed goats. I would like to get some, but the hubby is not a goat fan. We have horses, dogs and cats. Would like to have a milk goat or a Jersey cow. We have a dairy farm nearby but they give their cattle hormones and such and I really don’t care for all that. Have a neighbor with a flock of free range chickens and their eggs are great. Trying to live a healthier way. I have a question about making whole grain Grandmother bread. I made it recently. I like the denser texture of whole grain bread, but it was so dense and heavy it would have made a great door stop. I don’t know if I didn’t knead it enough or what. It was my first attempt at making bread from scratch so I’m sure I could use some tips to make it come out right. Love your blog. Thanks for all the info you put here for all of us that would like to be more self sustainable. Thanks again.

  24. 1-24

    I made no knead grandmother’s bread yesterday. It is really good,but came out with a texture half way between bread and a cake. Is that usual? Maybe next time I need to let it rise in a warmer place, my kitchen is pretty cold.

    I added in dried cranberries and chopped candied ginger when mixing the ingredients. I was hoping for a result like Whole Foods’ cranberry ginger bread, although I was worried that my ginger was too sharp, but the ginger was virtually undetectable after baking.

    I think next time I’ll lightly put the ginger on the outside of the loaf before baking, which is what they seem to do. Although theirs does seem milder than mine. I also realized I have to use about twice as many cranberries as I did this time; looks are deceiving before the rise.

  25. 1-24

    Can’t wait to hear how the dueling agendas unfold!!

  26. 1-24

    I think with a goat named Rhett (e.g. Buttler) you wont have any problems having babies. And he’s so pretty!
    Is there anything better than drinking your cup of coffee on Sunday morning and reading Suzanne’s blog? Didn’t think so.

  27. 1-24

    This is fantastic! Two baby daddies on hand to woo Clover – she’s going to be impossible now! She’ll be coming to the house door asking for the tiara. I hope she doesn’t kick the crooked little hen off the porch, announcing that it is now her stage…. :dancingmonster:

  28. 1-24

    Oh I just love it when you show your babies!!!!

  29. 1-24

    I love the picture of the goats and the great pyrennes all looking the same direction. That is too funny.

  30. 1-24

    Why is one goat so much smaller than the other if they are the same age? I have to learn these things – I want goats! And chickens. And ducks. And an herb garden. And…and…and…

  31. 1-24

    I would love some dairy goats. I just don’t have the room. Between two dogs and six chickens we’re nearing capacity, I think, on our 1/2 acre. :) Hmmmmm, maybe, I don’t think the neighbors would mind.

  32. 1-24

    I just love goats. I had them when I was young. I wish I could have a few now, but I don’t think we have enough room. Also I have big dogs that have never been around livestock. That would be a disaster.

  33. 1-24

    So cute! And good luck on the June babies! We have our own coming then too!

  34. 1-24

    Assuming that you have read Gone With the Wind to her, how could she resist Rhett? :snuggle:

  35. 1-24

    The trick to using whole wheat, but still having it rise and be “foldable” is to use “Vital Wheat Gluten”. I find it in the baking aisle near the flour. We actually have two brands here – Bob’s Mill and Hodge’s Mill to choose from. Each is in a different area than the other, but still near the flour.

    I use 1 TBS of the gluten in 3 cups of flour for my bread machine and it works really well. If you are not kneading the bread, then you probably need to use 1 TBS PER CUP of wheat. The only other thing could be that your wheat flour is not from hard wheat, but from soft wheat which is a lower protein, lower gluten wheat. Because of the gluten level soft wheat is used for pastries, pies and baking cakes. Hard wheat with it’s higher gluten level is good for breads. People also usually make cracked or whole wheat cereal from the hard wheat.


  36. 1-24

    The ‘boys’ are beautiful!

  37. 1-24

    Awww! Goat babies are just so sweet! I can’t wait to see them!
    Did you just borrow these boys or are they your’s to keep? They are beautiful!

  38. 1-24

    That are 2 very pretty boys…Clover will fall in love with them (she has too)
    I get April babies, we had a billy here for the whole month of November.
    Sure hope those 2 pretty boys smell better than the billy we “hired” it was such a relieve for our noses to bring him back home.

  39. 1-24

    Lucky Clover! Oh to be young and have the boys fight over you! The boys are so cute and I love those blue eyes. This weekend, we are playing farmer, taking care of two donkeys, two cows and six chickens for friends who are traveling. I have a new admiration for farmers! Every evening we are rewarded with six eggs; such a miracle!

  40. 1-24

    Anne “I have 2 Nigerian dwarf does who didn’t get pregnant until they were alittle over 2 years old, despite the buck running with them since they were 12 months old!”

    I have ND’s and both of mine bred at 7 months no problem…

  41. 1-24

    It’s obvious Clover is a girl with a mind of her own, so we’ll see how that goes :) The boys sure are cute. Will they be permanent residents at Stringtown Farm?
    I do hope you get your spring babies.

  42. 1-24

    :sun: I love the new goats! Clover should be happy with your choice. You really have a menagerie woman!! I love it! Have a nice night! :purpleflower:

  43. 1-24

    OK…had to go back & read it twice. Couldn’t get past ‘Cookie Doe.’ That’s awesome! lol

    Blessings from Ohio…Kim W<

  44. 1-24

    My favorite thing about Clover is the small patch of white hair on top of her head. To me it always looks like a small bow made with narrow satin ribbon. She always looks so dressed up and stylish.

  45. 1-24

    Nice looking goats! Are they on loan or are they yours? Why is Rhett so small?

  46. 1-24

    They are GORGEOUS!!!!
    Oh me, oh my…I can’t wait for love to be in the air and then to see the lovely goat babies…..
    can you hurry this up please???? hahahaaaaa

  47. 1-25

    I don’t know If I can handle any more “goat porn”. I have laughed so hard my side is killing me! This is too funny!! The goats need some vitamins for more energy-Do they make anything for stamina???
    Too funny! Alanna Ps. Clover is too cute! She could be a “Pin-up Goat for a calender! :snoopy:

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