Sometimes I Can’t Believe


….that I went most of my life without knowing a goat.

They’re worth all the heartache.

And part of their charm is that….
….they know it.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on September 25, 2009  

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  1. 9-25

    Beautiful pictures.I think I’m in my goat phase (goes along with my sheep phase!)Have you read the book Goat Song? Very funny/interesting account of a first year raising goats.
    I just recently found your blog and I love it.

  2. 9-25

    :snoopy: I can’t wait till we can get a goat!! I am in love with yours!!
    Have a great weekend!!
    Hugs!! :happyflower:

  3. 9-25

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Goats are my very favorite homestead animal of all that we’ve had. Can you believe their different personalities? What a lot of fun and enjoyment.

  4. 9-25

    Who knew? I have gone my entire life without knowing a goat. It’s all about cows where I’m from. Your goats look adorable. I bet I would like them. I have recently started following your blog and have enjoyed every minute.

  5. 9-25

    We moved to WV last summer and we now have 5 goats! Once you get one, you always want more! We love them and they are so fun to just sit and watch!

  6. 9-25

    I agree! We love our goats and life would not be the same without them.

  7. 9-25

    Suzanne you sure do get me off to a good start in the morning. First I read my family emails…then I go right to ‘Chickens In the Road’ to see what you and you family have been up to on the farm. After reading about your goats I know that we just have to have a few….once we fix the fences and put up a few more. I am SOOOO happy that we are now ‘living the dream’ and you and your Blog are are part of our journey. When you write a book about your life on the farm I want one!

  8. 9-25

    Very Very Sweet!!!…. Are you going to Still Meadows farm tommorrow? I read in the Gazette that they are having a fall festival starting at 9am. They will be making Apple butter outside! And they have a shop with primitives for sale and things made here in WV. Its near you in Walton! They have a website, its not updated with the fall festival news, but it has directions. Hope to see you there!

  9. 9-25

    I didn’t know about that (the festival)! I know that place, though. It is adorable. I love their stuff!! I’ve been there several times. Bring money, you’ll want to buy something!

  10. 9-25

    I so want a goat, but Emma reminded me that they don’t allow them in apartments and, besides, she’s Queen Cat around here and wouldn’t allow a goat to live with us. Darn. So I’ll just keep reading your blog, drooling over your pictures (goats as well as food) and dreaming.

  11. 9-25

    :fairy: I just love your goats……Back in the Dark Ages when I was young my Grandfather had a cattle ranch in northern New Mexico and they had goats in the ranch house area. One visit, I had a fit to take a little black and brown sweet boy home with me. My Dad tried to say no but Grandfather’s are a power of nature all their own. We’ll we drove 2.5 hours in a sedan back to Albuquerque with this little darling pooping in my Dad’s new car. oops. When I went to school the next week, my little Nixie Pixie went to live on a farm in the valley. I was…..heartbroken. Some day, in my next life time, I’ll have goats or settle for watching yours be….well goats. Thanks.

  12. 9-25

    yes they do!! how cute. I am extra in awe of your photograpy progress today. I was trying to take pictures of my grandaughter while pumpkin picking and it was a challenge. My digital pauses when you hit the button. Well, by the time it takes the damn picture, my beautiful grandaughter has stopped looking.

  13. 9-25

    I love your blog! and those goats are just too cute for words.

  14. 9-25

    I want a few goats too!

  15. 9-25

    Just reading your blog makes me want goats….but what is their practical purpose? I guess I’m the sort that will get something if it’s “practical”. I can’t help it. Do you milk them? If so, what do you use the milk for? I have never tried goats milk before, I’m afraid I wouldn’t like it. Convince me! We just moved to an acreage last January and I will be getting chickens in the spring. Can hardly wait!!! :sheepjump: :snoopy:

  16. 9-25

    Hi, Jo! Yes, you can milk if you get milk goats. My Nigerian Dwarfs (Clover and Nutmeg) are milk goats. And coincidentally, I have a cheesemaking post for tomorrow!

  17. 9-26

    I just bought some goat cheese at the farmers market…dried tomato and garlic…I used it in a quiche with spinach, onion and cherry tomatoes…yum!

  18. 9-29

    I love your goats and farm stories. I have goat envy but I live in the city. So I druel over Clover. I just ordered Clover’s calendar! Now I can have a goat in my house (at least her picture).

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