Spice the Wonder Cat


She might look adorable.
She might even look downright innocent.

But this is a wily coyote and the smartest cat I’ve ever had. She will work at anything she wants to do until she accomplishes it. And once she accomplishes it, she does it over and over and over…..

Recently, I’ve been coming back to the porch and finding the front door open….. And then I caught her in the act.

You’d think she’d at least shut it when she’s done!
Who knows what she’ll do next. Or who else she’ll let out. Or in. I’m gonna come back to the house one day and there’ll be a donkey, a rooster, a cat, a dog, a pig, and a sheep sitting at the dining room table playing cards, drinking, and smoking big cigars, aren’t I?

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on July 15, 2009  

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  1. 7-15

    Oh, I like her 8)

  2. 7-15

    You have to love that. Tuxedo cats (black & whites) seem to always be a bit smarter than most. You’re gonna have to break down and get a pet door. As far as the poker game at the dining room table, it could happen. I had a Siamese that used to open the door. I came back to the house one day from the garden and there was a chicken in the kitchen and two young goats on the livingroom couch. My husband came from down the hallway with another one jumping and running in front of him. The Beagle came in and helped herd everyone out the door. Days before cam corders. Still a fond memory of the first summer in the country. Tried a couple of recipes, very very good. Thanks.

  3. 7-15

    We have a smart cat too — and he did the exact same thing. Once he started opening the doors, he did it all the time! We actually had to change the door knobs in the house…. we had the pull-down lever kind like you do, and we had to change them to regular door knobs to keep him in! Good Luck!

  4. 7-15

    That is too fuuny. Notice how she tried the first time, took time to wash her leg before finally getting that door open.

  5. 7-15

    I hope she doesn’t let in mean rooster!

  6. 7-15

    We used to have a golden retriever who would do the same thing, only he would let himself *in* the house when we weren’t looking. It’s those lever doorknobs. They don’t tell you at the hardware store about this feature!

  7. 7-15

    What a smart girl! Maybe she is just looking for a job. You could put a little uniform on her and she could be the butler. Oh,wait. She is already wearing a tuxedo! ;)

  8. 7-15

    Funny funny!!!
    I have a boxer in class now that does that – he lets himself out the back door, which shuts behind him, and then when he’s done doing his doggy thing outside – he runs around to the front door, jumps up and rings the door bell till they let him in! :woof:

  9. 7-15

    So adorable! Our babies are just amazing aren’t they?

  10. 7-15

    I just came across your blog by accident and I gotta say ” I love it”…. especially Pocahontas, I had a couple of donkeys when I was a kid and they were called Mork and Mindy……they used to ring the door bell each time they wanted a peppermint.

  11. 7-15

    I love how the cat looks around to make sure no one was looking. And then acted like she was going to clean her self. Checked the door. Took a quick peek then open the door. lol. Too funny. If a door is not latched right my cat will know he can open and let himself out.

  12. 7-15

    It’s a plot you know. Your animals will soon take over and you will find yourself out on the porch and the animals writing the blog. :yes:

  13. 7-15

    I wonder what else she does when you’re not looking…LOL

  14. 7-15

    OMG!!! I love that look back at you when she’s out!

  15. 7-15

    Oh I love it!! Same cat who was able to get Clover the cake???? I’m pretty sure she’s got payoffs on the outside! 8)

  16. 7-15

    She is cute, and amazing. My German Shepherd opens the back door for himself and all the rest of the furfamily. It’s a slider though, so not quite as technical. They don’t close it when they are done either!

  17. 7-15

    Too funny! Little N. says “what no ‘Pink Panther’ music???” Hope she doesn’t let in a skunk. :shocked:

  18. 7-15

    What a smart kitty! You know, you’re going to drive her nuts if you decide to flip the lock on the thing. :)

  19. 7-15


  20. 7-15

    ROFLMAO! I just LOVE those furbabies!

  21. 7-15

    I just love Spice. My kitty Pumpkin would love to meet her, I think. Pumpkin helped train my two Great Danes and she is registering to get a dog training license.

  22. 7-15

    I love all your animals, its great to see how much you care about them. I made my dog (Courage) dog treats over the weekend. He loves his treats, and animals are generally very smart.

  23. 7-15

    Spice is hilarious! Fortunately, my main door knobs are the standard round ones and, living in an apt. in a funky Atlanta suburb, I keep them locked. Emma (calico) does open cabinets under the kitchen sink, pulls out my dresser drawers, and has tried to open the lever handles on closet doors, but hasn’t quite got that down yet. Don’t know what I’ll have in the new apt. in Iowa!

  24. 7-15

    That is so funny!! My daughter had a water cooler and she kept coming home from work to find water all over the floor. She lectured the children to be more careful than thinking that the jug had a leak had the man come out and replace it. Finally, my grandson walked in and caught the culprit red handed and took a picture for proof. It was the cat pulling down on the little lever and drinking the cool water instead of the water in his bowl.

  25. 7-15

    Too funny! No telling what you’ll find – LOL

  26. 7-15

    I think you’re living in the middle of a furry, but cute, conspiracy. It’s best to just surrender.

  27. 7-15

    I had a cat who did that. He used to LET THE DOG OUT.

  28. 7-15

    I had a couple of cats who could do that. They couldn’t open the front door, though, the door handle was different kind from the other door handles and the door was too heavy for them to open, anyway, but any door on the inside… But my brother’s dog can open the front door as long as it’s not locked. She just rushes through the door. But she has learned to be a bit more careful about it after she hit her head to a locked door a couple of times. :lol: :snoopy:

  29. 7-15

    I use to have a cat who would do the same thing. I miss him!

  30. 7-15

    LOL….that is the next step….the cat is going to let all the other animals out and they are going to ring the door bell for licorice and cookies! You will have your own little Animal Farm on your hands.

  31. 7-15

    Oh, I just love cats! That video is too funny! What a sweet cat!

  32. 7-15

    Suzanne, that is just TOO funny!! I LOVE the way she checks the door after every attempt at the knob: “Nope…not open yet. Oh, wait…The Mama is looking at me! *Lick, lick, lick* Just cleaning myself, lady…nothing to see here. Move along!”

    And I fully agree with your assessment of the situation…you’re going to come home and find them all playing poker. As soon as you walk in the door, they’re going to demand treats.

  33. 7-15

    How did you film that. You and Spice amaze me!!!

  34. 7-15

    Speaking of cat doors and animals in the house, take a look at my blog.


  35. 7-15

    That cracked me up…little stinky! Looking around to see if anyone is looking, acting nonchalant…sneaky. LOL So adorable!

  36. 7-15

    Oh, that video is hilarious! :lol: She is so smart!I love cats and have two of my own. If I lived on a farm, I would have a dozen or more.
    Gotta tell you about my cats. They like to sit and watch the monitor when I’m on the computer. The other day, you blogged about cats on the table and several comments were posted about it.I was surprised that so many cats love to sleep on the table, because mine never have even attempted to get on the table, up to that time.
    Ever since then, I have found them both stretched out happily, sleeping on the TABLE!As I stand there looking at them in amazement, they look up at me, blink as if to say “what”? and go back to sleep.
    God help me if they’ve learned to read.Now I may have to worry about them opening the door and inviting all their friends in.

  37. 7-15

    Cats are so smart. We have child proof locks on our cabinet doors, so the cats can’t open them.

  38. 7-15

    I have one cat in particular that always wants out the front door – I would let her when I got the mail but she started going further and further where I couldn’t reach her so I didn’t let her out for like 5 months but she has convinced me (screams at me actually) to give her a second chance. So far so good lol. There is no doubt in my mind that she would get our screen door open if I ever gave her the chance. Normally she jumps on a very high shelf where she is hidden and if you go near the door she is there in a blink.

  39. 7-15

    Smart kitty!!!!!! :shimmy:

  40. 7-15

    That is fantastic! Clever kitty.

  41. 7-15

    My cat – also black and white – would LOVE it if I had those door knobs! I have the regular round ones that are hell on “people” without thumbs! He works very hard at it though. With all those fur babies you best keep an eye on the fridge – my friend started missing items from hers and finally set up a camera to catch the thief: her dog. She would go to the fridge door and hook her paw on the handle, then just very delicately reach in and, without disturbing the eggs and other items in the front, would take out any cheese, cottage cheese, which she loved, or other items that she wanted and just walk out the doggy door for a private little feast. And she really seems to know exactly what she wanted and where it was as there was no hesitation in picking out her goodies!

  42. 7-15

    Don’t think your safe just cuz you have ‘regular’ door knobs!! I once had a cat that could open a couple of doors in my house with regular ole glass door knobs. AND then he would come walking out of the bedroom SO VERY SLOWLY AND PROUD…..with such a smug look! Oh how I miss my Fred the Cat!

  43. 7-15

    LOL, Spice is a wonder cat! Cats are sneaky like that…

  44. 7-15

    Now I’m sitting here watching the door – Fat Cat is outside the door “knocking” now! He gets up on his hind legs and pounds on the door with his front paws – uh – the door just opened – nuts! He talked my hubby into opening it for him – what a sneak!

  45. 7-15

    HAHA! I LOVE IT! Your animals (all of ’em) are incredible!!

  46. 7-16

    OMG..that is hilarious!
    She KNEW she could do it…you can tell.
    She even looks guiltily over her shoulder after she did it.
    Toooo funny!

  47. 7-16

    I love that she has to check the crack of the door every time she tries the handle. Smart kitty! :-)

  48. 7-17

    That is one smart cat!! Loved the video! :D

  49. 1-20

    LOL- My best friend growing up had a cat that could open screen doors and would get out all the time. We don’t have the pull down lever door handles at our house, so whenever Wizard (my cat) wants in, He jumps up and hangs his face in the window and meows until we open the door for him. I love cats.

  50. 7-7

    Wonderful! Cat video….I loved it!

  51. 7-15

    My cat does something similar, you ever shut the door most of the way so it is wedged? Well we have a tabby, Simon that hears when the door didn’t “click” shut and he will have it pulled open in 5 seconds! BTW we have some backyard chickens as well, hence the interest in getting out!

  52. 9-21

    That is one very clever cat. I once had a cat who figured out how to unlatch the screen door on my back porch to let herself out. I also had a cat who could turn a regular doorknob to let himself into the living room from the kitchen. He was useful if I was entertaining the local Mormon missionaries or the Jehovah’s Whiteness. When he would open the door and walk in I would speak to him like an actual person. It usually shook up the visitors. Nice to have a cat who is so “Familiar”.

  53. 11-23

    I see new door hardware in your future.

  54. 12-11

    Years ago my hubby and I had a cat , I don’t know what kind he was , but he had the deepest , longest black fur and the deepest green eyes , very very loving , (he was a very rare cat LOL) he would actually wash his paws after he used his litter box ,we had to start setting out to bowls of water because of that , one for him to drink from and one for him to wash his paws, and when ever I had to let the water trickle in our kitchen sink during the winter he would actually hold his head under the water and let it drip off his ears (told you he was rare LOL) , he also had different acts that he would go through , like if he wanted to go outside and I said no , he would roll over on his back and meow so pitifully (like he was dying or something) or if he wanted a certain treat he would do the haughty tail swish and look at me with half closed eyes until I gave in , or if he wanted milk and I said no , he’d jump on the table and just howl (or yowl LOL) and roll onto his back and just stiffen up and act like a lunatic till I gave in and gave him some milk. (I swear every word of this is true). :D. I miss that cat :(.

  55. 2-2

    Love what you have goin’ on here!

    We just found your “flock” the other night while doing a search for a real,no additive hamburger helper recipe. Thanks for posting so many ideas.

    My son called Spice a “cat burglar” since he doesn’t close the door behind him. Too funny…maybe not so much if all the animal broods are found in your house though…

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