There’s a Horse on My Porch!


There’s a horse on my porch!

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep Patriot up in the yard. We’re really enjoying him, but it might be a little much long-term. Every time I catch this giant figure walking by outside the window from the corner of my eye, it freaks me out for a second.

It does keep him handy for Morgan’s obsessive grooming.

Morgan likes to introduce Patriot to the smallest of creatures.

Even if they don’t appreciate it.

And I think certain other someones can be a little jealous.

Which can cause them to get into a little mischief.

Cows in the yard probably aren’t a good idea long-term, either, though if she was in milk, I’d be happy to pull her up to the back door.

Patriot’s field is ready for him, but we haven’t been able to convince ourselves to park him So! Far! Away! yet. My farmer fencing expert, Eugene, was here yesterday and is here again today, working on the upper pasture fencing for the cows. (There’s fencing up there–he’s making repairs and working on the creek crossing.) I’m planning to move Buttercup and the donkeys to the upper pasture, and I may put Patriot there, too, at least until Zip comes, so that he won’t be alone.

Morgan hasn’t tried to ride Patriot yet. She’s being patient, getting to know him, letting him settle in. I think she will probably start riding him on Sunday. I will have a houseful this weekend. Weston will be home for the holiday weekend, and Ross will be here, too. I don’t know yet how long Ross will get to stay–he is still awaiting his orders for what date he is to report to his ship in Norfolk. (He will be on a fast-attack submarine.) I’m hoping he can stay for awhile–I still have a lot of fencing to do! The reason Morgan is probably going to wait until Sunday to ride is because their dad will be in town for the holiday weekend with the kids here. He used to work as a cowboy on a ranch in Texas, and still rides, so he has some experience. She took riding lessons for five years, but I think she’s just feeling a little nervous about putting the bridle and everything together and on him correctly.

Meanwhile, everybody’s mowing! I’m still thinking about getting a lawnmower, though. I only need so much fertilization–

–in the driveway!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on April 5, 2012  

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  1. 4-5

    Patriot looks relaxed and happy and right at home on your back porch. :)

  2. 4-5

    Tacking up still makes my youngest nervous, especially the bridle and bit. Fortunately our horses are very patient and just wait for her to get it right. Morgan will get more and more comfortable with it but I certainly understand her being tentative at first.

    We have four legged mowing in process a bit longer every day as they adjust to the spring grass. Love it!

  3. 4-5

    Throw that on one of your flower beds!!

  4. 4-5

    Save the name of this post! That would make a great childrens book! The story of a young girl and her rescue horse! With lots of rhyming for younger readers, and plenty of your wonderful photo’s. Then, maybe a series about things around the farm: Horse on the Porch, chickens in the road, What luck- we’ve got Ducks!

    You are so talented, there are so many things you can do so well!
    And I must say, you seem so much happier at the new farm.
    I wish you well, my friend.

  5. 4-5

    I am glad Morgan’s dad will be there to help her out. She’ll do fine with Patriot but having him to help her out is great, something she’ll never forget. Patriot is one very lucky horse. Zip will be also.

  6. 4-5

    Please tell Morgan to put some shoes on. Horses are really heavy when they step on your feet!

  7. 4-5

    I love that there’s a horse on your porch! I love the children’s book idea!
    I looked out the window, and saw a horse on my porch!
    I jumped and startled, it caused my scrambled eggs to scorch!

    I looked out the window and saw chickens in the road!
    They clucked and cawed in something like morse code.
    One was quiet and seemed rather shy…
    I asked him, “What’s wrong chicken?”
    And he said, “Prepare to die!”

  8. 4-5

    I still can’t imagine starting and ending each day, looking out at such beautiful land! You are truly blessed, pressed down and overflowing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. 4-5

    When Patriot starts knocking on the door to get Morgan to come out and groom then you’ll know it’s definitely time to move to the back pasture! Don’t think I’m exaggerating . . . my horse knocks on the barn door all the time! Looks like they are bonding well. They look so happy and content. He’s living the good life now!

  10. 4-5

    Oh, lots of pictures of Morgan and her dad helping her. It will be a priceless memory for her. I still have my fingers crossed that Patriot is a cutting horse. The more I see that quarterhorse butt, albeit not as big as most, the more I hope he had some training. That would be so handy when it is time to move the critters from pasture to pasture.
    This will be a magical summer for your entire family.

  11. 4-5

    Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend. Glad the kids’ dad and you can work together to make this a wonderful experience for Morgan, and the boys as well. May you all have a truly great holiday.

  12. 4-5

    They look so happy together! He really looks great. :) I know I promised NO ADVICE, but Morgan, put shoes on! Even with boots it hurts when they step on your feet!

  13. 4-5

    Oh Suzanne, I had to tell you how many good memories have come back to me reading this post, and the previous ones about Morgan and Patriot.
    I was lucky to be raised on a small farm, and all I talked about, from the time that I could talk, was ponies. When I was 3 I asked Santa for a “pony that pooped-around”, and a Dean Martin record! I wanted to be sure that Santa knew I wanted a REAL pony, not one of those plastic, bouncy toy ones. I saved, and saved, and like Morgan, one day I did get a pony, a shetland pony named Lucky. Mom had to pitch in some money, I’m sure… but he was mine, all mine.

    I know the excitement and absolute adoration that Morgan must be feeling right now!
    Horray for Morgan!! Horray for you!! Horray for Patriot!!!

    Looking forward to more posts about your new family member.

  14. 4-5

    Advice, advice, advice, not now.

    That is one of the most beautiful sights to see Morgan and Patriot bonding. He is a looker of a horse.

  15. 4-5

    The pictures of Morgan and Patriot are great! Horses are such beautiful animals. Can Morgan ride Patriot bareback? I knew that your donkeys were small but didn’t realize just how tiny they are until they were next to the horse – so cute! I have heard that goats are good lawn mowers – can you bring them to the yard and put them to work? What a beautiful farm you have!

  16. 4-5

    I love seeing Patriot on your porch. Maybe Clover told him there are cookies in your house. And I see that Buttercup is feeling very much at home, too. Such a wonderful weekend coming up.

  17. 4-5

    :happybutterfly: :happybutterfly: :happybutterfly: :happybutterfly:
    How wonderful!! I am so happy for Patiot and Morgan as well, there is true love there, Patiot deserves all of that wonderful love and attention he is receiving. What a wonderful and blessed Easter at Sassafrass Farm.

  18. 4-5

    I can’t believe how small the donkeys are compared to Patriot! OMG they are so cute!

  19. 4-5

    I read that title, and suddenly heard in my head
    “A horse on the porch
    Of courch! Of courch!”

    Maybe it’s because Mr. Ed comes on at about 6 a.m. down here in the suburbs.

    Also, I’d like to add my “Yes please!” to Morgan wearing shoes around Patriot. He would never stop on her on purpose, I’m sure, but I’ve seen what it can do to a foot when horses place their foot by accident!

  20. 4-5

    We love having our horses in the yard but when they get bored or itchy, they get destructive. A thousand pound animal rubbing his hiney on your car or yard chair can really tear something up. But it is entertaining :)

    Morgan is smart to go slowly. Horses do not always behave the same when they are in a new environment. Has she read the various Natural Horsemanship stuff? We LOVE Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship. He emphasizes people doing their own training and doing it safely. Amazing man. If he ever does a weekend tour stop near you, go. It’s well worth the small fee.

    Have a great day!!!

  21. 4-5

    That Patriot is such a handsome guy! He looks so happy, and so does Morgan; so glad for you all that this worked out. I love that pic of Glory Bee making trouble in the garden lol!

  22. 4-5

    I think Patriot is smiling in that first picture :-) He’s happy Morgan found him!

  23. 4-5

    I love looking at the pictures of your farm and animals. It is so beautiful! Patriot looks happy and right at home.

  24. 4-5

    Great pictures of Morgan and her horse! I can see the beautiful blossoms all around your property – how lovely. Hope your perennials survive the free-range mowers :) – just saying.
    How wonderful to have all your family home for Easter!

  25. 4-5

    Sassafras Farm is just beautiful, and it’s
    wonderful seeing Morgan and Patriot together.

    It brings back great childhood memories of a
    house full of grandkids at Grandmas for the
    weekend and a field full of ponies. We sure
    did love those ponies and they loved us
    right back.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

  26. 4-5

    I don’t know anything at all about horses, but in that first photo, Patriot seems to have quite the whiskery facial hair. Is that normal? Do people just normally groom that down so it’s not noticeable? Or is he a unique bearded horsie?

    How fun to have him right up by the house!

  27. 4-5

    Happiest of Easter wishes for you and your clan. What an awesome weekend this will be for all of you. Patriot is loving every moment with Morgan, he seems so relaxed in all your pictures, you can tell he has already built a wonderful trust with her. :) Has Patriot peeked into your windows yet? :)

  28. 4-5

    I used to be around my horse in bare feet all the time. Sure it’s not the smartest thing in the world, but you know what – I did not care – nor did I ever get stepped on! I LIKED being barefoot and I bet Morgan does too. Please keep in mind Morgan already has a mother.. the rest of us just guests here!

  29. 4-6

    Morgan will put shoes on when she has stepped in chicken poo a few times~~~NASTY. Patriot is so beautiful with Morgan in front of the white picket fence.

  30. 4-7

    Patriot looks like he knows he found a forever home with you guys. Its so great Morgan is taking her time getting to know him.

    Morgan and her dad will have a nice time with riding Patriot for the first time. Good that someone is going to be there when she gets on Patriot there for the first time. I think once she sees she can get the saddle on and the bridle and get on him that she will have the confidence to do it more. There is a lot of places to ride on your farm too. That is great for her. :)

  31. 4-7

    Aww, Jane, I’m sorry if you misunderstood my intention. You too Suzanne. I have been a follower of yours for a long time, through happy and sad. I didn’t mean to “mother”. I have a picture of a young girl that was stepped on by a horse while barefoot. The top of the foot was torn to the bone. She’ll have nasty scars and a limp for the rest of her life. Just wanted to caution a new horse owner of the danger.

  32. 4-7

    Exactly, cabynfevr. I’m not trying to ‘mother’ anyone either. But I have been stepped on, and I know how much it hurts with boots on. Here’s a very graphic image for anyone with doubts.

  33. 4-7

    Happy Easter wishes to one and all.

  34. 4-13

    It looks as if “Morgan’s obsessive grooming” would be appreciated by the lowly Pokey as well.
    Pokey: A little pampering over here, please!

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