My Trunk Is Bleating


This weekend, I brought home six three-month-old Boer babies in the trunk of my Impala. I’m here to tell you, it can be done!

I had a large tarp covering the entire trunk bottom and up the sides. I had the back seats down a little bit to make sure they had plenty of air and so I could hear them back there. I propped buckets in the back seat to make sure they couldn’t push the seats all the way down and clamber into the car, and had towels and blankets covering the seats just in case.
But! No one escaped the trunk, and after removing the tarp and spraying a little Febreze, everything was good as new!

And, now I have a Boer buck and five Boer does.

The buck is a paint. I got him from the Rocking R Goat Farm in Ripley. He was an expensive little sucker, but I did a lot of research and decided to spend my money on a high quality sire. The girls were a little more of a bargain.
He should throw some pretty babies!

The girls came from another farm near Parkersburg. It was a big round trip, first the buck then the girls then back home. Right now, they’re mostly still hiding from me.
And maybe Maia, because I think she’s a little jealous.
One of the does has one short ear. She was born that way. The parents have normal ears and they said they’d never had a baby like that before so I think it was just a birth defect. I thought it made her extra cute, so I took her.
I have no idea how I’m going to tell the rest of them apart.
It’ll take a little while to remember who has which spots, etc.
But, we’ll get to know each other and I’ll explain all about cookies.
I let Morgan name them: Mr. Darcy, Jane, Lizzie, Mary, Kitty, Lydia.

Quick! Name that book! (Which is Morgan’s longtime obsession.)

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on April 7, 2014  

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  1. 4-7

    Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”

    And I have not even finished my coffee!

    Cute goats! But tell Maia she is still the cutest goat ever!

  2. 4-7

    Awe, how darn cute are they!!!very I’d say…..ONE of my favorites…I’ve to many to count….Great name choice…I have to say 2 thumbs up Morgan :wave:

  3. 4-7

    Dang, I’m impressed. I bought a Lincoln MKZ hybrid recently and I couldn’t fit the buckets in that trunk! You done good!

    I think choosing a good herdsire, despite the price, is the way to go. Good luck on your new goat venture. Have your workers check the fences before they leave! :D

  4. 4-7

    Your new goats are beautiful (as are your old goats :-). The male is extremely handsome. Maybe a dot of food coloring rubbed into one of their foreheads will help you to identify one from the other until you’re used to them. Goats are so much fun!

  5. 4-7

    Cookies will make everything o.k.about that trunk ride. Boer’s are cute and I’m looking forward to new goat stories, but Maia is still #1.

  6. 4-7

    A car full of cuteness, they are so sweet.

  7. 4-7

    They are WAY too cute. I gotta see you put ink on the foreheads of them when you can’t even catch them.

  8. 4-7

    Try a paintball gun… :bugeyed:

  9. 4-7

    They are adorable! I like the paintball idea, but how about painting their hooves different colors? One of the blogs I follow had chickens that she named – and painted their toenails different colors!

    Nancy in Savannah

  10. 4-7

    Sixty years ago Uncle Bob had the WVU Sheep Production class that had one main point required to be written on every paper.
    ALWAYS USE A PURE BREED RAM!!!!!! since he has 50% of the herd genetics.
    For identification why not crochet little collars in contrasting colors? They look nice but does doe hauling void the car warranty? Does the car mat company make a trunk mat for your size car.
    PS we once hauled a ton of feed in a VW Bettle with one passenger seat removed and we also hauled a piglet in a feed sack in a pickup.

  11. 4-7

    Okay…I can’t believe no one has suggested you start a winery ~ with all those “Boer does”!!

  12. 4-7

    HAAAA Cousin Mark! That is my sense of humor! Oh they are all so cute. They actually look very calm and just curious. Glad you took the one with a short ear. You won’t mix her up :) great names. We have a lot of farms around here carrying these goats now. The traveling pet farms have them and they are so sweet and they can climb anything which is strange because they are big! But graceful. Can’t wait for updates!

  13. 4-8

    Adorable! “Oh, Mista Dahcy”

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