Just One of Those Kind of Days


So I decide to go out to the new house, take a few pictures, unload some stuff I picked up at Home Depot. I get halfway there and I realize I’m sitting on E. I’m in the middle of nowhere sitting on E. I suggest to myself I should turn around now, not waste any more gas going all the way out to the house. I’m afraid I won’t make it to the gas station if I do. So I turn around, drive back out the country road, past the farmhouse where I live now, on into town where there is one gas station about five miles out of town.

I arrive at the one gas station anywhere around and reach for my purse. No purse. I thought I was just driving over to the house so I didn’t bother to bring my purse. I realize that now I have to drive all the way back to my house to get my purse. I go home, get my purse, drive back to the gas station–running on fumes by now. I pull up and the clerk is outside sticking a sign on one of the two old-fashioned gas pumps that says, “Out of Gas.” A guy is already hooked up getting gas at the one remaining pump. I say desperately, “Don’t use it all!!!” I’m prepared to take him down if necessary.

He takes pity on me, or thinks I look scary. I get gas, drive back out to the new house, panic when my car starts sliding on the still-snowy driveway even in 4WD and end up backing up and parking at the bottom. So much for unloading stuff out of my car. Hey, I can still salvage something out of this afternoon now that I’ve spent a solid hour and a half trying to go a mere three miles away. I can take pictures!

I hike up the driveway in the cold, reach the top, pull out my camera, turn it on.

Blinking red message on the LCD for just a second. “Low battery.”

Screen goes black.

Some days are meant for staying in bed, don’t you think?

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on December 10, 2007  

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  1. 12-10

    Oh, definitely, some days are meant for staying in bed. Or having a “redo.” Heck, sometimes I think my whole life should be a redo! :lol:

    Suzanne, I love the new design/colours. I had tried to view it at home yesterday, but alas, it wouldn’t load properly. Oh, for high speed!

    I like today’s photo: gnarled tree branches always intrigue me and I love taking my own “creative” pics of them.

    Congrats to Teresa W!

    Have a wonder-full day, everyone.


  2. 12-10

    Sorry about your day- I can sympathize, though. Had one of those myself this weekend. Love the new stuff on the site. It’s so colorful and pretty! A lot like you! Wishing you a better day today…..Jena

  3. 12-10

    MARS RETROGRADE! I am an astrologer. Mars retro can mean two steps forward and THREE steps back some days! this too shall pass..funny story!

  4. 12-10

    There are definitely days where staying in bed would be wise (one day last week, everything went wrong – including me dropping the cooked pork roast on the floor while taking it from the slow cooker). :shocked:

    Suzanne, I absolutely LOVE the new look!

  5. 12-10

    I’d spend half my life in bed were that the way to solve those kind of days! :lol:

    We are having an ice storm today. :hissyfit:

  6. 12-10

    Yikes! You’re right. Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.

  7. 12-10

    Yikes, hope you curled up with a good book and some hot chocolate after a day like that :wave:

  8. 12-10

    Hope you are snug in bed with a good book after a day like that!

  9. 12-10

    I would go home and lock myself in. I’ve had days like that. They never get better until you go to bed and wake up the next day. *g*

  10. 12-10

    Here’s hoping tomorrow is better! Well, it already is. You’ve got gas. https://chickensintheroad.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_lol.gif

  11. 12-10

    Well, hell. That wasn’t supposed to happen! Clearly computers and I shouldn’t mix!

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