Home Canning

July 2, 2008 - Apricot Jam

Apricot time is now-now-now! Whether you have a tree in your backyard (like my handy 52, who gave me these apricots) or a farmer’s market, right now is the time to play with apricots! And by the way, could home-canning be more cool, or more green? There’s something so awesome about using fresh, locally- or...
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December 8, 2007 - How to Can: Boiling Water Bath Method

Pictured: Apples, raisins, and dried cherries in syrup. Step-by-step directions for home canning using a hot water bath! There is nothing better than a cellar or pantry stocked with home-canned food. It’s frugal, it’s easy, and it makes for great gifts with the addition of decorative canning lids, labels, and a bit of tied raffia...
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