September 22, 2019 - Cows in the Field

Belle (right) and Daisy. Belle is Glory Bee’s last calf; Daisy is a newcomer. Both of these heifers are awaiting the births of their first calves, hopefully late fall or early winter. I can’t wait for milk again!

August 19, 2019 - The Perfect Off-to-College Gift!

Your kids off to college? Mine are! This is the first year Ross, Weston, and Morgan are all three in Morgantown at WVU at the same time. I’m looking forward to visiting them there and hearing all about their experiences. Meanwhile, I’ve got the perfect gift for the special college kid in your life! It’s...
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August 14, 2019 - The Next Batch

The chicken tractor wasn’t lonely for long! This new batch of meat chicks will be ready to butcher in late October.

August 13, 2019 - Late Summer in the Shop

Pictured: Apple Fritter Bread. You can find it at my Etsy shop! It’s still summer, but as the days grow closer to September, while I’m still picking tomatoes and excited about fresh corn, I feel the twinges of readiness for apples and pumpkins and crackling leaves. You? At this time of year, as the season...
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August 4, 2019 - What To Do with Lots of Basil

Freezer flavor bombs! My basil is overflowing this year! I use fresh basil in daily meals, and I’ve dehydrated a lot of basil to use over the winter, and then there’s pesto. It’s a great way to use up a lot of fresh basil and store it in handy little cups to drop into….. Rice...
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July 22, 2019 - Catching Up with the Kids

Everybody wants to know how the kids are doing! Kids, how are you doing? I know they look at my website because they periodically ask me questions about recipes. But they probably won’t answer here, so– They’re all grown up now, of course. Morgan is 23 and about to start her second year pursuing her...
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July 19, 2019 - Biscuits with Icing

Biscuits with icing. Apparently, it’s a thing. I never knew it was a thing. A biscuit thing. Did you? I found out it was a thing when customers at my Etsy shop started asking me for icing–to go with their biscuits. This had never occurred to me, but! I offer icing to go with biscuits...
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July 8, 2019 - Belle’s New Buddy

Belle (Glory Bee’s last calf) at the first meet ‘n’ greet with her new friend! More about this new (bred) dairy heifer soon. Psssst! Her name is Daisy!

July 5, 2019 - How My Garden Grows

I finally figured out how to find my photos on my new laptop!

August 30, 2018 - A Shipping Funny

Biscuits and scones fresh-baked this morning and ready to go out for an order. I bake and ship Mondays-Thursdays. One day last week, I baked a batch of muffins, a gift order for a granddaughter at college in Texas. When I ship, my return address says Chickens in the Road….. Here is a note I...
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August 12, 2018 - Almost Ready for the Reveal

We’ve been busy little bees! The camper interior remodel is almost completed. The big reveal will be in just a few days. I’m very excited about it!

August 9, 2018 - Mason and the Mess

This is Mason. Mason and his brother Brandon have done quite a bit of work for us over the past year, and currently Mason is #1 man on the camper makeover. Mason and Brandon are contractors, and Mason is doing the major construction (and re-construction) as well as testing the gas, electric, and water in...
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July 15, 2018 - Camper Flip

This is a project we’ve just started! We’re remodeling this 1984 Scotty camper–with an eye to flipping it, but in case we don’t sell it, we’re also remodeling it with an eye to using it, so we’re restoring it in a way that we would love if we were doing it just for ourselves. We’re...
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May 18, 2018 - The Boys, An Update!

Look who we have here! Weston! Weston finished his four-year stint in the Army just in time for his 25th birthday. That’s right, he’s 25. Boggle! So here’s the Weston update: He’s 25. (Did I already say that? I’m still shocked.) If you’ll recall, he started college at WVU Morgantown on a full National Merit...
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May 11, 2018 - A Beautiful Bread

I just took this bread out of the oven. Now I think, what did I know about bread before? Apparently–NOTHING. Because my bread never looked like this before. Now I begin from scratch. I have discovered true artisan bread.

April 25, 2018 - At Least He Hasn’t Taken It Off Yet

This bull is too clever for his britches. He’s gotten so adept at life with a weaner that he can deftly swing it back up toward his nose, get up under Glory Bee, and STILL STEAL MILK. Since I’m not in a position to separate them at the moment, nor do I want to separate...
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April 13, 2018 - Wedding Pepperoni Rolls

I’m making several dozen party size pepperoni rolls this morning for an order that is for a wedding. They’ll be going in goodie bags. I’ve never seen goodie bags at a wedding before. You? Nobody ever gave me pepperoni rolls at a wedding. (Hmmph.) I’ve seen sweet potatoes at a funeral but not pepperoni rolls...
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April 6, 2018 - Boston Brown Bread

Just something I felt like baking today. I’m obsessed with food. My Etsy baking days are Mondays through Thursday (for priority mail shipping). I’m off over the weekends–and still bake! Because I love to bake. Baking is so creative. Even if you’ve made something a thousand times, every loaf–or cookie or biscuit or scone–is unique...
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April 1, 2018 - Bunny Day

Happy Easter! I made blueberry pie with bunnies. You?

March 30, 2018 - Soaps on Sale!

Making way for a new lineup! Save up to 50% on current stock. Limited quantities of each soap are available. I’ve already sold half of the stock I had yesterday! (Yay.) You can order from the listing in my Etsy shop here. Note: You don’t have to have an Etsy account to order! You can...
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March 27, 2018 - Easter Imaginings

I’m baking a really large order today for somebody–a dozen brown sugar and cinnamon croissants, a dozen chocolate croissants, a dozen butterhorn rolls, a loaf of bread, three dozen cookies, and two dozen cinnamon rolls. When I ship a large order, sometimes I imagine it arriving at their house. How much family is coming in?...
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March 25, 2018 - Miniature Food

The longer I have my Etsy shop (going on a year and a half now) the more I understand and learn about what people want and how they want it. This comprehension is based on what they order the most, as well as what they message me asking for the most. New listings often come...
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March 16, 2018 - Baby Belle

Baby Belle was born in December. She’s Glory Bee’s fourth calf. I’m milking Glory Bee these days, which means Baby Belle goes to lockup in the evening-time. Here she is in her little pen–with hay, water, and a handful of sweet feed to keep her sweet, ready for mommy to get off work in the...
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March 11, 2018 - Early Start to Egg Season

Chicken, working. Spring seems to be coming early here in West Virginia. The daffodils started blooming in February. It’s like the springs I remember in Texas! I’ll be planting my garden soon! Okay, maybe not, but still. We haven’t had a real snow here since January. Very strange. The chickens are laying like gangbusters. It’s...
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March 9, 2018 - The Chicken Hasn’t Crossed the Road Yet

Showing off a really pretty bread I made for an order yesterday–rosemary garlic brioche. (If you’re interested, you can find this available in my Etsy shop.) In other news, the chicken hasn’t crossed the road just yet! I’m still here. Making some changes to my blog, simplifying the layout. Changes are in the wind…. I...
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December 16, 2017 - Glory Bee Does It Again!

Glory Bee’s new baby! It’s number four for the seasoned mama–and almost a surprise since I’d about given up that she’d have a baby by Bo the Hereford bull. Bo left in March. Cows are pregnant for nine months. Mid-December, out pops Bo’s parting shot! We’re all excited! Meanwhile, the Jersey bull might be the...
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October 27, 2017 - Shipper Cats

Buttercup and Spice, helping me with my Etsy business. Sleeping on the job…. They’re FIRED! P.S. Thank you for missing me. I’ll report more at a future time about all going on, but I’m back!

August 25, 2017 - In Georgia’s Kitchen

This is what Georgia’s kitchen looks like these days. Georgia died three years ago. As those of you who’ve been here know, her son–my cousin Mark–passed away in July, suddenly. These days, his wife Sheryl is working hard to get Georgia’s house renovated. It’s been sitting empty for three years. It’s been a big cleanout...
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