June 2, 2009 - Kitten Drinking His Bottle

Someone asked me recently if I would write a how-to about posting video on a blog and using YouTube. I was surprised, actually, because I’m certainly no expert at using video, so I’m going to stop short of calling this any kind of tutorial. If you want expert advice about posting video on a blog...
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June 1, 2009 - Sausage and Patty

Meet Sausage and Patty. We took them home this weekend to a clean pen with fresh straw. Annabelle didn’t know what to make of them. We wormed them. And gave them pig feed. They look pretty comfortable. We’re keeping them in this small pen (separated from the other animals) for a few days until we...
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May 29, 2009 - Lucky Again

If I had a dollar for every time I turned those eggs in my incubator the last three weeks, I’d be pretty poor. I bet I could count on one hand the number of times I actually managed to turn them three times a day. I’ve got too much going on this spring. I kept...
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May 16, 2009 - All That and No Eggs

Several times a day, I check the chicken house and around the yard for eggs. Several times a day, I have to get past Mean Rooster. Several times a day, he tries to kill me. But I get my rooster stick, update my will, and keep going. (There’s just a small amount of screaming involved.)