A Crushing Event


This has been a very difficult week here.

If you want to read a more fun post, go here and stop reading this one right now and do not ever come back to it. (If I could pretend this never happened, that would be my choice, FYI. I try to give you good advice.)

I started out here keeping Coco in the goat yard. We spoiled her at Stringtown Rising, and she was often on the porch. She has always had a hard time eating when she’s with the goats or sheep. She just won’t fight them for her food. Eventually, I started letting her go back and forth between the barn yard and the house so she could eat. I had come to the conclusion that I had to put her back in the barn yard full-time. I put her in the barn yard Sunday night. And then I failed her. I spoiled her one time too many. She was practically climbing the fence trying to get back to the porch. I let her out during the afternoon on Monday and had just fed the dogs their dinner that evening. I was sitting out on the porch with the dogs, thinking about how I needed to put Coco back in the barn yard, wondering if I was going to have to get a piece of meat to entice her back because she’s no dummy. What happened next happened so fast, but I have relived it a thousand times. I heard a car coming on the road. Coco bounded to her feet–and disappeared down the bank, Casper running after her. I heard the sound of the hit. The car stopped. I ran to the road, but she was already gone. I could hear both dogs barking wildly from the direction of the pastures. The man who hit her told me he saw her race back up the bank. I called them, and Casper came running back.

Morgan, in the kitchen fixing her plate for dinner, heard the commotion and was outside by then. We got spotlights and flashlights and took off for the upper pastures in a panic. The man who had hit her, one of the few people who live past our farm, went home and got a spotlight and called another neighbor. Four of us were all over this farm in the dark for hours and couldn’t find her. And there was no peep from her, either. No sound. It was devastating. I didn’t realize Morgan had put on shorts after school until she came back to the house. She was scratched all over her legs and sobbing. We were exhausted, but I don’t think either of us slept.

Tuesday morning, as soon as it was light, I was back in the pastures, searching. Morgan stayed home from school and searched her little heart out from morning to night. At one point, she was on the road-side of the upper pastures and heard men across the pastures somewhere on the hillside, heard someone say, “that’s a big dog” and she called to them, but they didn’t hear her. She thought she heard the sound of four-wheelers start up and then they were gone. I was back at the house at that point, and she came home to tell me. We headed up to the hillside, toward the ridge. There are all kinds of four-wheelers tracks all over the place, criss-crossing up the hillside. I didn’t see or hear any four-wheelers go up or come down anywhere on this side of the ridge, though. If there were four-wheelers, they came from the other side.

Morgan found a blood trail on the hillside, and we started following drops of blood all over the place. Coco traveled around quite a bit. They were drops, not like she was dragging herself, and they were still fresh. Eventually we went two directions and I lost the trail and came back down to the house. Morgan had her cell phone and I called her to check on her. She had picked up the trail again going up to the ridge and she went way up there to the top of the ridge and lost the trail again at the ridge. By this time, it was late again and we were exhausted. Morgan didn’t want to stop looking. She called me again an hour later, sobbing, and said, “I can’t find her.” She’d gotten lost for a little while and had just figured out where she was again. I told her to come home.

She went back to school on Wednesday and I searched on my own. I wanted to go over the ridge, but I didn’t want to get lost myself. We’re so new here, I don’t know the lay of the land or what’s on the other side–or how to get there. By the end of the day Wednesday, I’d studied the satellite imagery on Google Maps and I’d made it around to the other side of the ridge by car at least. I made flyers and put them in every mailbox up and down the road that is across and down from the ridge on the other side. (Because this is West Virginia, it’s a horseshoe trip by car of about 10 miles around to the road that is on the other side of the ridge.) I stopped and talked to people. (There’s a lovely old lady with a huge cattle farm on the other side.) I put a flyer in the window of the only store over there. I called vets and animals shelters. I put flyers in mailboxes up and down our road, too.

Since then, I’ve searched all over this farm again and been to Stringtown Rising, in case she went back there, and today I finally figured out how to get over the ridge and I walked and walked and walked.

I can’t find her.

All we know is that at the time she ran up the bank from the road, she was on her feet. The man was going too fast for this road, but it’s not like he plowed her down. This is a one-lane road, not the interstate. She was hurt enough to be bleeding, but not hurt enough to keep her from running hard and far in what had to have been a terrible panic. We believe she was on the farm as late as Tuesday morning when Morgan heard a man say “that’s a big dog” and that she was alive. If she’d been laying in a heap, so visible they’d spotted her, we would have seen her for ourselves. They weren’t even looking for her. The only other possibility is that they took her, but if Coco was alive and traveling as we knew she was, she would not have gone willingly and there would have been some resulting commotion. Coco will not get in a vehicle without being practically lassoed. And I left flyers in all the mailboxes on the other side where anyone might have come up from–offering a reward.

Up toward the ridge had been the last place we searched on Tuesday because we thought if she ran from the road in a burst of adrenaline and collapsed quickly somewhere (thinking she might be seriously hurt because she wasn’t responding to us or coming home), we’d find her in the pasture area somewhere, and that we had just missed her in the dark the night before. The idea that she’d run so hard as to navigate the steep drop out of the pastures then up to the ridge seemed unlikely, but that is what she did–and more. We believe she was still moving in the opposite direction of home on Tuesday, and not responding to us in hearing distance, which is crushing.

The trees are bare, and with the way the trails criss-cross up the hill, you can look up, then look down, as you hike on different levels. It’s actually quite easy to see in the woods.

It wasn’t easy to find out how to get over the ridge, navigating tracks we don’t know and that are sometimes hard to find and put together, but once we started searching on the other side, the trails were even better. The trails on the other side are obviously in regular use. (The trails on this side are neglected.) I’m trespassing over there, but I don’t care.

I take Casper with me every time. If we come anywhere near Coco, I know he will know it before I do.

I stand in the bare trees, the ground covered with leaves, and call her name. Casper stands very still after I do this every time and we listen. He knows we’re looking for Coco. Other than when I take him walking with me, he sits on the porch, dejected. He abandoned his blanket and sleeps on Coco’s blanket. He is unlike Coco, a very submissive dog. He stays close to home, responds immediately when he’s called, never goes to the road or into the woods of his own volition.

I don’t think Coco’s on the other side of the ridge anymore. But I don’t know. And maybe she will come back that way.

I don’t know where she is. I believe she was okay. But she ran away from us. It is mind-bending.

I haven’t been able to post very much this week. I’ve been absorbed in this desperate grief, doing everything humanly possible to find her. I will try to get back to normal soon. I wasn’t even able to bring myself to write about it until now.

Morgan has already asked about a Great Pyr puppy. I haven’t given up on Coco. I know she left this farm alive and on her feet. If we get a puppy, it will be as a second Pyr, not a replacement. But I know how Morgan feels. I feel the same way. The entire event has been so traumatic for us with all the panic and searching and exhaustion. We are looking for a little comfort and joy, and we need a livestock guardian dog on the farm. In the meantime, I’ve decided I have a new exercise program. On the upside, the ridge is a beautiful walk with nice tracks, now that I know my way around. I don’t care if it makes me sound crazy.
I can’t stop looking for her.

UPDATE: See the happy ending here.


  1. Itsme says:

    :hug: 😥 :hug:
    I’m so sorry. I am mourning the loss of my Pyr right now too. They leave a large empty spot in our lives for sure. My Houston was diagnosed with bone cancer a few months ago. I kept him comfortable as long as I could. 😥
    I would be doing the same my dear….looking looking looking.
    Shannon in Wisconsin

  2. Nette says:

    I’m so sorry, I know it’s so hard not knowing what happend. Back about 14years ago our Red Heeler came up missing right in the middle of doe season, we looked and looked for that dog, My husband (and some nights me) would drive on the back roads that connected to ours all night with his window down real slow hoping that Bugsy would reconize the sound of his truck and come to the road. we had flyers and put a ad on the WVRC Trading post. 3 weeks went by and we just figured he got out and was running deer and a hunter shot him, (keep in mind he only has 3 legs) or maybe he got hurt and could not make it home. we finally just accepted he was gone and on Christmas Eve morning over 3 weeks since he came up missing we got a call from someone in Calhoun County, they had heard our ad on the radio and they had him. We stil have Bugsy he is getting close to his 15th birthday! We have no idea how he travelled as far as he did. I hope you find her or she comes home.

  3. yvonnem says:

    I knew something terrible had happened to CoCo from reading Longstory’s blog, and also you haven’t been posting much, only the Daily Farm. I so hope you find her, this has been bothering me for days, like she was my own. I pray she will come home to you. Lots of love and hugs. :heart: :hug:

  4. silentgoddess says:

    Oh Suzanne. I am just crushed. I can not imagine the worry, the fear, the hurt, all of the things running thru your head. I am hoping… pleading for her to come home to you. You have had so much upheaval and discourse lately that I am hollering to the heavens, “Okay Universe! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

    I am wishing for her safe return to you. She has got to come home.

  5. caprilis says:

    Many prayers will be said for CoCo tonight. Keep checking Stringtown Rising for sure!((Hugs))

  6. outbackfarm says:

    Suzanne, that last picture of Coco got me. I so hope she comes home or someone finds her. I’m so sorry. I am sending good thoughts and prayers for you all.

  7. easygoinglady says:

    Positive thoughts that your big beautiful pup will find the way back home. Years ago I had a cat, that disappeared for several weeks. It finally made it back home somehow, and had been likely hit by a car the vet said. Broken leg was set and he mended.

    I have a labrador named Coco also, I would be just as distraught as you are. My thoughts will be with you and your family. Coco come home!

  8. bonita says:

    Just how awful for you and Morgan…and even Casper. Here’s hoping Coco found a place to rest a bit and get herself together. Then, as she looks for food, let’s hope your signs do the trick and bring her home to you. I’ll be lighting a candle for her safe return.

  9. Pat says:

    Suzanne and Morgan, I’m so sorry for Coco and you both. My prayers are offered for all of you.

    Pat in Eastern NC

  10. Izzy says:

    Suzanne I’m so sorry that you and your family are going through this. It’s such an awful feeling not knowing what happened to your pet or where they are. I am praying that Coco will find her way back to you very soon.

  11. AnnieB says:

    I am just so sorry. I’m praying for you.

  12. Rainn says:

    Oh Suzanne and morgan-my heart is breaking for you. Of course u can’t stop looking for her …..you’re all in my thoughts and prayers. I knew something was wrong and was so dreading this post. Be well Suzanne -take care. –Rain

  13. MousE says:

    Oh Suzanne I am so sorry…. words cannot express…. is it at all possible Coco headed back towards your old place, or is the direction Coco went in the opposite? Oh I hope you find your beautiful dog. Hugs and strength….

  14. oneoldgoat says:

    Prayers going out to you all. Keep checking your old farm – and let your old neighbors know that Coco is missing.

    My heart breaks for you all.

  15. Jane L says:

    I’m so sorry;( I really hope you find her. Peace and love to you and yours..xo

  16. lattelady says:

    Please check your old place, she was there longer and may have returned ‘home’.

  17. Blyss says:

    OH! I started crying reading this. I am SO sorry Suzanne and Morgan. Aside from prayers, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  18. brendaE says:

    Oh Suzanne I am so so sorry. I would look too if I were you. I’d look until I knew for sure it was just impossible to find her or hope that she is still alive. She may come home on her own once she settles down if she can walk or crawl. Animals do that. They hide until their fears subside and then they make their way back. I pray so hard for that to happen. Poor baby. I’m so sorry for you and Morgan, I can sympathize with how you feel.

  19. Jan Hodges says:

    I am so sorry, don’t give up, though. I suggest letting all the local vets know, in case someone brings her in. She may come home. Checking at Stringtown Rising is a great idea, she might think that is home when in a panic and afraid and hurt.

    Hugs and tears for you from here.

    A puppy might help you wait.

  20. wildcat says:

    Oh, Suzanne and Morgan! :hug: I am hoping and praying that Coco finds her way back home.

  21. KellyWalkerStudios says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope she finds her way back. I hate to think that she is lost to you. She is soooooooo beautiful. Sending prayers your way.

  22. Yvette says:

    Oh, Suzanne…I’m in tears for you. I’m trying to think of what I would do… She’s obviously injured and may very well have been in shock. An animal in shock can travel long distances, out of sheer instinct. You can’t think when you’re in shock…you just want to run.

    Pain and terror are exhausting, so she may have been hiding sometimes or resting too hard to come running when you called her. If you haven’t already, try to take flyers to all the veterinarians and animal hospitals in the area, too, in case someone brings her in (now, or later).

    I’d think it was GOOD that she’s still able to travel, right? It also sounds like there are water sources for her in the area, which is GOOD. And she’s a strong young dog…GOOD. And pyrenees are really smart and independent…GOOD. Keep looking…bring something really smelly and delicious with you, if you can…like open sardines. Keep taking Casper out and calling for her loudly.

    Sending you all the love and strength in the world.

  23. BuckeyeGirl says:

    I cried all the way through reading this post Suzanne, I’m hoping for the best even though I do know how hard this must be. GPs are tough dogs, and I’m holding out for a good result. (((hugs))) to both you and Morgan. :hug:

  24. Urbanite says:

    I am so sorry for all of you. Anyone could understand why you can’t stop looking and why you haven’t posted. Coco and your family are what’s important. I hope that she was just frightened and in shock, but not too seriously hurt, and that she will be home soon.

  25. Claudia W says:

    I held my breath the entire time I read this post. I will pray that you find Coco, or she finds her way home. I wouldn’t stop looking either. Good luck in your search. All my love and hugs…

  26. wanda1950 says:

    Praying that you will find her and she will be ok. I love the Giant Puppy.

  27. Bev in CA says:

    The idea that she might go to your old place is good. As the crow flies would make it a lot closer than the driving time. Don’t give up hope and know that you are all in our prayers.

  28. Rose H says:

    I’m so sorry that Coco is missing Suzanne, I know what you and Morgan are feeling. I’ll just hope that you find her/she finds you very, very soon.
    Rose H

  29. lizinohio says:

    I lost my dog once, it was devastating. Coco, you and your family are in my prayers.

  30. doxie says:

    I’m so sorry; it’s really hard to lose our fur babies, especially inexpertly. I do hope she finds her way back home to you.

  31. doxie says:

    oops that word was suppose to be “Unexpectedly” not “inexpertly”. Sorry about that.

  32. StuckinMiami says:

    Don’t give up Suzanne. I had a cat that was gone and then showed up 2 years later! Just keep the word out that you’re looking for her.
    Best of luck!

  33. Jersey Lady says:

    Oh,Suzanne, I am so sorry! Since our MinnieCow died, we sure know how the loss of a critter leaves a big hole in your life and heart.We had a cat carried away by an owl once who was gone for days but finally came dragging home hurt but survived. Sending hugs.

  34. Andrea.tat says:

    Really hoping and praying that you find Coco. My first dog got hit by a school bus and took off, we looked everywhere to no avail, and then a week later she came back. Keep looking and never give up.

  35. NancyL says:

    I seldom cry in my senior years, but this is the 2nd dog story today that has brought tears to my eyes. Like many of your readers, I “watched” Coco grow up – can’t believe she is missing. I still hope that you find her, or she comes home.

    Best wishes to all of you.

  36. sal says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the dog. I know, she’ not just a dog. Is it possible in her pain and fear she tried to go to your Spring town Rising Farm? Maybe she’s heading to her previous home and it may do some good to drive over there. Or have neighbors there keep an eye out for her. Even if it’s a long way animals have a sense of direction. I’ll be thinking of you all and coco.

  37. moorege says:

    My heart breaks for you all (you,Morgan,Casper, etc.). It’s devastating to read about and worse, I am certain, to experience. Just this week I read about a dog who was microchipped in Oregon and returned to its owner in New York. Our dog is not microchipped but still, useful to know it happens even 10 years later (when she was found and returned). She was well fed, too. Small comfort, I know. I wish you all the best and will offer prayers for you all and especially Coco. I am so, so sorry…must go hug my own pupper now…

  38. Ann W says:

    Maybe she went to your old place. I hope you find her!

  39. tmavraides says:

    I was so upset reading this post. I am so terribly sorry for you and Morgan, and of course Coco. My thoughts are with you all. I am so sorry.

  40. angiemay says:

    Oh Suzanne and Morgan, I am so, so, so very sorry that Coco is missing. I read your story with tears in my eyes. Hopefully in a day or two Coco will make it home or someone will find her. Our Boxer took off one day a few years ago, it took 4 days for her to show up home. I had almost given up hope. She just showed up scratching at the back door one night.

    Good luck!!!!

  41. Eva says:

    It is harder not knowing. You are in my thoughts dear friend I know and don’t know. 🙂

  42. Teri says:

    I hope Coco returns to your home soon. The not-knowing is the hardest.

  43. Debbie in PA says:

    Oh Suzanne, i am so sorry. What a heartbreaking story. I will keep you all in my prayers.

  44. Hlhohnholz says:

    I can’t say anything that anyone else hasn’t said. All I can do is give you and Morgan & Casper huge *HUGS* and hope that everything turns out ok.

  45. Lana says:

    Couldn’t read this at first – your alert sent me to reread other posts. Tears running down my face…..I love your animals, especially your dogs. I am such a dog person. So wish I could be there to help you search.

  46. heidiannie says:

    sorry- so sorry- for your loss. Like you- I think she is alive and must be holed up somewhere healing and getting over her panic.
    Hoping she will show up soon.

  47. FreedomValleyFarm says:

    Do this right away… hang several pieces of dirty, recently worn clothing outside, all around your house. Dogs can pick up your scent from miles away and find their way home. This works. Our pyr ran off when he was shocked by an electric fence for the first time. We heard about this trick, hung the clothes out, and he came home the next morning. After being gone 4 nights. Hunters use this when they lose dogs in the woods. I understand the sadness and stress you are feeling. Hoping for the best.

  48. dee58m says:

    Suzanne, you and Morgan are in my heart. I pray all works out well for you and that Coco finds her way back to you. hugs

  49. TeaCup says:

    Suzanne & Morgan, I am so very sorry this happened! I too hope that Coco found someone to help and that she’ll be home safe and sound soon. Many good wishes & hugs —


  50. DebbieInMemphis says:

    You are all in my heart, thoughts and prayers. I hope Coco comes home soon!

  51. Dooley says:

    I am very sorry to hear about Ccco. I hope my comments don’t sound too matter of fact. I’ve tracked a few wounded animals in my time in West Virginia and the tendency for an animal that runs up a hill is to eventually begin following the contours of the hillside (right or left) in the direction the that corresponds to the side that was injured. If the dog had been struck on the right side, then the dog would probably have started moving off to the right not too long after going up the hill. I wish I knew more about the lay of the blood trail. If I were looking I would head up the hill about 130 yards and then begin moving right or left along the hillside focusing most of my attention down the hill until I came to a ravine, rock ledge or difficult to travel piece of ground. Then would go a little higher (25 yards) and head back in the other direction doing the same thing. The important thing is to look off trail and away from open areas. I sincerely hope that Coco is found or that Coco find you eventually. Wish I were there to help.

  52. VikingMiss says:

    Come home, Coco! I am so sorry 🙁

  53. Sheila Z says:

    I’m hoping the guys on the 4 wheelers rescued Coco and that she’s OK. Checking with all the vets far and wide was a good idea. I hope Coco turns up soon.

  54. oct4luv says:

    Sending positive thoughts for Coco’s safe return home.

  55. beforethedawn says:

    Praying you will find her. I love our Pyr, they are awesome dogs. I hope Coco is okay, considering. This is so sad, wish we could all come out and help find her instead of sitting here feeling so sad! :pawprint:

  56. kpbarnett says:

    :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

  57. MissCristi says:

    Hi Suzanne, long time follower first time commenter, I’m so very sorry to hear about Coco, I live on a hobby farm and I love all my animals, but my dogs are my heart and when I lose one it’s always the worst thing imaginable, I swore off dogs for a year after losing one when I was younger, I just couldn’t handle it. I’m so sorry and I really hope Coco will come back, especially if she was on her feet, also don’t take it too hard that she ran from you, often when dogs are hurt they have different ways of acting, just as people do, she may have been in such shock she didn’t even hear you, they aren’t so different than us 🙂

    I think it would be helpful especially for Morgan to get a new one, are you deadset on getting a pyr? The only reason I ask that and please don’t take this with any disrespect, the reason I ask is because there are a few breeds of dog that might be more suited to the large amount of land you have set up, one dog that would literally learn the boundaries and guard your animals is the anatolian shepherd, another suggestion would be a rottweiler but only if you bring him in the house, they are AMAZING farm dogs/guard dogs but they need socialization more than anything else. Just some food for thought.

  58. GrammieEarth says:

    I am so sorry 😥 I hope Coco comes back soon. I agree with hanging your clothes around the house and checking Stringtown Rising. Sending positive thoughts your way.


  59. Janis says:

    Perhaps she is disoriented and trying to get back to Stringtown.

    Also, when my cat was missing, my friend said, “Don’t give up until you find a body.” About a week after my old neutered male tomcat was missing, an older lady 6 miles away across a lake called to say she had found a cat and was taking care of him. We think he climbed in a repairman’s van and when he discovered the cat on the other side of the lake, he tossed him out on the road. Unlike Coco, our cat will get in ANYONE’s vehicle…. especially if a lunch sandwich is nearby. So, a week later and battered up, our cat was returned.

    Don’t give up…………….. and good luck…………. Coco didn’t leave YOU on purpose…….She is disoriented.

  60. Snapper119 says:

    Oh no! I’m so very sorry to read this…..I will be hoping and praying that Coco is able to find her way back. Hugs to you all!

  61. twiggityNDgoats says:

    I’m so very sorry for you and Morgan. I posted Coco as being missing on the Roane County Animal Shelter’s Facebook page with your contact as your CITR facebook page.


    I’m sure you have done this, but put her on the Pet Patrol on WVRC radio.

    My thoughts are with you and Morgan. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.

  62. STracer says:

    I am so sorry for the trouble. We have lost dogs here too. Hopefully you will get some closure on this.

  63. Diane says:

    Guess God will hear prayers for animals as well as people. Been doing a lot of praying for things this week. I will add you to the list for word or Coco’s return. You are heart broken and I am so sorry this happen on top of everything else. HUGS to you.

  64. SarahGrace says:

    So very sorry! Prayers that she’s being tended to and that she’ll be home soon.

  65. Busy Solitude Farm says:

    So very, very sorry. A beautiful evening turns into tragedy in the briefest of moments.

    I’m thinking of Coco and hoping for a miraculous outcome.

  66. Yankee in NC says:

    Oh, my heart just breaks for you. My Pomeranian, Juba, disappeared one day over a year ago and I did that same…flyers, searching……crying and hoping.
    I sincerely hope that Coco finds her way home. I am sorry that your hearts are heavy and that you miss her terribly.

  67. CATRAY44 says:

    We will help pray her home. God bless you.

  68. JustJane says:

    Suzanne, don’t give up yet. I know prepare for the worst but pray for the best. Ask the locals who locally hunts the area. I live in Clay Co and when I was growing up Mom left my brothers and her 2 dogs with Grandma for a long weekend. One late afternoon the dogs ran off and my brothers (8 & 9 yrs old) ran after them. Grandma’s 60 acre farm backed up to a 10,000 acre piece of land owned by a timber company that was nothing but standing timber. Grandma spent the night looking for the boys and getting lost in that timber and she was found the next morning – the boys had made it back to the house on their own just after dark found the house empty and hide in the closet. Mom & Dad came home early from their trip and Dad hired a guy up the road who hunted a lot and knew the area. He packed his knap snack got his walking stick and 3 days later he and the dogs came walking out of the woods.

  69. cindyinohio says:

    Oh Suzanne – I cannot hardly write this through the tears. We have two pyrs and I cannot imagine life without them. I am praying for Coco and you guys. Don’t give up. If there is any possible way, she will find her way home to you. Love and prayers being sent…

  70. Old Geezer says:

    So very heartbreaking! First Boomer and now Coco. I was so looking forward to meeting Coco some day. Well, with some luck and good vibes going out from our house to yours I still may get to do do.

  71. melonhead says:

    I’m very sorry, Suzanne. I truly hope you find her or that she makes her way home. : (

  72. Auntie Linda says:

    My heart goes out to you and Morgan. Loosing a beloved animal is hard enough, but the uncertainty of not knowing for sure must be so difficult. My thoughts are with you all. I’m hoping for a happy outcome…

  73. azladychef says:

    I am so sorry. Love, hugs, prayers and lots of postive thoughts that you will still find her are going out to you and Morgan. :hug:

  74. Claudia W says:

    First thing this morning I logged on to see if there was a good update. I’m sorry there is none. Still praying for Coco’s safe return home. I’d talk to that Ornery Angel, something tells me she could be a good source. Just in case Coco goes to her old home.
    Prayers and hugs still coming your way for a good outcome. please keep us up to date.

  75. Old Geezer says:

    Typo alert:

    “…I still may get to do do.”

    I missed the S key. Should have been:

    “…I still may get to do so.”

  76. Julia says:

    I am so sorry. Not knowing makes it twice as bad for you. But I agree with the commenter who said Coco didn’t run from you. She probably couldn’t hear you calling. I have a friend who was in a very bad car accident and she went blind for a while…nothing was wrong with her eyes or her brain, she just went blind. She says she could hear everything the EMTs said to her, she remembers it all, but she couldn’t see anything. After the shock passed, her vision came back. If Coco was in shock, and running, it makes sense that the same kind of thing might have happened–one of her senses, in this case hearing, might have just shut down for the duration.

  77. morningstar says:

    Thinking of you both with much love, that is just so very very sad. Now don’t give up, wonderfull things do and can happen when we least expect it. xxxxxxxx

  78. MrsB says:

    DON”T stop looking for her….she may be headed back to Stringtown Farm. Just don’t stop looking.

    It sometimes takes a while for them to find home. Put out some sweatshirts etc on low hanging fences and trees – she can catch that sent.

    Keep the faith!!!!

  79. MrsB says:

    About clothing you might leave out – it has to smell like you and Morgan or Weston – dirty stuff – the stuff you paint in.

    It works most of the time.

  80. Cetta says:

    I’m so sorry! Hopefully she’ll find her way back and be OK. Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

  81. Sonia says:

    Coco come home! I am hoping that maybe those guys in the woods that Morgan heard talking about the ‘big dog’ found her and took her somewhere to get help. Is there anyway you could find out from the owners of the property who they let have access to their land at that time?

  82. Sonia says:

    I just had a thought…is Coco microchiped? I was wondering if by chance if she was…could you not get a location on her from her chip? Just wondering…
    I am so praying that you find her…

  83. CarrieJ says:

    This is so sad, I started crying as soon as I saw her picture. Keep looking for her, call the vets everyday, make sure all your flyers stay up. If you have a local paper, post a missing ad in the want ads. I am so sorry.

  84. Country Girl @ Heart says:

    When I was little we had a small poodle that got lost out in the desert. My Dad looked for her everyday and after a full week, they found her alive and brought her home. Don’t give up hope! Are you very close to the old farm? Is there a chance Coco might have headed to the old house?

  85. Esor says:

    My heart goes out to you. I am praying

  86. dmcfarland says:

    This is very painful and sad to read. May I suggest you, Morgan and whomever might be helping you carrying loud whistles, even if you have cell phones so when you find her you can get assistance or if you need help. Need to be ready to help her when you find her. Your commenter that gave ‘tracking’ advice made a good point….you need someone with good tracking experience to help you….surely there is someone in your area. Stay strong.

  87. grammyscraps says:

    Suzanne and Morgan…I am so sorry for what you are going through. I have been in your place. Once, with my very favorite cat. We lived in the woods and I finally accepted that she was Gone. One day three months later she wandered up to the door like nothing at all was amiss…what joy. Then there was our beautiful yellow lab..she just disappeared. Absolutely no trace. I searched thru our woods and up and down the roads for weeks and weeks…I concluded that someone had picked here up and taken her home. (Our dogs liked to cross the road from our place and go down to the river.) So, I know too well your grief..you are both in my prayers..Coco, too.

  88. catslady says:

    I too would still be hoping and I’m so sorry this has happened. When I was a teenager my grandparents took away my cat because my other grandmother who lived with us never liked the cat. They put him in the trunk of their car but my grandfather tied it open with string thinking it would help it breathe. Before they got to their destination (a farm) my cat got out somewhere. I didn’t know they had done this until years and years later and I spent the entire summer looking and calling for him. I think subconsciously that is why I started tending to ferals and strays. Maybe someone found him and took care of him – that is a hope I still keep. If CoCo is never found – you can hope someone wonderful took him in.

  89. whaledancer says:

    That’s heartbreaking. I’m so sorry. Sending love to you & Morgan.

  90. Sheryl says:

    Suzanne and Morgan, prayers going up for you….

  91. brookdale says:

    Oh Suzanne, I am so sorry! Don’t give up hope yet. She must be out there somewhere trying to get home or to Stringtown Rising Farm. Animals don’t always do the expected.
    We lost our shepherd once for a whole week. He ran away and was seen lots of times but would not get near anyone. It took him a couple hours to come to us when we finally found him many miles away.
    Please don’t go blaming yourself for what happened. I know it is hard, but things happen and sometimes there’s no reason for it.
    Praying for you and Morgan, and Coco.

  92. GrammieEarth says:

    I keep checking back for an update…can’t help it. I sincerely hope when the update happens it will be full of drools, kisses and doggie romping pics. :heart: :snuggle:


  93. rileysmom says:

    Oh Suzanne and Morgan…..I’m so sorry. I’m hoping and praying you find Coco soon.

  94. BrownsFan says:

    Oh Suzanne…my heart is breaking. I’ve also been checking back to see if there is an update. I’m praying she’s not too badly injured and finds her way back home soon.

  95. marymac says:

    I too had a feeling all week that something was not quite right at your place. Don’t give up, he may be suffering from amnesia, or is still in shock. If she is still alive I think he will find his way home or someone will spot him and notify you. keeping my fingers crossed her and praying he returns.

  96. patricialynn says:

    If I lost my Trouble, I don’t know what I’d do – he’s my first dog (ever), and I’m horribly attached to him. :hug:

    When an animal is injured, their first instinct is to hide and recover. I noticed there seems to be a small cave/indentation in the lower right of the rock formation in your picture. Are there a lot of rock formations out there? Could she be hiding in a similar indentation?

    Good luck – we’ll be sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

  97. mjpeters says:

    I am so sorry. I’m keeping you all close in thought and prayer.

  98. barefeet3kids says:

    Many years ago Pebbles ran away. She was Rottie and very well loved. She ran away with her ‘cousin’ friend Nala. Nala came home, Pebbles…well no she did not. She did not come home for weeks. And weeks. And weeks. You see it was winter in Maine. We lived by a stream, in Maine streams are wide, very wide. Pebbles came home over 2 and 1/2 months after she had disappeared. A visit to the vet determined that she had probably gotten stranded on an island when the ice quickly went out and had to wait until it refroze to cross. Long story short, she was loved and knew and therefore found her way home. Coco will too

  99. Vicki in So. CA says:

    Oh, Suzanne and Morgan. I am so, so sorry to hear this. I’m keeping positive thoughts for Coco and for the two of you, too — and for Casper.

  100. shirley T says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this~my heart is breaking as I type.Don’t give up hope. Keep trying. I once lost a cat for three months and one day the local animal shelter called me and said someone had brought in a stray cat that matched the description of my cat. I bounded to the shelter and there she stood looking so sad and skinny and dirty, but I knew her right off and she knew me. Prayers will be coming your way. Dirty old sneakers work too~hang them on a tree near-by.

  101. Angela P says:

    We were so sorry to hear of this. It happens. When growing up we had a similar experiece, except we were waaay off the road and our dog got hit. It doesnt make it any easier but know we all feel your pain and are truely heart felt sorry.

  102. auntbear says:

    Such a tough situation..yes we will help pray Coco home.

  103. Katharina says:

    I’m praying for Coco, you and Morgan. This is not a time to give up hope. BELIEVE. I am hoping that some kind soul is caring for Coco right now and will eventually realize where she belongs. I laid down with my puppy last night and prayed for God’s intervention so you can find Coco.

  104. mrsdmahogany says:

    Coco darling, come home! Keeping fingers crossed she comes back or you find her soon!

    Dianna xoxox

  105. Turtle Mom says:

    I am so sorry! Your family and Coco are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish that I lived close by so I could help you look for Coco. I pray that she comes home.

  106. AngelaS says:

    Waiting for Coco to come home must be excrutiating. I’m sure she knows how much she is loved. She will come home in her own time if she can. Bless her precious heart. You must not blame yourself.

  107. lavenderblue says:

    Praying that by the time I write this Coco is back with you. Are there any hunters nearby that can help you track her? I really pray that someone found her and is caring for her and will return her soon.

  108. Old WV Broad says:

    I keep checking back in the comments, hoping for a shaded comment (indicates it is from you. My thoughts, my prayers are with you. And Coco.

  109. CATRAY44 says:

    I hope this does not sound dumb, but I keep thinking to tell you not to omit looking close to home. Could she get into any part of the barn unnoticed?

    We found a beautiful, huge, golden retriever. We knew him was somebodies baby. We locked him up in our dog run until we found his owner, which we did after a few days. Someone may have done the same with Coco. I am praying that God shows you were she is. Can you feature your article here in the Charleston paper you write for? I would bet a few people, including me, would help donate to a reward fund….

  110. valnc says:

    My cousin and her dog were in a terrible car accident, and Sophia (a small, skinny mutt) ran away. She was found 20 miles away by one of the truckers from where my uncle worked. So don’t lose hope that Coco may be found. Poor Coco. Poor you and Morgan. This is so heart breaking. Come home Giant Puppy!

    BTW Coco didn’t run away from you, she just panicked from the pain of being hit by a car and was probably worried she had done something wrong (on top of not wanting to stay with the sheep).

    If I were you, I’d keep looking, keep waiting, keep calling to her. She may indeed have gone back to your old farm so keep checking there too. The post office and any delivery service that runs in your area are good to send fliers to because they cover a lot of territory.

  111. lizzie says:

    I am so sorry Suzanne, sending prayers that you and Morgan find Coco, and she is safe!

  112. MissyinWV says:

    Oh girls…I’m so sorry. How terrible 😥 I volunteer to help look if you round up a search party. I’ll be praying for you all.

  113. lauren says:

    🙁 Im so sorry, sending prayers Coco finds her way home.

  114. PJS48 says:

    I know how you feel. I had a beagle when I was a child, Josh, and he ran away. I had him for years and never understood why. He slept with me and we loved him so much. I cried and cried and when it initially happened, I refused to go to bed, I sat on the patio that first night and waited. I searched every day all day and did posters and called the shelter. I walked miles and miles. It was crushing just as you say. But, when he was a pup he was hit by a car on a country road because he followed my grandfather’s tractor up the road to another field. He was banged up but he recovered and we had him for a long time. These things are the hardest things to endure. Not knowing is miserable. But, don’t give up hope. My prayers are with you and your family and Coco.

  115. Canner Joann says:

    I’m praying that Coco find her way home!

  116. heather s says:

    Suzanne I’ve been reading your blogs about 3 mths now and had totally been enraptured by everything Coco. I’ve become a fan of the Great pyrs and am really looking forward to having my own before long. Anyway, I track the National Pyr Rescue org on FB and they are connected to pyr rescues all over the US. It might be worth registering Coco’s absence with them – it seems pyrs are legendery for high tailing it (that’s a reason there’s so many in the rescue centres). She’s pretty distinctive so hopefully she turns up soon! Take care.

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