Annie’s Trick


Annie is the sweetest little thing. You can’t get near her without her wanting to be between your ankles or right on top of you. She’s very friendly.
Annie: “I love you! I just want to be with you!”
Notice the tractor parked in the alleyway there. Annie really wants to drive it. We caught her up on the seat and had to shoo her down. Then the next day….
….we found the battery was drained because she’d turned the key!
Annie: “I just wanted to be like you and drive it.


Annie’s not the only one with tricks up her sleeve, by the way. Remember Cherry’s one ear up one ear down trick?
Bella can do it, too!
(Finally, a decent picture of Bella where she held still for it.)

I’m still waiting for the goat conversion kit for my milker to arrive, and getting to know the new milk girls. Annie is a naughty sweetheart. Cherry… I discovered that she’s been disbudded, which is nice. I’m working on petting her up to tame her down. And Bella? Bella’s still running away from me.

The milking…. It’s going to be an adventure.


  1. wildcat says:

    If Annie could learn how to DRIVE the tractor, that could really be useful on the farm! :yes:

  2. beforethedawn says:

    Silly Annie, so sweet and yet naughty too. You’ve got your hands full! So cute that momma and baby do the ear thing.

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