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Several months ago, I had Glory Bee AI’ed (artificially inseminated) with black angus bull semen. I had mobile vet Clara Mason here yesterday to check on the results.
Glory Bee will not be knitting calf booties anytime soon. She is NOT bred. I was so sure she was! She looked pregnant. Even the vet looked at her when she arrived and said she looked pregnant. Everyone has thought Glory Bee looked pregnant. Sigh!

She was given a shot of lutalyse to throw her into heat and I brought in Dumplin.
Dumplin and I were quite proud of our training work. She still gets a little confused sometimes when she walks into the milking parlor, but she figures herself out pretty quickly and goes into the headlock. She just needs a minute to remember her homework.
Dumplin was given her dose of lutalyse. If things go as planned this time, she and mommy can be knitting booties together for fall calves!

Now I’m on heat watch, waiting for Glory Bee and Dumplin to start “riding” each other, showing signs of heat. By the end of the week, the vet should be back to AI them both with black angus semen.
The mister has already arrived in his liquid nitrogen coach.

Next up, Moon Pie, who will be one year old in March. Sometime this summer, I’ll have her AI’ed, too.

If I can just get all the girls bred this year, my little beef herd is on its way. I’ll go from three cows to six. (Girls will be kept for breeding. Boys will…..go.)

Crossing fingers it works this time.


  1. marrypoppinz says:

    What is the price of an A.I.?

  2. Joell says:

    I hope everthing comes up girls.

  3. farmfamily says:

    Hi Suzzane. I wanted to share some info with you. We also A.I. and it’s important for you to know that lutalyse alone will not necessarily bring your girls in for a successful breeding or A.I. It will bring them “in heat” but it will not guarantee and egg will be in place. You’ll have to control ovulation in order to successfully synchronize your breeding/A.I. unless you are watching for the ideal timing during ovulation with a scope and working along with that. When scheduling an A.I. we use CIDRs for control of ovulation then remove it and give the lute. This drops and egg and brings on the heat. Just thought I’d share. Good luck! 🙂

  4. holstein woman says:

    The very best to all of you. I had a terrible time with SO. I sure hope it works.for you.Praying

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