Back Where She Belongs


Clover’s home! And she’s home early. Here’s what happened:

I went to visit Clover a few days ago. I brought her some pound cake. Because I lied when I told her I almost missed her. I missed her really badly. And so did her babies. I stopped the car on the road in front of the pasture where she has been camping out with the other does at the goat farm who are also receiving Cowboy’s services. I rushed to the fence with my pound cake. Clover spotted me and her tongue went wild, slopping around her lips. She wanted that pound cake bad.

Unfortunately, half a dozen other does had their eyes on my pound cake and crowded up to the fence. I told them, “This is not for you. This is for my Clover!” But Clover wouldn’t come to the fence.

So I went inside the fence and I brought extra pound cake with me. I threw pound cake off to the side for the other does. They pounced on the scattered cake bits while I brought Clover her piece. She took one big, happy bite then the other does were back, crowding around. Clover dropped her cake and ran away. Clover dropped her cake. Clover would never drop a piece of cake!

I threw more pound cake to the does and, trying to trick them while their attention was diverted, secretly threw cake to Clover. She wouldn’t even try to take it. In fact, she ran away from the cake. She hid behind this platform.
A minute later, the other does sniffed out Clover’s cake and were all over it, and I knew why she had run.

Clover, my bossy, uppity, arrogant, queen bee, was scared of the other does! She hasn’t been around any other does (not counting her own baby) in a long time. And this was a whole herd of does–and it was their turf, not hers. Despite her letters telling me she didn’t miss me and making long lists of primadonna demands, she was begging to come home.

On the other hand, the plan was to leave her for one more week to be sure she had plenty of opportunity to get pregnant. I have to think like a farmer, don’t I? A farmer doesn’t worry about their goat’s feelings . A farmer leaves the goat until the farmer is sure the goat is bred. I made myself go home without her.

And immediately regretted it and couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I baked her a big batch of molasses cookies and went back.
She told me she missed me and she needed me and she begged me not to go away without her again.

I told her to come home with me and be my little queen.

She was suspicious about the queen part when she had to ride around in the crate in the back of my car for 45 minutes.
I went home a different way because I had to run by the high school first and pick up my son from football weight room practice. I thought I was lost when, seriously, I came to this sign:
I didn’t even know there was a town around here called Clover. Clover thought the whole thing was really cool. Or not…. Actually, she was pretty upset back there. I told her it would be worth it. We’d be home soon and she’d be with her babies and her cookies.

And soon we were.

There was immediate sniffing and head-touching. Not head-butting, just touching, rubbing up against each other.
As if Nutmeg and Honey had to make sure she was real.

Then the celebrating started and the babies did a lot of leaping…..
…..and dancing on two feet.
Everybody had some cookies.
And there was more kissing….
….and rubbing….
….and staying so so close together.
Then Clover said, “I was pretending, you know. I didn’t miss you and I don’t need you. I just felt sorry for you, Woman.”
I said, “I know, Clover. I know………”

And take that piece of hay out of your mouth. You’re on the internet, for goodness’ sake. People have been asking about you and everything! Have you forgotten how to behave?


  1. shannon says:

    That is so awesome. and sweet. and sad. and dangit, i hope her and that cowboy did the deed, cause i wouldn’t want for you to have to go through that again. or nutmeg or honey :snuggle: heck, nor clover.

  2. shannon says:

    shoot, i meant to say, i hope that sign, clover *unincorporated* isn’t a *sign*…

  3. Kathie says:

    Phew! I found myself worrying about that goat. I am glad she is home and all are happy to see her too.

  4. Kathryn says:

    I am so glad that she was able to get her cookie! That is the saddest story. I am sorry she was all flummoxed by her herd immersion or whatever you call it. Sort of like trying to fit in at a new school I guess. I do hope she is nice and preggers!

    What do the sheep think about all this? Can’t wait to read their reaction to the Diva returning.

  5. Diane says:

    Glad Clover was home. Oddly I was also wondering about that goat too??

  6. anne says:

    This is one of the bests posts you ever did
    Love it !! Love that Clover is home.


  7. Runningtrails says:

    Poor Clover! So unhappy there! I’m glad you brought her home. I hope there are going to be new kiddies soon!

  8. mim says:

    .It is always nice to go on a visit but it’s always really nice to get back home. We have SNOW….. :clover:

  9. Fencepost says:

    I would have went back and got her too!
    Sounds like she’s happy to be home, even if she don’t want to admit it. She is queen you know, can’t show weakness. tee hee

  10. Lisa L. says:

    Clover I’m so glad you are home too!

  11. Sheila Z says:

    The sheep seem to be enjoying the show. Welcome home Clover! Can’t wait to see the new kids. Pstt, have triplets, then the cookie lady can’t milk you, cuz there won’t be enough to share. Then it will be all cookies, all the time with milk only for your goat family. Clover, you have to decide if it’s worth the trade off…LOL

  12. Nancy in Atlanta says:

    I am soooo glad Clover is home where she belongs! It must have been very humiliating for the Queen of Stringtown Rising to find herself intimidated by a bunch of ordinary does. The reunion pictures are wonderful – I’m just imagining what’s going on in the heads of the sheep as they watch! “What’s the big deal? So the mama goat came back to the farm, so what? We’re here now!”

    Suzanne, I think we’re all relieved that Clover is back!

  13. Gail says:

    I am so glad Clover is back home! It seemed like she was gone for a year! I don’t think I could send my does “out” to be bred. It is way too stressful for them…the transport ride and being on the other goats turf. I have brought a new doe in, and the current goats
    are letting her know they were here first. But, soon she will know she belongs here and the others will settle down. I also went ahead and purchased a Buck. It is a hassle to keep one, but it balances out when you don’t have to pack up the does and take them somewhere. You can watch their cycles and put them in with the buck
    and confirm mating (watch..sounds perverted!) and then you can calculate the does’ due date and be availble then in case she needs assistance. Give Clover an extra cookie and a big hug from me!

  14. trish says:

    Welcome home Clover. I love the last picture of the whole family together. They look so content.

    That Cowboy is a dog!!!! lol

  15. midwestmom says:

    Yeah! Clover’s home. I can’t wait to see if she’s pregnant and see her babies!

  16. Cheryl in Sunny Cal (Calhoun Co.) says:

    How funny is this? I was just hoping as I went to my favorites and clicked on Chicken in the Roads that today’s story would be about Clover coming home and you didn’t disappoint! :shimmy: I’m glad she’s back home with her babies and being showered with love and cookies. Wow, it doesn’t take much to please me does it? 😆

  17. CindyP says:

    Yay, Clover’s home!! I hope the trip to the buck’s house was worth it, the poor girl!! But she’s home where SHE’S the queen, the momma, and the internet goat star!

  18. Cherie says:

    I am so relieved Clover is home. She can have tufts of hay coming out of her ears and would still be a queen (in her own mind of course). Please give her an extra cookie for me.

  19. Kacey says:

    Welcome home, Clover! :wave: Hope you got knocked up!

  20. MissyinWV says:

    Clover’s home!!! Yay!….Welcome Home Clover!!!!
    :hug: :heart:

  21. Christine says:

    Awww, it’s so easy to get attached to them isn’t it. Glad she’s home.

  22. Linda says:

    All Right!! Clover is home. I’m so glad I know you had to miss her. I hope everything worked out and it wasn’t all for nothing. Welcome Home Clover!!

  23. Carol says:

    Welcome home Clover!!! I missed hearing about you.

  24. Bee says:

    :snoopy: She’s home! I must be losing it. I found myself sitting here crying at the fact that the poor baby was scared and so hoping you’d take her home. You became my hero when you went back to get her. And then I cried again at the family reunion.

  25. Suzette says:

    I’m so glad Clover is home where she belongs. I guess we just wait and see if she starts demanding pickles and ice cream. ???

  26. dalgal says:

    And people says animals don’t have feelings! How can they believe that??? Welcome home, Clover!!!! We missed you.

  27. Treasia/TruckersWife says:

    I almost started crying, about a goat darnit, when reading this. :hissyfit: I am glad she is home where she belongs. I do hope she had many visits from her suitor though.

    I remember when bringing my horse to pasture when she was many years old, at a huge pasture in which she was retiring on. I lived across the road at the time from it. Daily I seen her getting her butt kicked by the other mares out there. It broke my heart. Then one day I noticed a huge change. All the other mares were bowing to her, following her around and such. she had finally done some butt kicking of her own and became the queen of that pasture till the day she died.

  28. Lisa in California says:

    She is just the cutest thing! I’m so glad she’s home.

  29. Estella says:

    So glad Clover is home!

  30. catslady says:

    We all missed you Clover – cookies for everyone! I agree with the others – you need your own buck if you are going to keep trying for babies – maybe you can just borrow/rent the buck for a few weeks??

  31. Lynn says:

    I could hardly stand the thought of you leaving her behind. I’m so glad she’s home!

  32. lisa says:

    Yep, you need a ‘cowboy’ of your very own so Clover can stay in her own pasture and get knocked up at the same time.
    Glad the family is all back together.

  33. Brenda Kula says:

    You are the best pet mom! Your babies are so utterly sweet. And your posts, equally so.

  34. Darlene says:

    I’m so glad to see Clover home! I was going to ask about her today and here she is at home!!

    Welcome home, Clover. We missed you!!

  35. tillie says:

    cowboy should be required to do the travelin’ next year…

  36. Vicki says:

    Welcome home Clover! Poor baby.

    You ARE a good farmer. You farm pets 🙂


  37. Cranberry says:

    “Clover, Unincorporated” – does this mean she’s not preggers? :sheep:

  38. SuzieQ says:

    I just knew you were going to go back to get her.. :fairy:

  39. Suzy says:

    :snoopy: YEAHHHHHH Clover’s home! 🙂 I’m happy for both of you.

  40. Suzy says:

    Oh,Suzanne….you are such a Mom !!!!

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