Biscuit Power


Ah, the lure of the tall, tall grass in springtime! The grass truly is greener on the other side of the fence. And taller. Much taller. Taller than Nutmeg, aka Rotunda, who is somehow, despite her broad girth, always the first goat to make a hole somewhere and Pooh Bear-ishly push herself through to the buffet.

This time, she brought her mother with her.

After some hole repair, I armed myself with the necessary weapons. I was out of cookies, so I chose a bag of fresh-baked buttermilk biscuits from breakfast. It seemed a sad end to my bag of biscuits, but they were loyal and patriotic in the face of their duty.

They were prepared to give their lives for their farm.

I entered the fray and was immediately set upon by the advance troops.

They knew at once that I had biscuits and they were after me.

They are a fierce bunch. I had to throw them a biscuit to escape with my life and move on to the true, and even more cunning, foes ahead.

Oh, Nutmeg……

I have a BISCUIT!!!!

I give her a bite of one and show her my full bag. Rotunda falls easily, a slave to her own weak will.

She is re-captured to her area of detention where she enjoys the rest of one light, flaky buttermilk biscuit.

I fight past the chicken brigade again, sacrificing another biscuit.

From the other side of the fence, Nutmeg calls out a warning. “DON’T FALL FOR IT, MAMA! SAVE YOURSELF!”

“Just bring the biscuit to me,” Nutmeg says. “I will take the biscuit for you, Mama!! Don’t believe the bag! The bag is a lie! I WANT ANOTHER BISCUIT!” And she stomps her hoof a little bit.

But it’s too late.

Clover has entered the biscuit’s aura.

After one intoxicating taste, she will follow the biscuit anywhere.

Even right back to prison…..

….where I give the rest of the bag of biscuits to the good children, Fanta, Sprite, Poky, and the other goats, and where Clover and Nutmeg have plenty of time to ponder the power of biscuits and their own tragic addictions to home-baked treats.

Clover: “I’ll get you for this, Woman–”



  1. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Oh,those scoundrels! I do like their bright red prison gate, though. :devil2:

  2. bubbashome says:

    Your story makes me feel better. I have one goat that jumps like a deer so he will get up and over unless I invest in 6 ft high fences and my roly-poly Bubba who just keeps “testing” the fence for the weakest point. I’m forever enticing them back in by giving my other well-behaved boys with all kinds of treats. Sometimes I think they’re doing it on purpose knowing what awaits them at the end!

  3. Sheila Z says:

    More fencing is the solution. Give them the over grown area to munch. That is the weight loss plan. More greens!

  4. CindyP says:

    😆 Has Clover ever had cake? At least you know where to find them when they come up missing….in the tall scrumptious grass!

  5. Barbee' says:

    They don’t know how lucky they are to have you for their cook. I’m glad the good children received a treat, too, to reward them for their good behavior. Can’t much blame Clover and Nutmeg, though, that lush, juicy, green stuff even looks good to me – a salad bar? :hungry:

  6. Carol says:

    I could almost taste each one of those biscuits you fed the goats. Yum!

  7. IowaCowgirl says:

    “,,,entered the bisquit’s aura” ? Oh no. not that.

  8. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    We just opened up the gate for ours to graze on the overgrown field in front of our house and they are in Heaven. I need to finish my coffee and go milk the new goat!

  9. Jo says:

    Oh, Suzanne, you have a way of telling a story….. 😆 :yes: 😆

  10. Jenny says:

    “Clover has entered the biscuit’s aura.” SNORT! :hungry:

  11. joycee says:

    You are a good Mom, to bake for all your “children”…even the furry ones!

  12. lavenderblue says:

    Now you’ve gone and made me hungry!

  13. Lynda Otvos says:

    Very funny story – a slave to baked goods, yes, I can!!!

  14. Denise says:

    I’m right there with the goat. Can’t resist a buttermilk biscuit!

  15. Sarah says:

    Hahaha! I had no idea how animals could be bribed. I’ll keep this in mind for when I have a couple goats of my own…

  16. AA says:

    Loved this post and man those biscuits looked good! I’d follow one too.

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