BP Want a Pickle?


The Madonna stands quiet in the mystic woods.

She speaks not, for no words are needed. She is wise beyond words, beyond her age, beyond her place and time.

She is wise beyond her bottom.

Yet it is her bottom that the Seeker seeks, to read its mysteries, to interpret the unspoken wisdom of the Madonna, to get to the bottom of all things, for lo, it is the 21st day.

Beulah Petunia: “I’m PREGNANT, Woman. Leave me alone.”

Notes: It was the June 30 heat that took. There was no evidence of heat on July 21 and no evidence of heat yesterday, day 21. BP is a regular girl. April baby! See all of Beulah Petunia’s adventures here.


  1. leneskate says:

    Great Job BP!! another little calf in the spring hope its a girl again!!

  2. Turtle Mom says:

    How are you going to break the news to the Big Baby? I don’t think she’s going to be too happy to hear this. I expect there may be some sibling rivalry. Glory Bee never has liked having to share her momma. I can just hear Glory Bee now “but I was here FIRST!” Maybe you should make her some cookies to soften the blow.

  3. Gem says:

    Short, sweet, and FUNNY!
    (Hooves crossed that she has settled)

  4. rurification says:

    Congratulations! I’ll be you’re relieved.

  5. DarleneS says:

    Success at last. Good job BP.

  6. Liz Pike says:

    Yaayy!!! Finally!! So will this mean you’ll still be “off-duty” for milking during the worst of winter?

  7. Flowerpower says:

    Soooo…does that mean we need to start knitting booties? Pink we hope!!! :happyflower:

  8. holstein woman says:

    :snoopy: :snoopy: Victory! Yeah! :snoopy:

  9. TinaBell says:

    Great post! Love the way you write and your sense of humor, Suzanne. The last pic of beautiful Beulah P. was a good one; her expression matched your narrative perfectly!

  10. chickenherd says:

    Yay!! :cowsleep:

  11. marymac says:


  12. alba says:

    I am so excited for you and BP, But I feel SOMEONE will be VERY VERY JEALOUS… GB need’s a cuddle :hug: or a cookie…..
    I cant wait.. :dancingmonster:

  13. Julia K says:

    Wonderful news! Congratulations!

  14. ashmmorgan2 says:

    Congratulations BP (and Suzanne)!!! I can hardly wait to see the new baby next spring 😀

  15. tmavraides says:

    Can I just say, I have been waiting to find out if BP was pregnant? I have no idea why I care but I found that I did. I am so happy for you. You put a lot of work into that “little project”. It’s wonderful news.

  16. bonita says:

    this is a bit off side. . . I see the WV state fair begins today…
    Does WV have a butter cow? Could you offer BP as a model?
    (Our butter cow goes on view tomorrow…)

  17. lavenderblue says:

    Hooray! :woof:

  18. Granny Trace says:

    :snoopy: OH HAPPY DAY!!
    Granny Trace

  19. whaledancer says:

    BP really does have a beautiful face. Soulful. It’s her best side. Her FACE is her best side. Just sayin’. 😉

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