The Chute


This chute, specifically for vet work (not milking) was under construction yesterday.
That’s Dumplin in the chute, for measurements.

Here’s the finished chute today.
On the sides, the upper board is to prevent a cow from trying to come in the chute from the side. The lower board is to prevent the cow from kicking to the side. (There’s no board in the middle because, honestly, the cows’ stomachs stick out the sides, but don’t tell them that.)
This setup in the back is to prevent the cow from kicking backward.
The board slides out to allow the cow to enter the chute then can be slid back in place.

So, I guess I’m ready now! Hope Dumplin is!


  1. zteagirl71 says:

    I’m SO GLAD to see a farmer that has a chute ready and operational for her cows when a vet comes to call- you go farm girl! It drives me C.R.A.Z.Y. when I watch a certain Michigan t.v. vet having to hunt down and wrestle cattle before he treats them, or when he has to improvise a chute–ugh…what madness!

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