The Coming of the Heat


Dumplin is back on the job.
This Friday will be three weeks since the last time Glory Bee was in heat. I had been planning to give her a shot to put her in heat, but she went into heat on her own, on a Friday, throwing everything off schedule on the artificial insemination (AI) because I couldn’t get hold of the vet in time or get bull semen ordered and delivered in time.
Because I was going out of town, and because a natural heat is more fertile than an induced heat, I decided to wait it out for her next cycle to come around.
So I’ve been heat testing with Dumplin since I got back. A cow, any cow, will react to a cow in heat (even if the cow doing the reacting is another female). I’m keeping Glory Bee and Dumplin separated, just putting them together for 30 minutes every morning and evening, to test Dumplin’s reaction when Glory Bee comes around. Last night, Dumplin tried to ride her. She tried again this morning, but Glory Bee isn’t “standing” for it. Standing heat is the fertile time. Glory Bee is still skipping away from her. But, she’s coming in to heat, and soon. I ordered the bull semen yesterday and it will arrive today. I’m keeping the vet updated, and most likely, she will be coming to inseminate Glory Bee tomorrow.

I’ve never had AI done on a cow, so I’m really fascinated with the process. If this works, I’ll have a black angus cross baby by the first of May!


  1. denisestone says:

    I took a semester long class at Fresno State on AI. (Imagine if you will, putting your arm up there for practice sessions twice a week on a large variety of cows — how many you can do in 90 minutes). The final was tough! Can you inseminate the cow? AI technicians make more money than vets and for good reason! I’ve had poop blow back in my face! Not fun I tell you! Hysterical now in retrospect, but horrifying when it happened!

  2. Joell says:

    This is all so interesting, after reading the above comment, it might not be a bad idea to borrow a welders mask to wear for the procedure. You have learned so much, nothing is better than hands on training, you should be very proud yourself.

  3. holstein woman says:

    We AI e dairy cows and then decided to use our Angus bull. You won’t be disappointed either way. The milk from a mixed breed south Angus is excellent. The meat is delicious also.

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