The Mother Duck Rides Again


Remember the white Pekin mama who lost one baby then trampled another? (See here if you missed that one.)
I took the four babies she had left and put them in a pen for safekeeping, along with seven Blue Swedish ducklings I’d gotten from a hatchery.
She wouldn’t leave them. She was dedicated, committed, obsessed with her babies, who were meanwhile bonding with their new buddies, the Blue Swedish. And they were all following Mother Duck as she paced outside their pen. And then!
Persistence pays off!
The ducklings got bigger and stronger, and she was still pacing around their pen, so I figured they were big enough and strong enough to not get trampled or lost–and I let them all out.
And she took not just her own four ducklings back–but all eleven of them! We let them out with her on Saturday and she hasn’t lost or trampled a single one and they’re all one big happy duck family. Mother Duck is SO proud.

And that is one good mother duck!


  1. beforethedawn says:

    How wonderful that she adopted the others too, such a good momma! :heart:

  2. yvonnem says:

    Awww, so sweet!

  3. CATRAY44 says:

    The New Tales of Jemima Puddle Duck. ; )

  4. Joell says:

    What a lovely post, she is a good mommy.

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