Entertainment for Everyone


I put out bird feeders for the birds.
Especially my favorite little fella, who tries to hide.
Though every once in a while, I catch him.
But nobody else seems to know….
….that the bird feeder is even for the birds!
Little chickens….
….think it’s for them.
And so do little ducks.
Who need a nap after eating all that under-the-table birdseed.
Until the supervisor comes to get them….
….and run them home to the barn. But even then, the bird feeder is still providing entertainment.
Cats and dogs like it, too. Because the bird feeder? It’s not just for the birds!
It’s for everyone!


  1. Joell says:

    We love feeding the birds. We used to have 2 huge feeders out until we started attracting wildlife such as raccoons and skunks–those feeders came down, we still have 2 finch feeders that attract a lot of colorful birds as well as the finches, the larger birds eat the seed that falls to the ground.
    Last we we had an Apeliated(?) Woodpecker on one of the trees, it is the second time in 23 years we have seen them, they are huge, as large as a chicken and quite colorful.

  2. jodiezoeller says:

    Once many years ago, I had an apartment with a deck and window from the dining room looking out to the deck. I put one of those suction cup bird feeders on the window so that I could see the birds. Unfortunately the cat next door discovered the birds too. I caught him snacking on one, so I had to take the feeder down, to protect the birds. That was my favorite apartment that I’ve ever had, an old 4 plex built in the 1920s in San Antonio.

  3. holstein woman says:

    Jodiezoeller, you reminded me of the feeder I put outside my living room window some years ago when I had a love bird and worked graveyard so she could watch the wild birds come and eat when she was alone which was most of the time. I love watching them.

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