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Dookie the farm shih-tsu revealed his fresh spring style Tuesday, replacing his recent industrial mop look with a clean, sheared coif.

According to unpublished reports, the eleven-year-old purebred lost at least one film role starring alongside Reese Witherspoon and Matt Damon due to his disintegrating personal condition over the past several months. Rumors floated claiming depression and alcohol were involved in the famed farm shih-tsu’s hygiene troubles, but sources close to the farm dog said, “He’s a happy, well-adjusted little guy. He’s just not that particular sometimes. I’ve seen him playing in the creek every day, and he’s been taking naps in piles of sawdust.”

After a full spa day in the city, Dookie returned to his new farmhouse where friends and family greeted the newly-glammed doggy with a celebratory soiree. Five-star chef Wolfgang Puck catered the bash, serving the finest in lamb and rice hors d’oeuvres. Entertainment was provided by Carrie Underwood and Alan Jackson. Whether this showy return to public decency will bring film roles flying back into the farm pup’s lap is yet to be seen. Some in the fashion world were quick to criticize the new look as rash and severe, while others, perhaps more generous, called it “coquettish, bold, fun, and frisky,” and wished the shih-tsu celeb the best of luck. Dookie’s personal stylist noted, “We had no other choice. We have to take a scorched earth approach in these cases. He had to be shaved.”

The only statement Dookie made to the media was, “I need a nap now.”

Let’s just hope it’s not in another pile of sawdust.


  1. Hillbilly2 says:

    Shampoo, cut, style, photo shoots and interviews, then lunch. Yeah, I can see how a celebrity like Dookie would be ready for a nap. Sweet dreams, Dookie.

  2. Km A. says:

    I’m of the “coquettish, bold, fun, and frisky” opinion.

    I’ll bet Dookie feels so much better now too. He’s such a sweetie! 🙂


  3. Patricia Herman says:

    Being a celebrity is hardwork. Dookie enjoy your nap. Love your new do!!!!

  4. lintys says:

    Dookie, you clean up well! I predict your career will get that needed boost from your new look. Just don’t let it give you a big head. Because your head’s already looking a bit large for your body with that new haircut.

  5. kacey says:

    Dookie (love the name, btw), you look gorgeous. I’m sure those offers for the big juicy roles will just start pouring in now.

  6. Bayou Woman says:

    Doggie looks great! Take a little break at your computer in your new home, Suzanne, and come see what spring looks like down the bayou. You won’t be disappointed!

  7. Bayou Woman says:

    And if you leave a comment, maybe I’ll be as famous as you one day!!!!!

  8. granny sue says:

    Hey, I’m glad you’re back online! I understand your pain–I have satellite internet and it can be as slow as dial-up and won’t load photos sometimes. And for this I pay 4 times more!

    Dookie looks high-stylin’ for a country doggie. Never fear, that look will be gone with one run in the rain and mud today.

    My Cocker looks like a very hairy pig right now. She needs her spa day too!

  9. Christine says:

    😆 😆 😆 He looks like a different dog.

  10. Jill S. says:

    It’s hard to believe it’s the same dog, lol!

  11. Tori Lennox says:

    I hope Dookie enjoyed his well-earned nap!

  12. Treasia says:

    Dookie had a day of excitement and done so with flair. Good for Dookie. It’s about time our Shi Tzu (Babycakes) had it done as well.

  13. shgrsweet says:

    AWWWW he looks SOOOO much better!

  14. Melissa says:

    My mom has three of these dogs. The Momma; sweet and bratty, and two of her 7 babies, Callie sweet and skittish, and D-O-G he is psycho! He tries to bit everyone.

  15. Amy Addison says:

    Too cute! We recently took our Cocker Spaniel to the day spa, as well….from walking mop to sleek style. And now she is soft and sweet-smelling.

    Dookie looks fab!

  16. Karen B says:

    :woof: What a cutie! SO GLAD you’re back :wave:

  17. catslady says:

    Everyone feels better after a nice haircut – in fact I’m long overdue and look like the old Dookie :shocked:

  18. becki says:

    Our white cat rolled around in the mess we dumped out of the charcoal grill—greasy soot! It happened on Saturday afternoon, so no groomer. My friend recommended we wrap har legs in a towel and give her a bath with Palmolive.

    Now I know the true meaning of madder than a wet cat. :cattail:

  19. Renna says:

    I love the new look! Each spring, we used to have our (now dearly departed) Chow sheared. For the first couple of weeks after said shearing, we’d get up each morning to find that ‘normally’ well behaved dog stretched out on the couch. I guess losing all that fur made him suddenly cold natured. I hope Dookie doesn’t get too cold. 😮

    For the record, Yogi, our Chow, much preferred being outdoors 24/7, but living in town as we do, for the sake of neighborly relations, we found it best to force him indoors at night so his nighttime WOOFS didn’t wake the neighbors.

  20. Amelia says:

    :treehugger: He is adorable!

  21. Estella says:

    He looks really good.

  22. Brandy says:

    He cleans up well, what a handsome doggy!

  23. Lis says:

    Dookie’s rockin’ the new look! :rockon: :rockon:

  24. Susan says:

    I’m back! I could get on your blog for the past two days. :hissyfit:

    After seeing the handsome Dookie all I can say is woof woof! :thumbsup:

  25. Kim W says:

    Our little Magpie Maggie, our 16 week old Miniature Schnauzer, will be groomed for the 1st time on the 7th. I’m excited and a little nervious for her. I feel sorry that she has to go through all that and that it will be so scary for her, the very 1st time. I’m excited that our sweet little black puppy will look so “grown up” all of a sudden. We’ll see how it goes!

    By the way, Dookie looks lovely.

    Blessings from Ohio…

  26. Doris says:

    Welcome back. You were missed !You and Pioneer Woman were both down at the same time .I had a poodle that had to be peeled every spring because I let him grow out all winter . He was an outside dog. I had him for 15 years.I still miss him . Love your new home. Wish I were young again like you.I am old and retired now. Just don’t count on eating any asparagus from those roots for a couple of years ! I been there…..done that .But can all the green beans you can get, they keep for years if done right . So do tomatoes . Best wishes….Doris

  27. Ruby55 says:

    I thought the pictures were of two different dogs! :rotfl: Dookie does clean up very nicely.

    I gather your move has been accomplished, but I’ll have to come back another time to verify that. Bright and early tomorrow at 7:40 :whip: , I’m being picked up to go to start moving stuff from 2 storage areas to one bigger one. It promises to be a hair-raising, headache-inducing, back-breaking day. I wanted to be able to check each box. With, potentially, 13 guys moving things around, up steps that are still partially covered with snow and icy slush, I’m just not sure I’ll survive.

    I’m still desperately looking for my digital camera, my power surge bars, the hooks for my book shelves (imported from Germany and no longer available even there), and sundry other important items that I’ve been missing badly these last 28 months. I’m hoping I’ll have less of a mess, but I’m not counting on it. :hissyfit:

  28. Ruby55 says:

    Do you have CDT in West Virginia? By my time it’s 12:22 a.m. Or wait, have you not switched to daylight savings time yet in the U.S.?

  29. sara hardaway says:

    I was wondering when he would get a visit to the doggy spa. I have a dog like him, named Harry Potter. Got him from the shelter. He had no hair bec he was sick so we named him Harry. He had an eye infection, ear infection, front teeth gone and one eye damaged. He tested positive for lyme’s disease. but now after 2 years he is the happiest and most wonderful dog ever. they have great personalities. just lovehim. love your new house and your blog. makes my day.

  30. Cathy Bendzunas says:

    Dookie looks so handsome now! Like a completely different dog!

  31. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Oh, my! I wonder how long that will last? I’m sure he’s anxious to return to the creek, the woods, and the sawdust…. :devil2:

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