Finally Earning Their Keep


I have eggs!!!!!!!!!

My chickens hatched the last week of April, making them about 19 weeks old when the first egg appeared.

Actually, two eggs. Both on the floor of the hen house.

One here in the middle of the hen house, the other in the corner.

Did I not give them golf ball signposts to show them where to lay? What is wrong with these hens? Why are all my animals so uncooperative? Have the chickens been talking to Clover?

And why do these eggs look so weird?

They’re small, which I expected, having heard that first eggs tend to be smaller than normal. (Above, the first two eggs compared to a standard storebought “large” egg.) But the color! It’s an odd greenish-gold. Not white, not brown, not the pale minty blue-green of Araucanas. Nothing I expected at all.

Several of the hens seemed quite interested in the eggs when I was picking them up from the hen house floor. This one even seemed as if she was trying to sit on one to keep me from taking it.

Did she lay one of these eggs?

Or was it this hen, who jumped on my back while I was picking the eggs up?

Or this hen, who started pecking at my feet?

What about this hen?

Or– Could it even have been her???

No one’s ‘fessing up. So all I know is…..

… egg basket…..

….isn’t empty….


Waiter! Cancel that chicken fricassee order!


  1. Patty says:

    WOOHOO!!!!!! Go chickens!! :bananadance: :snoopy: :chicken: :snoopy: :bananadance:
    Congrats Suzanne!!

  2. wkf says:

    I’ve not seen eggs that color either. Maybe fowlvisions has. They might be duck eggs. either way your getting eggs!!! Congrats!!!


  3. The Jillybean says:

    Ugggg, I am so jealous! Mine did start laying, but then they quit. I got 11 eggs total. Chicken and Dumplings is what is on my menu.

  4. jane says:

    Wow – so how do you get them to lay eggs? How come we have so many eggs in our stores then? Curious minds want to know these things. It has taken you forever to get 2 eggs. How do the big farmers do it?

  5. Becky says:

    Signs of greater things to come! No matter what color they are.

  6. Wammy says:

    YEA! We’re having a party! Are you going to keep these two eggs like keeping the first dollar that you ever made?

  7. anne says:

    Hip Hip Hurray !!! FINALLY !!!!

  8. MMHONEY says:

    HURRY UP –

  9. Kacey says:

    Finally! We’ve been waiting a long time for this! What fun. Whatcha making with them?

  10. IowaDeb says:

    Hurray, now you can have some green eggs and ham!

  11. Suzette says:

    Yea! Eggs! My favorite food! I would have had an omelet within the hour. I love farm eggs. Such pretty yolks. It may be my imagination, but they seem to taste better, too. It’ll be interesting to see how production steps up now.


  12. Paula Bogdan says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!! And, what’s really funny is that I was thinking about you and your lack of eggs just yesterday. Enjoy!

  13. annie d. says:

    It’s a purple glitter day! Throw some around the hen house!

  14. Mary McLure says:

    I’m a geek, so I had to go look. After filtering out the chicken recipe sites, I came up with this one..

    Something I didn’t know, anyway.. :hungry:

  15. Laura says:

    Congrats on the pullet eggs! Before long, you’ll have the regular eggs that they normally produce. Are you going to rig up lighting and heat for the winter, so that they produce in the cold? That maybe a project for 52. :heart:

  16. Angie says:

    Yay! Congratulations!
    I have two chickens that lay eggs that color. Both are easter-egger mixes. They hatched from blue eggs, but their daddy was my buff orpington rooster. I think the eggs get less blue the further away from the true aracauna bloodlines they get. Still, I like the green color. When I sell my eggs at the Farmers Market, they are always a conversation piece. 🙂

  17. Nancy in Atlanta says:

    Wow!!! Does this mean you can fire the golfballs? I looked at the website Mary posted – whaddaya mean, chickens have earlobes!!! Is that for real? City girl…um, woman…wants to know! :catmeow:

  18. Nancy in Atlanta says:

    Also…I think the eggs belong to the ducks “kissing” in the background of the 6th photo. They looked like they were congratulating each other.

  19. Heidi says:

    Yay for eggs! My chickens were 18 weeks as of yesterday. You’ve given me hope.


  20. CntryLadi says:

    Woooo hoooooo……… :clap: :shimmy: :thumbsup: :yes: :flying: :flying: now let’s eat! :hungry:

  21. margie says:

    suzanne, you’ll know when you get duck eggs! those things are twice the size of a chicken egg. congrats on the eggs, can’t wait to see tomorrows!

  22. sam says:

    This definitly calls for the happy dance!!

  23. Sooz in nv says:

    :cattail: So who knew; all you were waiting for was
    Chicken Puberty! Ha ha I love that toe-to-toe, bill-to-bill shot of the dancing ducks!
    Sooz in the Tules

  24. Shari C says:

    Congratulations!!! You have eggs…hurray! The future is looking brighter for the chickens lives to continue…as long as the eggs keep showing up I presume.

  25. TeresaH says:

    Yay Suzanne! Next thing you know you’ll have eggs overflowing that basket!

  26. Doris says:

    If you can, watch to see which hen is cackling and you will know who laid the egg. Thet like to bragg.

  27. Julie Andrea in Englehart, ON says:

    Wow, those are kinda weird looking eggs, aren’t they? At first glance, they look like perfect shaped potatoes! LOL Well, good for you that those girls are finally ‘putting out’ – here’s to chicken fertility! :thumbsup:

  28. Michelle Willingham says:

    You know, as clueless as I am about eggs, I’d be afraid to eat those, with the shells. I’ve had brown eggs and white eggs, but those are far different than I’ve ever seen. Here’s hoping they’re tasty! :friday:

  29. Susan says:

    Congratulations! :clap: The chickens deserve some cookies! :shimmy:

  30. Imogene Birdette says:

    Now that you’re getting eggs, Suzanne, just a word of caution. Last Saturday, because of a school reunion, I was almost dark gathering my eggs from the chicken house. I could see the white eggs in the nest and reached in to get them, and felt something brush my hand. I backed off and could see something moving, but it was too dark to see what it was. So, being the brave but cautious soul that I am, I went back to the house and got my husband and a flashlight. When we shined the light in the nest, there was the biggest ‘ol blacksnake you ever saw staring back at us! He was after the eggs but had not eaten any yet. We don’t like to kill blacksnakes but we did chase him outside and remove the part of him that would have demolished my eggs. So, just be aware that there could be something besides eggs in the nest!

  31. IowaCowgirl says:

    ah, you have entered the realm of production agriculture!! yay!!

  32. Brandy says:

    Who cares what color they are?! You have eggs!

  33. Amy Addison says:


    WTG, Suzanne’s birds. Fresh goat milk, fresh eggs….yummy.

  34. Kayis says:

    Congratulations, Suzanne! You HAVE to share your plans for the eggs!!! Hopefully we’ll read about it tomorrow.


  35. catslady says:

    CONGRATULATIONS – so boiled, fried, softboiled, omelette – inquiring minds want to know!!!

  36. Donna says:

    How exciting!!!!!! EGGS!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Are you going to eat them? LOL

    I was excited to find another DOUBLE YOLK this am, when I made eggs!!!
    I keep forgetting to mention my mother had a beautiful set of white Roosters with Red top thingies (you can tell I am a farm girl, huh?), in her kitchen window, while we grew up. I think she got them in Japan. I think they were Porcelin or something.

  37. torilennox says:

    Those are some funky looking eggs!

  38. Jodie says:

    Break the eggs and take a picture… so we can see those rich farm fresh egg yolks. That’s what I miss the most about having fresh farm eggs. My grandparents raised chickens and I remember the eggs tasting much richer than store bought eggs.

  39. Quasi says:

    Forget the eggs…it’s the chickens that look delish!

  40. Patty says:

    Dang, now I’m hungry. I think a run to the 24 hour-Breakfast-anytime-diner is in order!

  41. Ang. says:

    Yay! My April hens and ducks are just starting to lay, too. Are you sure they aren’t duck eggs? You ducks look like they might have Khaki Campbell in them. They can lay eggs that color and they are about the size of a medium size egg. Ducks also lay on the floor. So if you ducks are in with your chickens consider the possibility. Regardless, make an omlet and enjoy your eggs!

  42. lola falana says:

    Suzanne, this may help you get your chickens to lay in the laying boxes. In the morning, before laying time, go out and speak in friendly tones to them, pick each hen up and set her in a nest. Say encouraging things (of course they can’t understand but cue off the tones in your voice). Don’t worry if they jump back out. Just keep doing it every morning before laying time until they catch on. Do this calmly and gently, you don’t want them to associate upset with the boxes. You may need to place a ramp to the boxes, or not. Sometimes once they figure out where they are, they will fly up to them. How high are they, BTW? It appears you have straw on the floor where they are now laying. You may want to remove that before laying time (You can put it back down in the afternoon). They naturally will seek out straw/nest-like areas to lay in. They will also seek privacy. How private are your nest boxes? For ex., is Coco able to antagonize them anywhere near the boxes? Nothing against Coco of course. Also, once the morning’s laying has commenced, leave them to their privacy.

    Hope this helps. :chicken:

    Signed, A Chicken Lover (but not in no weird way…)

  43. lola falana says:


    One other thing. I think a photo you posted once of your nest boxes showed morning sun shining directly into them. This will also deter the chickens’ use of them.

    One more thing, when you pick the hens up, you standing behind them should place one hand over each wing and pick up. Set them in the box without changing your hold. This keeps them from flapping about and upsetting themselves.

    Good luck,

  44. Dru says:

    Congratulations on the eggs. I hope you will find more soon.

  45. Maureen says:

    Congratulations on the eggs!! I hope you soon have dozens.

  46. Mim says:

    They must be duck eggs. Congrats! I’m sooo jealous. My Hens are only 9 weeks old. Ten more weeks? How can I possibly wait that long?

  47. Rebecca V says:

    Congratulations on the eggs!! :shimmy:

    If I remember correctly, those are chicken eggs. My parents have raised different kinds of birds all my life. The last batch of chickens died off several years ago. (My older brother brought them home as eggs, along with some ducks, and my parents wound up caring for them.) I don’t remember the breeds of the chickens, but I do remember them laying mostly brown eggs. The first few eggs ever laid were that same golden color. I don’t know which hen did it since I didn’t get to see the eggs until my mother had washed them. After that, the rest of the eggs I ever got to see were normal shades of brown.

  48. Birdi says:

    I am so happy for you Suzanne! Congrats! Fresh eggs are the best. As posted earlier by someone…chickens really prefer a dark place to lay. I put a little flap in the front of my nesting boxes. They lay under the nesting boxes in the dark if they are full. I love the pride they take when they lay an egg. They carry on quite a bit here.

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