Fred and Jumbo


A neighbor had a couple of ducks he’d gotten in a trade for something else. He didn’t want the ducks, so….

This one is a female jumbo Pekin. She looks like a goose next to the regular-size Pekins I have. So that one was easy. It’s the next one…

This is Fred. Fred is a fully mature duck. He’s a miniature or “bantam” duck. Seriously, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as bantam ducks. Bantam chickens, yes. I’d never heard of bantam ducks!

Fred and Jumbo took off for the barn yard to meet the rest of their new feathered friends.

The other ducks were fascinated.

“Why is that one so big?”

“Why is that one so little?”

Fred and Jumbo are like their own flock within the flock. So far, they’re keeping to themselves, big duck and little duck, the odd couple!

I’ve researched miniature breeds of ducks, and found miniature Crested, Black East Indie, Silver Appleyard, and Silver Bantam. But Fred doesn’t look like any of them. My current conclusion is that he must be a mixed breed. Any thoughts? Anyone know of any other miniature duck breeds that look like Fred?


  1. beforethedawn says:

    Bantam ducks?! Interesting. Fred and Jumbo make a cute pair. I hope they’ll fit in someday with the other ducks.

  2. Mikki says:

    Am loving your site.
    Am looking forward to enjoying all the animals and all the animal antics…
    Fred and Jumbo are just so adorable … and do hope that they enjoy joining in to the rest of the feathered friends.

  3. Nancy Zimmerman says:

    I think Fred may be a magpie

  4. Marge_in_Michigan says:

    Hello, Suzanne. I asked a photographer friend of mine if she could identify Fred. She & her husband have several kinds of ducks as pets. She said he may be a Magpie Call. For more info, go here…,+images

  5. Nancy Zimmerman says:

    Hi Marge!


  6. Goatldi says:

    My daughter raised Bantam Call Ducks in 4H in a land now far away. They were all white looking very much like a Peking only much smaller.
    I wasn’t ever aware that they came in any other color scheme. But he does have white and the darker coloring so maybe Mama or Papa was a mallard.

  7. Rain says:

    Fred and Jumbo look great together. I love the photos.

  8. Marge_in_Michigan says:

    Hi, Nan! :wave:

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