Glory Bee’s Weekend


I was walking around the farm this weekend and went to visit the girls. I usually turn Glory Bee out with the heifers for the weekend. Let her reconnect with the younguns, and keep Moon Pie from getting weaned. I like keeping my alternate milk maid available.
If Glory Bee sees me coming, she makes a beeline for me, leading a cow train behind her.
The cow train lines up at the fenceline while Glory Bee assesses the situation.
Is she going anywhere? Are we doing anything?
She deduces correctly that I’m just visiting and promptly ignores me. I am, after all, just a human milk maid and of little interest if I’m not taking her back to the barn.
Moon Pie squeezes in between mommy and big sister. She was so worried! But now all is right with her world again.
“Go away, Lady.”

Next time I go to visit, I’m taking mommy back to the barn. But we don’t have to tell her that just now.


  1. judyg says:

    You have such a sweet little heard!

  2. Starfish says:

    Suzanne, your cows are not only beautiful, they are smart! What great pictures and stories you post. 🙂

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