The Great Costume Debate


There’s a lion in my house!
She’s so cute!
Then she’s fierce. Roar!
She didn’t mean to scare anybody.
Maia’s been trying on outfits, getting ready for the booksigning at Books-a-Million this coming Saturday. Maybe she should be a giant pumpkin!
Or a ladybug….
Or a bee!
But it is almost Halloween, so we’re leaning toward pumpkin. Aren’t we, Maia?
Maia: “Help.”


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  1. cabynfevr says:

    But isn’t that actually a Nemo costume!? I FINALLY have my book in my impatient little hands!! :snoopy:

  2. kayrotz says:

    Maia is amazing!! I like the mane of the lion but the bee costume is pretty cool. I’d go with the bee.

  3. ladybird_1959 says:

    They’re all cute, but if I had a vote it would be for the lion.

  4. STH says:

    I would definitely vote for the lion–too cute!

  5. Leah says:

    I like the bee costurme………Mia looks awesome in yellow!! :jackolantern:

  6. BuckeyeGirl says:

    I think she should just have her cape and be SuperGoat! …though the lion is awfully cute.

  7. Journey11 says:

    Oh, I love the bee! But I am a beekeeper, so I am biased. Maia is as cute as they come, either way! :heart:

  8. PinkyMac says:

    My favorite is the bumble bee but since it is getting on to Halloween my vote is for the pumpkin costume. :sun:

  9. Karo says:

    LOL! Are you trying to make her hate you?

  10. mamajoseph says:

    That’s a Nemo costume! Silly woman. Our family took a vote; that one’s our favorite.

  11. Leck Kill Farm says:

    Thank you mamajoseph! As I was reading the post I thought to myself “gee, that looks like a clown fish, not a pumpkin” but considering I don’t dress up goats, what do I know?

    I vote for the lion.

  12. Rusty Shoes says:

    I know it isn’t shown here, but I like the Supergoat also. She does go beyond where no other goat has gone.

  13. GrammieEarth says:

    The original SuperMaia is who she is in real life. Her first Halloween, hmmm??? I find it hard to decide between the bee and the lion costumes. She IS as busy as a bee, I’m sure she lets out her very own lion-like roar if anything in her life does not equal her desires.

    You just might have to toss a coin!


  14. Dghawk says:

    She looks marvelous in all of them, but I think she looks quite stunning as the bee. She even seems to bee strutting her stuff! :snoopy:

  15. bar2a says:

    a pumpkin with a diaper? :jackolantern: :jackolantern:

  16. jodiezoeller says:

    Bumble bee!

  17. Augustlace says:

    Maia could change Costumes after a certain Amount of Time! She could be a Pumpkin for awhile, then maybe a bee or!!?? My Books came last week but had to go to PA so home now and hope to get started on the read! Read the first Chapter on line! Wonderful Read!

  18. holstein woman says:

    I like Maia as a goat too, she is a great little girl and should wear whatever fits best.
    Finished your book, ready for the next book. Actually, Suzanne, I truly enjoyed reading it and would read more when they are written. I plan to use some of the crafts also. I use combucha I make too strong as a vinegar. And, vinegar will remove indelible ink so it will remove almost anything. I like to use it also because when it dries it has not lingering smell. It also leaves no circles when used as a spot remover.

  19. Mari27 says:

    OMG,This post made me laugh out loud. Maia is so hilarious. I love the lion costume the best!

  20. nanaK says:


    Maia is soooo patient~ I remember doing this “dress-up” thing with my dog, when I was in grade school. (my dog was patient too:-)
    We all need at least ONE patient critter in our lives – just to make us believe in the love/connection between the animal world and ourselves.
    I like all her costumes – Good Luck deciding. (Have you tried Little Red Riding Hood ? …that’d take of the “cape” thingy.

  21. joykenn says:

    I vote for the Nemo the clownfish costume. (She looks good in orange!) Or the lion–also a real winner. She’s the cutest goat and I think deserves a tiara and princess costume NEXT year.

  22. Joell says:

    Me thinks that goat has a little ham in her!
    I think they are all precious, but I favor the lion. She looks good in everything!

  23. pookie22 says:

    :sheepjump: That face…oh my, I just want to cuddle it. Maia is precious

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