Guess Who?



She’s home. And PREGNANT. With the triplets or quads she’s famous for. (Due October.) And if she didn’t look crazy, what good would it be?

More tomorrow! Was so NOT here yesterday.


  1. Leah's Mom says:

    Suzanne – Do you still milk your goats?

  2. wildcat says:

    Welcome home, Cookie Doe! She does have that crazy look in her eyes, doesn’t she? LOL

  3. broncobetsy says:

    Love your means of transporting the goat!!

  4. Urbanite says:

    How thrilling! What could be better than Clover except Clover and her gorgeous sister Cookie Doe?

  5. bonita says:

    Clover better hang on to her tiara!

  6. chickenherd says:

    Yay! :snoopy: I wonder who will be the boss NOW….?

  7. Karo says:

    Wait. What? When did you acquire ownership of Cookie Doe? I’m so confused.

  8. elfoss says:

    AAAAWWW! cookie doe is verry pritty. so are you getting her? whos the dad?

  9. Darlene in North GA says:

    Wouldn’t you look a little CRAZED if YOU were expecting TRIPLETS, or worse yet, QUADS???????? And it wasn’t the first set you’d given birth to?

  10. elizabethelfoss says:

    whos the father of the triplets or quads to be?

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