Happy Halloween!



  1. SuzieQ says:

    You want milk??? I WANT COOKIES!!! No cookies, no milk!! :sheepjump:

  2. Cama says:

    Awwww, she wears it so well!!! 😆

  3. KathyB. says:

    Oh, the poor goat. What can one say? A hat and a pose for …a very Halloween picture. Just tell her she will appreciate this in the end, she will be famous and sought after for her photogenic qualities, O.K., for her DAIRY qualities combined with her good looks !

  4. The Jillybean says:

    That is the funniest thing!! I love the one where she has her chin poked out. I hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween!

  5. Chris Griffith says:

    That was the best thing that happened to me all week. Thank you Clover & Co.

  6. Julie says:

    Just what I needed this morning! Happy H’Ween!!!!

  7. wkf says:

    Happy Haloweenie!!!! :purr:

  8. CindyP says:

    Does Clover get to go trick or treating now? That’s what she was told, I’m sure……..and knowing Clover she would wear a silly witch hat for promises of candy, kids, candy, candy, kids………

    Happy Halloween All!!

  9. Becky says:

    Clover the Goat Witch!!
    Love it!!
    Happy Halloween, Suzanne!

  10. Karen says:

    Too funny- thanks for the laughs! Happy Halloween!

  11. hayseed says:

    I love it! I bet she doesn’t mind wearing it if she gets candy! :yes:

  12. epon4 says:


    But, I gotta get the chickens first! (only 8 days to go!)

    I wonder if they’ll have any NDs at the poultry show??? Hmmmm…

  13. Patty says:

    ROFLMBO…. The best goat costume in town!

  14. MARY says:

    :butterfly: That poor goat gets no respect!!! LOL! She looks adorable in that hat. I’d be tempted to take her to the kids’ school! They’d love that! Happy Halloween everybody!!!! :purr:

  15. Mental P Mama says:

    I kept scrolling and waiting for the money shot….The one where she eats her costume;) Happy Halloween! :purr:

  16. Stacia says:

    I hope that hat doesn’t turn her into a real witch, because if it does, I think you may be in trouble! Too cute!

  17. Sarita says:

    Too cute! Happy Halloween!

  18. Lisa L says:

    Exactly what I needed to start my day! Thanks!
    Lisa L. :snoopy:

  19. Suzette says:

    Thanks for starting my day with laughter. Love the second photo. In fact, I’m thinking of printing it out and putting it on my desk today. Too funny.

  20. hawkswench says:

    Is she going out for trick or treating??
    I will raise a toast to clover when hubby and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniv. today.

  21. Gail says:

    Adorable! Witchy Goat. Happy Halloween!

  22. Dejoni says:

    That is some funny stuff! Clover, the Milk Witch!!!

  23. peggy says:

    You are joining our club of crazy goat ladies. LOL I have a huge assortments of holiday hats and the goats just roll their eyes when they see me coming. I love dressing them for halloween.

  24. Claudia W. says:

    Trick or Teat! LOL Too cute Suzanne!

  25. Marissa says:

    She looks cute and like she is showcasing a new look. The good witch! Too Cute

  26. Shelley says:

    :rotfl: I think I will laugh the rest of the day thinking of her in that hat!! happy halloween to your whole gang!

  27. Pamela-ATL. says:

    She is so cute. Give her a cookie!

  28. Lisa says:

    Aw…she looks so pretty! I think she secretly likes her pretty new hat.

  29. jen says:

    I needed that laugh!! Looks like Clover is giving you the evil eye! Too cute.

  30. Amanda T. says:

    Good Witch or Bad Witch? That is the question of the day!

  31. Robin G. says:

    Oh, wow. I bet she just loved that.

  32. mmHoney says:

    If given half-of-a-chance—She would be eating that hat.

  33. Donna says:

    I LOVE Halloween!!!! One of my favorite holidays!!! DH took the day off, to be with me!
    I HATE handing out candy though..so we won’t. I want to be out there trick or treating! But, my only option would be to take my nephew if he wanted to go and that would NOT be fun. Happy Halloween!!!!

    Clover is too funny – she is LOVING the Witches hat!!! And the kitty is jealous – cracks me up! :mrgreen:

  34. Bertie says:

    Can’t wait to see her in the Santa suit!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Maureen says:

    Happy Halloween Clover!

  36. Nancy in Atlanta says:

    I’m still smiling after reading the comments following Clover’s witchy debut! Better than the drooling I did all day yesterday after seeing the crullers. Personally, I think Clover is angling for her own holiday greeting card line, and she will expect you to pay her!! :catmeow:

  37. Linda Brown says:

    That was rich! I love it. Please, the idea of a goat greeting card line is a great idea. May I buy some.


  38. Crystal B. says:

    How cute. Happy Halloween.

  39. Debbie says:

    “You think I won’t remember this come milking time? Huh? You think I will just forgoet when you wave those cookies in front of me? Bwahahahahahahaha….just you wait Missy…see how much milk you get from me! HA”

    In spite of her “udder” humiliation, Clover looks adorable!


  40. Paulette says:

    Oh my gosh that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!

  41. Christine says:

    Whah, ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh, thank you, I needed a gut busting laugh like that!

  42. Peggy says:

    How funny! Poor Clover. I hope she got cookies for that.

  43. Kathryn says:

    Happy Halloween to you!

    I love those pictures. What a wonderful way to celebrate!

  44. Brandy says:

    Oh, I laughed and then called the kids in to look. Perfect! *G* Happy Halloween!

  45. Tammy of Lurksville says:

    :purr: Too Cute!!
    Happy Halloween! :snoopy:

  46. Jodie says:

    Goat abuse! goat abuse! LOL Clover wants MANY cookies for Trick or Treat. Or she might escape the pen, come up to the front porch and kick in the door for some cookies. :hungry:

  47. Karen L says:

    SHE WILL REMEMBER! Too funny – I agree with the greeting card or calendar idea. I sure hope clover got herself a couple of cookies for that!!!

  48. catslady says:

    I agree with everyone else – you really made my day!

  49. Susan says:

    Too funny! :rotfl:

  50. Amy says:


    And you wonder why the milking’s not going so well…

  51. Estella says:

    Clover, you look beautiful!
    Happy Halloween!

  52. Cheryl in Sunny Cal (Calhoun Co.) says:

    How cute! Clover looks like she is laughing in the second pic. 😆

  53. tom says:

    You’re having way to much fun out there…..hehehehe

  54. Leah says:

    Oh the humanity!

    You are soo gunna get kicked!

  55. shgrsweet says:

    this is too funny!!!!

  56. DeeBee says:

    I don’t know what it is about Clover and the way she’s always smiling at the camera, but she sure makes me laugh. Or is that your doing??

  57. TeresaH says:

    How funny! But I hate to think what she’s planning to get even!

  58. Karen B says:

    :flying: Love the pics!!!

  59. Patty says:

    I saw a pony in overalls today at the pony rides at Halloween Happenings downtown, and I immediately thought of Clover and wondered how she’d like to wear overalls. They’d go great with her chore boots and hat LOL. I hope you and the kids and the animals all had a great Halloween!

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