Holiday in the Barn


Got your holiday shopping done yet? What about the cows? Have you gotten anything for them yet?
Do you think they aren’t festive, that they aren’t waiting for Santa, too?

And what about the goats?

(Clover, the Christmas Queen, my all-time favorite holiday goat picture.)

They gave you milk all year. Now’s the time to do something special for them! Time to be Santa in the barn! Here are a few of my favorite things for my cows and goats. You can find them all at Hamby Dairy Supply.

A winter udder care package would fill their stockings nicely!

And a post-milking teat dip that won’t freeze and will help condition the skin is a must in the milking parlor at this time of year.

And don’t forget the FreezGard udder cream.

Winter is a hard season for animals. They aren’t tucked up to a warm wood stove indoors like we are. They need shelter from snow storms and freezing temperatures, hay, and water that’s not frozen–those are the things we think of first. But udder care is also very important in the winter months. Dairy animals get dry, chapped skin, just like we do, and the skin on their udders and teats is exposed. (Bonus: Udder balms feel really nice on people skin, too!) Take care of them, and they’ll take care of you all year round with their milk. And when your animals are healthy and happy, you can harass them with pictures like this–
–and this–
–and this!

Happy holidays in the barn!


  1. Joell says:

    Thank you so much for this post, I have really missed your animal and Holiday posts.

  2. DeniseS says:

    I so miss Clover. She took the best photos when she was all dressed up or grabbing cookies.

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