Icy Animals


It’s below freezing every day this week. Again. Did I mention AGAIN?
Animals stare, waiting for me at the fenceline, eager for any sign that I have emerged from the house. Usually, I feed the cows, goats, and sheep first. Today I fed the horses first. I figured they deserved a turn. I got in trouble for that because Glory Bee saw me diss her that way.

When I hauled the first bale out of the barn for her, she followed me and head-butted me from behind, nearly lifting me up in the air.
Guess she showed me.

Then I bring another bale, to get everyone else started. (Competing with Glory Bee for food doesn’t work much for anyone but Dumplin. And just barely for Dumplin.) I check buckets, check the creek, make sure everyone has an unfrozen source of water.
This Girl…
And she knows it, rotten thing.

Then I’m happy to go back to the house and if I make it without slipping on the ice.

These days, below freezing, my camera seizes up outside within five minutes. This is probably due to not being a very expensive camera, but it’s making my life difficult at the moment!

But not for Casper! Apparently. Casper, rolling in the leftover hay at the horse shelter.
But all is well and the water is running in the house, the power is on, and there is food even if I can’t get to the store!

P.S. I found out yesterday that my book will be reviewed in the February 23 edition of THE NEW YORK TIMES!!!!


  1. whaledancer says:

    Running water and a NY Times book review. Sounds like life is good.

  2. bonita says:

    Your crew is getting good at posing for the camera. I guess they’re preparing for a visit from the press. After all, your reviewer called your book ” a soon to be best seller.” That should certainly warm your winter. Hats—horns— confetti!!

  3. marrypoppinz says:

    I feel ya on those temps…so tired of below freezing, worrying about my chickens water, my mom’s pipes, et cetera…et cetera…et cetera…. Congratulations on the NY TIMES! May they be sweet to your book the way the book is sweet to your readers.

  4. Ann W says:

    Maia really loves you, too. You can tell by her big goo-goo eyes. Congratulations on the review! It is below zero every day up here except once a week, when it stays above zero all day.

  5. Leah says:

    This cold stinks! GB paid you back, lol! The NY Times, awesome! :woof:

  6. shirley T says:

    Reviewed in the New York Times!!!!! Awesome news, Congrats. You surely feed your animals good, they all look so healthy and lively looking. Glory Bee says that “love-butt” was just a warning . You had better feed her first next time. :moo:

  7. DeniseS says:

    Wow, New York Times. Congratulations. Maia is as adorable as ever. I was surprised that Glory Bee could hit so hard that you were almost lifted off the ground. Guess animals don’t want the routine messed with.

  8. AnnieB says:

    I really enjoy seeing the pics of your furry family. They are quite photogenic! Is that Goat Burger with GB?

    You and Maia really have a mutual admiration thing goin’ on. She is so adorable, how could you not love that face!

    And the NYT – Woo hoo! Can’t wait to read it – Congratulations!

  9. Joell says:

    Congratulations, one of these mornings I will see you on GMA or some such program, probably donig a remote broadcast from the farm.
    I am happy to hear things are looking up for you and all of the animals, this has been such a very harsh Winter. It just starting snowing here–again and is supposed to continue through out the night, at least there will be no ice this time, there is still plenty of that on the ground on top of the 8 inches of snow we have, I tied walking down to the fence to throw some bread over and tripped just trying to walk across the yard. Spring can’t get here soon enough.

  10. clstinson1 says:

    Your story gives me so much hope. I am running a small hobby farm with just chickens. I call it “Angry Chicken Farm” after my mascot, a gorgeous and cantankerous Auracana rooster. Lately, everything has been breaking and there has been no money for repairs on anything. The latest being my husband’s car which gets him to work. This means that he has my car and I am now isolated. When I read about all of your struggles, it let’s me know that I will make it through as well. When I read about your success it gives me hope that someday I will be able to sell my art, photography and writing just like you have. You do not know me, but I am grateful to you as you are a very resilient woman and set an excellent example. Thank you.

  11. brookdale says:

    Suzanne, my husband wanted me to mention to you that if you keep your camera inside your coat next to your body when you’re not actually taking outside winter pics, it will keep warm and not “freeze up”. That’s what he does.
    Love these animal pics, by the way. Especially Casper rolling in the hay!

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