It’s a Good Thing He’s Cute


Boomer’s finding out what it feels like to get chewed on. Casper is a chewer. Whether it’s a pot he dumped over so he could chew on the roots, or Boomer’s ears, he’ll chew it. Boomer, of course, is a notorious chewer of Coco’s tail, so I just laugh when Casper chews on his ears. I’m not so excited about dumping over pots or pulling the cord out of the phone or running off with my shoes.

I grabbed some holey socks.

Rolled one up and stuck it down in the toe of the other one.

Voila, your standard sock chew toy.

Which beats paying for a chew toy. Puppies are like toddlers–they’d rather have a cardboard box–or a pair of holey socks–than a toy from the store. Casper went right to town on this one. (Look at that tongue!)

His own pair of socks! He’d always wanted his own pair of socks!

It was his new best friend.

The light of his life.

His dearest love.

His life is now complete.

At least until he loses it.


  1. Tammy says:

    But hey – if he loses it – no problem – he now has learned that socks are for chewing – keep ’em coming! I know this because I tried that with my puppy and found it easier to train my kids to actually put their socks away than to teach the now adult dog not to chew every sock she sees. Good luck.

  2. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Long, long ago I had a German Shepherd puppy who loved socks, and I husband I could not train to put dirty ones in the hamper. I took a couple of old socks and tied a knot in them; everytime Fritz (the puppy, not the husband) tried to steal a healthy sock I replaced it with one of the knotted ones. It really didn’t take him long to learn that those were OK, but the others were off limits. It probably helps that they get their own saliva and scent all over the folded or knotted ones. :snoopy:

  3. SkippyMom says:

    The last two pictures are just heart melters. LOL – what a cutie

  4. thunja says:

    oh dear. he IS cute.

  5. Lisa says:

    That one is T-r-o-u-b-l-e! Maybe you should KNIT him some toys!!

  6. Sheila Z says:

    I’d say bones to file those puppy teeth down, but the big dogs would most likely steal them away from pup.

  7. Kelly Walker says:

    You know that God makes them “cute” so that you don’t kill them before they are grown. 🙂 And I hate to bring this up but it looks like he is part lab and they stay “puppyish” for 3 or 4 years so you have a LOT to look forward to!

  8. CindyP says:

    He is a cutie! :woof: But your poor flowers!

    I found, when they are chewing on anything they shouldn’t be, just replace with what they can. It’s a long babysitting experience, but one that works! And I’m sure there are more holey socks, make up a couple more toys, for when that one goes missing!

    I always let my older dog take care of herself…..she’d look at us first, almost to tell us she was going to do it, then tell him “NO!” He’d go and cry for about 30 seconds then was back at her side snuggling.

  9. Lori Skoog says:

    What a precious pup. Your photos were especially great…thanks.

  10. Diane says:

    Oh puppy love!!! So cute when they are little. Then they grow up and they are dogs. lol. Kind of like kids. 🙂 My puppy/dog he is not so little now loves to bring me our dirty socks. We have learned to pick up the socks so he is not laying on them and licking them. yuck.

  11. Anke says:

    Oh my he is a cutie… I do remember those puppy days from our dogs. The victims were: shoes, several hats, a purse, a patio chair, an inflatable pool…

  12. Runningtrails says:

    That is one cute puppy! Makes me just want to hug and cuddle him! Give him a squeeze for me!

  13. Sandra in SC says:

    What an adorable puppy!! I had a lab mix puppy once and I totally agree with Kelly….they remain puppies for 3-4 years. Ours, Charlie, once brought home 1/2 of a pair of blue jeans…..we didn’t have close neighbors and no one ever mentioned it….to this day I have no idea where the other half of the jeans were!!!

  14. Melinda says:

    Casper is precious…I woke up this morning to my chocolate lab laying in my winter squash bed….plants on the outside of the garden…dirt dug about a five foot diameter and her sprawled out. AND SHES NO PUPPY! I wanted to throttle her but just took her back to her pups…. I think she is suffering from “PLEASE GOD LET THEM GROW UP SOON” Syndrome. Digging in the dirt was her equivalent to our “CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!”

  15. Carmen C. says:

    Oh my goodness, how cute he is! A lovely addition to your wonderful farm:)

  16. joycee says:

    Cute and thrifty! I blogged about “Simplicity” today too…

  17. quietstorm says:

    good gracious! is he adorable!!!!
    our guys (4) are sock fiends…..

    another almost free dog toy – get some remnant fleece (or old PJ bottoms) tear into strips – take 3 strips, tie a knot & braid tightly, tie another knot at the end, DONE!
    i got a yd of fleece for $3 & made 4 toys & they last longer than the ones you get in the store.

  18. Shelly says:

    I love it when they put there little bottom in the air like that last pic. So precious, what a great addition to your farm! My dog loves greenies!

  19. Miss Becky says:

    Casper is ADORABLE. thanks for sharing these fantastic photos of the newest family member Suzanne. the second from bottom is my fave. judging by the size of his paws, Giant Puppy is going to have some competition :heart:

  20. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    He is just too precious!

    We picked our milk goat up this morning! :snoopy:

  21. Barbee' says:

    That is one happy, contented cutie-pie puppy!

  22. Nancy says:

    How fortunate he is to have been adopted into your family! So many two and four legged friends…and a Grandma that knits!

  23. catslady says:

    Sooooo adorable. I just have cats now but we get to see our daughter’s dog weekly and sometimes babysit lol. She’s a mix and there could be lab in her lol.

  24. Casey says:

    What an ADORABLE puppy. Almost, *almost* makes me want another dog. I bet he is having a blast on your farm.

  25. Susan W. says:

    Oh boy….as soon as the isn’t he cute thought leaves my head, it’s replaced by the – he’s looking for trouble – thought. I think you’ve got your hands full with this cute one!

  26. northcountrygirl says:

    He is such a cutie!

  27. jan~n~tn says:

    I’ll say it again…name change to’Mercy-Mercy..Me’.
    Something told me, in the very first picture of him..A CHEWER.
    He’s still adorable. Good luck.

  28. Susan at Charm of the Carolines says:

    What a precious puppy!!!! I’m in love!!!


  29. Chic says:

    Aww Such a sweet pup. Just last fall our Shep was like that…now he’s at least 110 lbs …10 months old and STILL digs CRATERS in the yard. Have fun! Maura :hungry2:

  30. Junebug says:

    What a precious baby. That last photo says it all. Looks like he is a king and he is surveying his domain. We need more Boomer & Coco pictures too. Great photos.

  31. The Retired One says:

    Gosh, could he be any MORE adorable???????

  32. SuzieQ says:

    Love those photos…nothing sweeter than a new puppy… or a new kitten…or a new lamb… or..well you know what I mean.. :snoopy: :snoopy: :heart:

  33. Judy says:

    He is a doll! I love puppies and I love the pictures. Neat idea with the socks.

  34. tabbimama says:

    Oh yeah, please keep the puppy pictures coming! He is soooo cute. Great ideas for doggie toys. I think they can be trained to know what is theirs and what isn’t. My beagle likes squeaky toys but can tear apart just about any squeaker they make. We found a toy that looks like a stuffed animal, but you put a plastic water bottle inside and it makes a lovely squeak. Then you can change the bottle when necessary and recycle the bottle.

  35. scorwin says:

    OHHHHHH MY, He is so cute I can hardly stand it!!!!! I’ve always had labs before Rocky (my English Pointer). Casper looks like he has a lot of lab in him and believe me all our lab puppies, ate our whole house for the first two years of their life!! Sock toy . . . a very good thing : ))

  36. scorwin says:

    By the way, all our labs were named “Trouble ” : ))

  37. Nikki says:

    My akita was not a big chewer but we did take old jean legs and tie them in knots for chew toys. I hate paying money for plastic crap from the stores.

  38. Jodie in Texas says:

    Reminder: Marley was a lab! ‘Nuff said.

  39. Leanna says:

    Awww, to be a puppy…it really is the life! Thanks for the cute pics!

  40. Kara says:

    So cute I cannot STAND it!!

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