Kitten’s Great Escape


The wide open world is calling. Kitten wants to be a big cat! Like all the rest! He wants to go outside and chase mice and run after birds and have big brave cat adventures.

But he and Little are confined indoors. He’s been watching Spice. He knows she can open doors. He stalks her around the house until she decides to let herself out and he goes with her.

I stalk Kitten and bring him back.

“I am not a baby anymore!” Kitten said. And he decided to start letting himself out. Up, up, up.
There’s more than one way to skin a…… Never mind. If a door closes, find a window.
It’s really high up there. Kitten was almost scared.
But he’s a big brave cat now!
Down, down, down.
I brought him right back inside the farmhouse. “No, no, Kitten, you are not a big cat just yet.” And I raised the window so high, he couldn’t reach it.
“It’s okay, Kitten,” Little said. “We can still be like big cats. They take naps, too!”
The end.


  1. Jennifer says:

    Poor kitty…you don’t let them outside yet? What if you went out with them, to keep an eye on them?

    I say, ‘Fight the power, Kitten!’

    Much love from an overseas Army wife,

  2. Robin in WV says:

    Your blog is, with out doubt, the most entertaining thing on the world wide web! I have to get my daily “CITR” fix or go into withdrawal – which would be very ugly! Can I come live with you?

  3. Terry says:

    Will this be a chapter in your first children’s book? If it is, please put me on the Gotta have it list, it is so cute.

  4. Claudia W says:

    Kitten just about had it there. How cute though. How old are they now? I have an orange cat (three years and a three week old orange cat) Can’t wait til the three week old starts his kitten antics!

  5. Michelle says:

    I have two kitten 5 months (I find them in the sweetest positions also) old and they have started tearing up our walls! Wherever there is a ding or a mark on the paint they scratch and bite till they pull strips down to the dry wall. I am home most of the day and they get plenty of attention, they are just that age I guess. Just like my two middle school girls! Also what is wrong with kittens nose? At first I thought it was dirty from the milk bottle as he got older I thought he had a cold. Is it a scar? or just a messy kitty?

  6. Elaine says:

    Is this Number 9? Very handsome kitty. I say you let him try out the big wide world. He is clearly ready. You know how the saying goes…if you love something set it free…? He will come back, I don’t think he could pass up a snooze with his buddy.

  7. Kelly says:

    That’s hilarious! I’m fond of animal happenings!

  8. Shelly says:

    Let the poor cats out, they are smart enough to come back.

  9. anne says:

    No,Do not let the cats out!!
    All kinds of bad things and critters are out there.
    Keep them safe inside.
    I know!!

  10. JoAnn says:

    Your cats are so clever!!!

  11. Shells says:

    Ok Suzanne, sort these kittens out for me …. I am old, I get confused. Is that Number 9?? What about George?? Did you find more, adopt more, become a surrogate to more that I missed?? I had a kitten in my dream last night …. for some reason … he/she was a persian and we were discussing the attributes of a persian kitten (thats all I remember from it)

    • Suzanne says:

      Yes, “Kitten” is what we ended up calling Number Nine after being unable to agree on another name. Kitten stuck. And yes, I plan to call him Kitten when he’s all grownup, too! “Little” is George, which is also the result of disagreement on a name and I started calling him Little Kitten then eventually that got shortened to Little. So they are Kitten and Little.

  12. Dru says:

    I love it and all that climbing tuckered him out. Too darn cute.

  13. .Nancy in Iowa says:

    Kitten’s antics are hilarious! I need to laugh at someone else’s curious cat. Emma seems to like our new apt. here in Iowa, but she quickly discovered that she can open the lower cabinet doors in the kitchen and let them shut with a satisfying “bang!” That was not pleasant the first time it happened in the middle of the night! No way to tie or bungie cord them shut as they don’t have handles. That paw works very well!

  14. trish says:

    Little and kitten remind me of my daughters kittens. Fluffer and Nutta are orange and white and are into everything. When they sleep together it is soooooooooooooo cute!

  15. Michele says:

    They are so cute. Love your website!

  16. catslady says:

    That is too, too cute! I have a cat named Little Guy (shortened from Little Black Guy – there was a Little Yellow Guy and a Little Brown Guy too – all ferals but I just brought the one in). and then I found out he was a she lol but we still call her Little Guy.

  17. Miss Becky says:

    Kitten has gotten so big! I understand why you keep them in. My three sisters were born in my barn, so they were outside cats from the start. They came in when the temperatures dropped to zero. We had a coyote den in the rock outcropping up on the faraway hilltop, and every time I let them out I would wonder if I would see them again. So…I began the practice of giving them the KOL ~ Kiss of Love before opening the door for them. It protected them and they always were at the door the next morning. They braved rabid coons, possum, wild dog packs, and yes coyotes. Their mom, The Mrs., taught them very well. Now they are indoors all the time. I fear autos more than wild critters. I love your kitties. Give them the KOL.

  18. Estella says:

    Love the kitten story!

  19. Angie Seehafer says:

    Suzanne, you think about doing a children’s series about all the adventure of the farm animals. You have “Kitten and Little”, “Mean Rooster”, “Sweet, sweet Annabelle” and “Clover the Cookie Monster.” That’s only a few!! I think that they would be wonderful children’s books!!

  20. Nicky says:

    Adorable! …(petting kitty belly)…

  21. Michelle says:

    Oh my gosh, look at that little exhausted face! Lol! He tried real hard though. 🙂

  22. Christy O says:

    This would make a perfect children’s book! I wish I could write stories with so much life in them.

  23. Fran says:

    You need to write children’s books! This one is already complete!

  24. CMay says:

    Love your website. Who would have thought looking up how to make bird suet would lead me to a wonderful kitty story! My cat’s name is Baby. Not a baby anymore but it fits her. I am enjoying wandering through your site. Thanks 🙂

  25. Darlene says:

    Go to the store and get the latches that you use to keep toddlers out of cabinets. They have a latch that goes inside the cabinet and a hook that is screwed into the inside of the door. To open them, you just partially open the door and push down on the hook.

  26. winifred says:

    He’s one gorgeous puss cat!

  27. KCHobgood says:

    OMG! That is too cute. I have been around cats my whole life and know them for the rascals they are. My current favorite is a Japanese Bobtail named Bobby who lives in the radio studio where I work. Bobby was abandoned in our parking lot as a kitten and we just had to take him in. Now he is my constant companion at work. He has his own chair next to mine but also loves to nap on the main console with his head draped across my arm. He is a bit different because he is the first cat I ever had who loves to play fetch.

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