Let Sleeping Pigs


Let sleeping pigs….
….make friends with the chickens….
….show off their bums….
….and look ridiculously cute because when the pigs wake up, they root around the yard, turn over every stone (literally, like in a rocked wall garden), and generally tear everything up.

So. An effort was made to block their escape path, which is the new larger pipe in the culvert.
(A very dry creek, by the way.) Of course, they employed their young goat friend, Hickory, to show them how to push up the wire to get back into the pipe.
And through!
And they’re out again, to the other side!
There’s a pool of water in the creek on this side.
To be clear, it’s not as if they don’t have water. I’ve deliberately allowed them to create a puddle in the barn yard and I run water into it from the hose at the barn twice a day to give them a bathing puddle. Plus they have water pans and buckets of water around the barn yard. But, they want to be here.
And I have to admit, it’s really hard to deny them because they’re so ridiculously cute.

I also have to admit that I really like these pigs. These are the first pigs I’ve ever had that I genuinely liked and enjoyed and have let free range around the barn. They’ve become very pet-like, and these are the first pigs I can foresee being truly difficult to see go to the butcher.

We never should’ve become friends.


  1. Lois says:

    Move their fence? “Inherited” a pig when we bought our house 2 yrs ago, immediately dubbed Wilbur by my grandson, and he was a big pet. Got 2 more this year (because I’d read you should have more than one as they’re so social) and they’re just brats. First day after we got them home they got out and disappeared across the highway. Came home that afternoon on their own. Second day, same thing! They’re half grown now and rotten things bite if they get a chance! Next time, there Wilbur did go to the butcher and I’m sure looking forward to these going too. LOL!

  2. ClaudiaL says:

    Your pig tales are the exact reason I don’t have pigs! They are cute, so I couldn’t take them to the butcher. I don’t have a strong enough fencing system to contain them. I think my neighbors might have a problem with that. I keep looking at the emus someone has for sale though. Just to have as a pet though!

  3. Joell says:

    I love the first few photos, gives a new meaning to “pork butt”. My Uncle always said you have to think like your live stock in order to keep ahead of them, they are smarter than most folks give them credit for.

  4. marrypoppinz says:

    Must be just the right combination of water, mud and sun….

  5. Old Geezer says:

    “Pigs is pigs.”

    — Ellis Parker Butler

  6. Glenda says:

    They are very cute! and they will taste so good. Part of the good and bad of raising your own food.

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