This Little Goat and Me


Every morning, I walk down to the barn yard and let Maia out the gate. She is always already there, bleating for me, ready to run through as soon as it’s opened. She grazes the yard and gardens during the day, sits on the porch, sometimes takes a rocking chair and other times lays down with a cat or a dog. And sometimes she makes use of the “cat door” (loose screen in the screen door that I don’t fix because it’s the “cat door”) to come inside. I don’t mind if she follows me around the kitchen or sits down with me in the living room, but if she needs to jump on the dining room table, then she has to go. You know, after I take a picture, ha. She walks to the mailbox with me to check the mail, and she’ll wait for me outside the door if I go up to the studio. She comes when she’s called, and calls to me if she hears me come out the door. She greets visitors, and wears a superman cape. On occasional days when for some safety-related reason I think she needs to stay in the barn yard, she cries All Day Long.

In the evening, before she goes back to the barn yard for the night, I give her a bottle of water. She’s Sprite’s bottle baby, and it’s been months since she’s had milk in that bottle, but she enjoys it. And I enjoy giving it to her. We are mutual enablers.

She’s my baby!


  1. bonita says:

    Yup. Enabling cuteness, that’s your speciality.

  2. jodiezoeller says:

    She’s your new little darling goat. Following in the footsteps of Clover! Dress her up and take photos! We love your goat baby girl.

  3. Mickie says:

    Boy, one can sure get attached to those precious little animals, can we not?!?! I have dogs who would not let me have a goat but I would in a heartbeat if they would.

  4. pookie22 says:

    :wave: Oh Maia is a precious little girl for sure, and I am sure that your enable-ment of her antics is as pleasurable for you as it is for her.

    Any news on Jack yet? I have been praying he comes home safe and sound….How is Poky doing without him? Praying for Poky too.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  5. bumblebee says:

    Awwww darling little Maia.. she ADORES you to pieces!!!! Clover must have sent her to you! I always enjoy hearing about her…. Awwwww… sweet thing she is. 🙂

  6. judyann says:

    Cute toes, Suzanne, for the boyfriend?

  7. DeniseS says:

    Maia is so cute. Love to see posts on her and looking forward to more dress up photos. Following you everywhere – what a sweetheart.

  8. missmouse says:

    I had a three year old ram that loved his occasional baby bottle of cherry Kool Aid. lol And my fainter like to lay on the couch and watch TV so I know where you are coming from. Cute goat.

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