Little Soldier Girl


Photos of my sweet Pocahontas are best taken through the goat yard gate.
That’s because once I’m inside the goat yard, most pictures of Pocahontas look like this.
She nuzzles. And cuddles. And nigh swoons upon me.
I love that.
However, sometimes it’s annoying because it’s so difficult to take photos of her when she’s swooning all over me.
If I crouch down to take photos of Clover, Pocahontas likes to rest her head on my shoulder.
But for all her sweetness, she is also a little soldier girl I’ve come to depend on. When Pocahontas is by my side, I can walk through the goat yard without my rooster rake! Mean Rooster won’t come too close to Pocahontas. He’s scared of my little donkey.
If she gets distracted munching grass….and I get too far away from her….and Mean Rooster’s coming, I scream, “POCAHONTAS!” And she saves me.
Morgan does that, too. I’ll be in the house and hear her screaming, “POCAHONTAS!” and I know Mean Rooster’s after her. But that she’ll be okay. Pocahontas will save her.
Reason #495,026 to have a miniature donkey: Roosters!


  1. Kathie says:

    Donkeys are used here as protection for herds. She is doing her job well. They also use llamas, so many you should get one of those.

  2. Tracey In Paradise Pa. says:

    :hissyfit: I keep asking for a Donkey…Mothers day…My Birthday..Groundhogs Day…WHo knows maybe I will try again for Halloween.Thanksgiving and Christmas!! :snoopy:

  3. Sarah says:

    I LOVE the closeup picture of her ears and hair puff. So CUTE!!! She is clearly a wonderful donkey.

  4. Runningtrails - Sheryl says:

    She is just so sweet! Makes me want one too, almost.

  5. monica says:

    Wow Suzanne! I think it is official: You take more pics in a day than what I usually take in a month. I just love your blog! Thanks again for my morning wakeup. :shocked: to :bugeyed: to :wave: to :yes: –within minutes.

  6. Tovah says:

    I didn’t know that about roosters and mini donkeys but I’m glad she has a job on your farm. Sounds like a pretty important job too:)

  7. auralinxup says:

    Recently my mother, ever wise, decided she wanted to buy a farm so she could retire. Like you, she has started sort of small. Just chickens and turkeys right now with plans of goats, sheep, and who knows what planned in the next two years. I can’t wait for the donkeys! I’ve already started talking her into it. I use evil little sniffles and well-planned sad eyes. With luck, the ones we get will be half as cute as Pocahontas! For now though, I just help mom take care of the poultry and dream of owning fuzzy eared, nuzzling beasts of burden. And yes, I totally blame that day-dream on you. :sheep:

  8. Lisa says:

    For all the trouble that rooster is causing, he needs to go in a pot.

  9. Jen R ( says:

    I want my own Pocahontas.

    I really want 50 acres, a 3-5 acre stocked pond, 5-10 acres of woods, 10-15 acres for horses and other animals, 2-5 acres of prairie, and the rest for small family-owned farm land.

    I even found an awesome plot that backs to a state park which already has a 3 acre pond on it. $373,000. We just can’t afford that.

    It breaks my heart every day.

  10. Sheila Z says:

    So that’s how it works. You just keep getting a bigger animal to intimidate the smaller one. Mean rooster you have met your match! Pocahontas is such a sweetie.

  11. Jayme aka The Coop Keeper says:

    I’ve got such a hankering for a miniature cow. I probably need a minature donkey to keep it company don’t I? Sweet little thing that Pocahontas!

  12. JeannieB says:

    She is such a cutie, I want one!!!

  13. trish says:

    I love her too! So Sweet!
    Monica, I love your smiley face explanation! Funny!

  14. Joycee says:

    Mother Nature has a sense of humor, funny Pocahontas rules over Mean Rooster!

  15. cgReno says:

    Starting my day here, is, on certain occasions, what will get me through the day. Today is one of those days when the world of mini donkeys, and mean roosters and chickens in the road is truly needed balm for the soul……….sending you a blessing and a thank you.

  16. Miss Becky says:

    two words ~ THOSE EYES! :heart:

  17. Sharon says:

    To funny…..I love!

  18. .Nancy in Iowa says:

    No wonder you love her so much! I’d let her hang over my shoulder or rest against my knees as much as she wants if she kept Mean Rooster at bay! Heck, she could knock me down as long as she stood guard! Tell Coco she’s going to lose her job if she doesn’t stop napping on the porch and help protect you, too!!! :whip:

  19. Ms E says:

    That is totally adorable! I would have her in the house on the couch like the pet she is. Can they be house trained??

  20. Robin G. says:

    Good for Pocahontas. Show that rooster who’s boss.

  21. Michele says:

    Whats that thing across his nose? Is that to help him breath easier? He is very cute.

  22. Michele says:

    Sorry he’s a she, I knew that!!

  23. Donna says:

    PRECIOUS…but I don’t know why when I saw her, I thought “Wilbur”…LOL wasn’t there a donkey on a tv show named Wilbur..and they would say “Willllburrrrr!”. LOL

  24. Angela says:

    She sounds like a sweet heart! Not like that mean old donkey down the road from me. Your pictures are too awesome for words! I have got to get me a better camera! :sun:


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