Maia Has a Mini Me!


Lizzie is my little goat with the lopsided ears.
When I first heard about Lizzie, the lady told me that she thought she’d end up having to keep Lizzie because she had this lopsided ear issue. One ear is shorter than the other. Of course, then I said, “I’ll take her!”
Because I’m weird like that.
I’ve been working on making friends with the girls.

The girls, running for cookies when they see me.
So far, Jane and Kitty are pretty good at taking cookies from my hand. But Lizzie–oh, Lizzie. She sucks on my fingers at any opportunity, perhaps hoping to find a crumb still on them.
She follows me around.

She comes in the house.

She tries to climb in my lap.

I actually thought about taking her to the library with me the other day because I thought she might behave better than Maia. But that would have really created a kafluffle. Maia is already getting upset.

Sometimes Maia gets jealous and head-butts Lizzie. I keep telling her that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

And Lizzie is doing a great Maia Mini Me!
I’m so glad I took home the lopsided goat. It is often true in life that the thing that is not quite perfect is the best of all.


  1. DeniseS says:

    Lizzie is cute too. Hopefully, in time, she and Maia will become buddies and understand you have enough love to go around. Perhaps they could go as a tutu wearing duo/team. Although, that might be a bit much to manage. I only know you through your stories, as we have never met in person, but I don’t think you are weird (your comment), I think you have a kind heart.

  2. Dumbcatluvr says:

    Oh Suzanne,You brightened my day so much.,I love the word”kafluffle” and will be using it as often as I can. 🙂

  3. Joell says:

    How sweet is she?
    Over the past 32 years, we have had 6 fur babies, all of them were dogs that were unwanted because of “inperfections”, to us there were beyond perfect and those 6 babies could not have had better care or been loved more, good for you Suzanne, it would be good if more humans felt that way about each other.

  4. Charlene says:

    Lizzie is a real cutie and I love her ears. Never knew goats could be so adorable until I started reading your blog. Is that a new cat in the picture with Lizzie licking your fingers? You haven’t written about your cats lately. Hint. Hint.

    Oh, and congratulations to Morgan on both her graduation and ALL those scholarships! Way to go, girl!

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