Maia’s Day Out


Maia had a big day!
Saturday, Maia made one of her paid appearances (she’s a working girl!) at a community bazaar near Charleston. She was the tutu-wearing carnival goat accepting pats and crackers from children and adults alike.
She lucked into quite a bit of popcorn.
Not to mention the cookies.
Staying put at her station wasn’t quite her thing.
That was no fun. She wanted to play!
How ’bout that Play-Doh?
She didn’t even know what this table had going on, but she wanted to be involved.
Poor Maia. She didn’t get to play at any of the booths!
But it wasn’t so bad. Right, Maia?
Well, unless you count the drive to and from the bazaar.

Here’s how Maia travels–in the trunk of my Impala. I put down a big tarp to cover the entire trunk area. Then I put down one of the back seats slightly and prop it with a LOT of buckets so that she can’t push the back seat down and clamber into the interior of the car. (I put towels down over the seat because the buckets are dirty.) This means that the opening is just enough for her to stick her head into the car, see me, talk to me, feel the cool air coming from the air conditioning–but not get out and flop into my lap while I’m driving.
She was so good all day, and on the drive, that I let her have a couple hours of playtime in the yard and on the back porch before I put her back in the field. However, she was so tired from playing with so many children, and had had so much to eat, she mostly napped on the porch.

She had a big day!

P.S. If you want Maia to attend an event, email me at [email protected]. She travels!


  1. nursemary says:

    She certainly looks pretty but, no tiara? That outfit screams for a tiara.

    Next time I would like to see her in the drive thru at McDonalds. No, I take that back, I’d like to see the reaction of the people at the drive thru. I used to take one of my goats through the Starbucks drive thru in the front seat of my car. They always gave him an oatmeal cookie. He was being treated at the school of veterinary medicine near Starbucks so they saw a lot of that little guy!

  2. Joell says:

    I bet she fell asleep very quickly when you put her down for the night.

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