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Saturday evening, this comment was made on The Bad Baby Has a Birthday post (though it is in part in reference to my Milking a Cow Once a Day post:

I joined this forum because I read an article by somebody who said she bought a cow and finds the cow lot of work. She milks the cow only once a day. Now I can’t find that article. I could not comment before because I was not a member and when I became a member and could post I can’t find the article. Cows cost money and the owner milks only once a day. I think the owner of the cow is the owner of the site. She bought the cow only because she wants material for this blog and she can afford to maintain the blog. But if I were to buy the cow I’d milk the cow at least four times a day because any less milking is under milking the cow. I’d sell its milk and try to recover the cost of the cow. Keeping a cow is not that much work. But it makes me sick when the owners ask questions like what’d happen if we do not milk the cow or milk it only once a week and not even once a day. I ‘d read the comments on that article. Every body agreed with the article and said that they too milk their cow only once a day. They let the milk f0 rot and that will cause the cow to get mastitis. If that happens the cow will not produce milk. Lots of people have cows whose cows produce milk only in three quarters or even two quarters of the udder. I too have had cows all my life and I’m surprised when people buy the cows and do not want to milk. They probably think of cow as a pet like they would think of a Dog or a cat as a pet. Only Dog or a cat would be a cheaper pet than a cow. Even a Goat would be a cheaper pet. You could afford to buy a goat and not use it to make money by selling its milk. I found the name of the owner of this site. Suzanne McMinn. She shows a cow sucking the milk of another cow. To her it is fun. If I’d two cows they would not be drinking each other’s milk. mahapundit

I read this comment after coming home late Saturday evening from the emergency room with Morgan, who had fallen and hit her head during a volleyball tournament. (She’s fine.) I was tired and not in a really good mood, and I had all sorts of things I would have liked to say to mahapundit, and had to restrain myself.

Then I decided, you know, this is what they call one of those teachable moments! I’ve had experience with a lot of different animals. I have something to share! If you’re thinking about doing something like this, here is my Top 10 List of Animals to Acquire for Material for Your Blog!

(I don’t recommend getting children for material for your blog, by the way. Children are expensive, require a lot of attention, and they talk back.)

10. Cows.

Photo by Natalie Cyphers.

Cows are the last animals I’d recommend acquiring for purposes of material for a blog. Cows are big and take some experience to handle. They eat a lot (because they’re big) and they require a large amount of pasture if you don’t want to buy a large amount of hay. A dairy cow, in particular, requires daily attention and time. Managing a dairy cow, including handling the milk and subsequent products to be made from the milk, will, in fact, interfere with the time you have to blog.

9. Sheep.

Sheep don’t require a lot of daily attention, but they do require a lot of pasture and they are adept escape artists when given the opportunity. They do have cute babies, but because they’re expensive to keep (either in pasture or hay), I can’t in all good conscience recommend acquiring them as material for a blog.

8. Ducks.
Ducks are adorable and funny, but they tend to get lost, run off, or get eaten, which results in heartbreaking blog stories. I can’t recommend them as material for a blog unless you expect to have better luck.

7. Geese.

Ditto re: ducks.

6. Pigs.
Pigs are cute when they’re little, but we all know where their story’s going, so it’s best not to talk about them on your blog too much, therefore they are of little use as material for a blog. However, they’re quite tasty!

5. Donkeys.

Donkeys are easy to keep, require little regular care other than the occasional hoof trimming, and they don’t eat that much all things considered. They’re friendly and they like people. I’d definitely recommend them as material for a blog.

4. Cats.
Cats don’t care about you that much, but they don’t eat that much, either, and don’t require a lot of daily care. Very easy animals to keep on hand for material for a blog. If you’re looking for no muss, no fuss, get a cat.

3. Dogs.

Dogs LOVE YOU, and though they eat more than cats, they will spend more time with you letting you take pictures and write stories about them. Highly recommended as material for a blog.

2. Goats.

Adorable, friendly, and smart. They don’t eat too much, and they make cute babies. Highly recommended as material for a blog.

And the number one animal to acquire for material for a blog?!


Chickens are by far the easiest farm animals to keep. If you let them free-range, they will practically take care of themselves. They’re the least expensive animal on a farm. They’re always busy doing something, and the story possibilities are endless as are the photo ops.

They’re hardly ever scary.
And they don’t usually drive.

Get a chicken or 12 today and start a blog!

I hope that helps!


  1. kellyb says:

    Thank you for clearing up this matter. DH and I were just talking about buying a cow for blog purposes only. Now I’m rethinking that. We have 13 chickens, that might make really good blog material. You’ve done well with them and they do give you really tasty eggs. I have a dog but she’s 15 so there’s limited blog potential there. Cat died, sad blog.

    Thanks for taking a deep breath BEFORE replying, although your original thoughts may have made good blog material, with or without animals!

  2. The Mom says:

    Oh my. I hope you didn’t take that too seriously. I thought it was kind of funny. Heaven forbid you let the baby cow drink her mother’s milk. What an insane proposition. Milking 4 times a day? Really? Cows aren’t a lot of work? I’m always amazed at the insanity of the internet. It really seems to bring out the crazies.

  3. Leah's Mom says:

    LOL….and thanks for the blog. I knew there was SOME reason I was wanting to hurry up and get those chickens…

  4. SarahGrace says:

    I like your wit and style, Suzanne!

  5. GA_in_GA says:

    I really thought I got my 2 hens for fresh eggs. Now I know I can start a blog. :snoopy: Hmmm, now that I think about it, I should have started my blog decades ago, when I first started being owned by the cats. :bugeyed:

    There might have been an issue though, since AG did not invent the internet until years later. :no:

    What a mean-spirited comment from mahapundit! Must have waaaay too much time on her/his hands!

  6. momtoadiva says:

    I agree with you GA_in_GA – WAY too much time on his or her hands!

  7. judithann says:

    Ditto what The Mom said. I think it’s pretty obvious mahapundit hasn’t bothered to read much your blog or they would know about the work you put into making cheese, sour cream, yogurt, butter, etc, and the hard work you do every day. Neither are they aware of the care and concern you have for all of your animals.

    Not sure about chickens, but I think I’d like to have a goat or two….

  8. Bev in CA says:

    Oh My! A laugh to start the day. It is always hard when you so much want to reply. What a classy answer. Clearly the person needs the whole story. That’s what happens when you actually are not following a blog well.

  9. Rose H says:

    I have to admire your fortitude Suzanne. Sometimes it makes me wonder why folk even bother to comment, happily I was wearing my wellies when I read it – a good job too, as I was up to my knees in ‘it’ by the time I’d finished! :moo: Fancy letting GB drink milk from her mother 😕 How odd is that?
    I loe your list…I have a cat which I occasionally blog about, I also have visiting hedgehogs – which I also think is good for blogging about. I love the idea of getting chickens, but sadly my postage stamp garden just isn’t big enough. So if you don’t mind I’ll just keep visiting and reading about your blog animals, your posts are delightful and make me smile. 😀

  10. milessa says:

    I wonder if she comments to big dairy farms. The only time the cow gets human contact is when the milking machine is put on and off. No love next. I love your bolg!!! They way I care for my animals (they never do what I need them to do) they walk all over me. My cow (when I get one) will be sitting at my kitchen table wanting cream…And I would not have it another way…you are a nicer women then me…

  11. Leah says:

    This post helps me. Now I know what to do so I can start my own blog. 😀

  12. Glenda says:

    Well, I am one of those horrid “milk once a day” ; no wait: I milk maybe three times a week cow owners. I do take her milk on a regular schedule which is a good thing…only her two babies do it when I don’t.

    Once again,may I say not milking does not cause mastitis! Mastitis is caused only by bacteria moving up the teat canal. Possibly if the udder is distended by not milking, the teat canal doesn’t close fully (not real sure about this one) therefore bacteria could enter. Very shortly after milking the sphincter muscles in the teat end close tightly….which is why a cow laying in a pile of poop doesn’t get mastitis regularly from it.
    Now laying in poop is not a good thing, but it does happen.

  13. MelW says:

    I think this person really needs to get a couple cows. If they were milking four times a day then they won’t have time to be wasting on typing responses that show their ignorance. If you’re going to make such comments,at least get your facts straight. I love your response, such class. I don’t think I cold have been as nice. Guess that’s why I’m not a blogger. Besides, I don’t have enough material. :moo:

  14. zshawn says:

    wow, I grew up on a farm in WV and find most people don’t have a clue what time and effort goes into farming. I applaud you and your sense of humor about farm life! NO farms, NO food. Thank a farmer today for the food on your table!

  15. Jessica Tibbetts says:

    It seems to me that milking four times a day would, in fact, constitute a lot of work. I don’t know personally, but judging from the disgruntled comments of my husband who milks only once a day, doing so four times would be more. 😕
    Also, we can’t sell our milk in GA unless we go through strict regulations and buy lots of equipment to pasturize and bottle. That would add to our costs for the cow, not offset them as the commentor suggests. Most states have similar restrictions.
    We put her on grass (we’re fortunate to have lots of pasture, a consideration we took BEFORE getting Anna) and she’s happy and fat.
    Nice job Suzanne. Keep it up.

  16. thistlewoodmanor says:

    You handled that letter with far more grace than I would have! I think I’ll stick to chickens and kittens as blog material; and I find baking, soapmaking and gardening also work well. You’re right, kids are expensive for blogging purposes! Thanks for your sense of humor!

  17. Aggiemom says:

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Suzanne, you are a smart woman, with the intelligence to take a breath and think before you shoot from the hip. The individual who posted that dribble made more of a fool of themselves than anyone else ever could. What a pitiful post it was and you were so wise to let it stand/fall on it’s own merits.

    You are a woman of great wealth, in the things that are of the greatest value.

    :snuggle: :snuggle: :snuggle: :snuggle: :snuggle: :snuggle: :snuggle: :snuggle:


  18. pensiero says:

    I love you. That is all.

  19. Rah says:

    Oh, dang. I live in a high rise condo, and was thinking about starting a blog, but I’m not sure I could get a cow in the elevator. Sigh.

  20. holstein woman says:

    Suzanne, I applaud you and all who responded to the matter. I think she needs a kitchen full of ‘POOP’ not “tongue” as grandpa the farmer always said. 😆

    I have all of the above except the goats and sheep and I love every one of them and would like him or her (whomever) to come take care of them as my DH and I do. We can both admire and sympathize with all the work you put into your farm, not to mention the blog.

    They who don’t have and speak should “SHUT UP”! :dancingmonster:

  21. Auntie Linda says:

    Suzanne, I applaud your response. Don’t let the crazies get you down. There are plenty of us that look to you for inspiration (and a good laugh occasionally) as you recount the antics of the day. And I’m glad you said chickens are the easiest……! We’ll be adding them to our family in the spring.

  22. sueann37 says:

    Suzanne you should invite mahapundit over to try and milk Glory Bee. Seriously, they sound like a 12 year old that has never seen a farm.

  23. Snapper119 says:

    Wow…… :no:
    Glad to hear that Morgan is/was okay!

  24. nursemary says:

    Oh Dear. I may have to stop blogging because there ain’t no way I am milking! No cats or dogs here either. I am not legit at all! Maybe I’ll switch to celebrity gossip since I have chickens named Martha Stewart, Judge Judy, Lucy, and goats Lavene, Shirley, Thelma and Louise. Oh wait, they are all has beens. I’m screwed.


  25. Howdy says:

    Nice job in taking the high road in your response to the comment. It was very clear in reading what he/she wrote that they have not read very much on your site.

  26. cabynfevr says:

    Let’s see, I have 2 cats, a brother and sister rescue that I’ve had since they were 1 day old. Probably blog worthy. A yellow lab, which, if you have a Lab, KNOW that’s a ton of material. A Bearded Dragon, a rabbit, 5 ducks (2 newly adopted),2 geese, 11 hens (1 that is hopelessly broody) and one rooster that someone kindly (!?!?!) deposited over my backyard fence and ran for the hills. I work at a daycare where kids say lovely things like “Why are your lungs sooo big?” As they point to my “girls” and “don’t try to lie to Nancy. Nancy knows everything. She ALWAYS knows everything. So basically you are screwed!” (a 10 yr. old boy!) I guess I have more than enough material but I will NEVER blog. I couldn’t handle the nasty, rude, ignorant comments you sometimes receive!! Kudos to you Suzanne. I do have one request… how in the world do you keep you skin so young looking? The pic of you milking? I am amazed everytime I see it! Please share!

  27. denisestone says:

    Oh my god! I don’t know where to even start! First, mastitis is caused by bacteria getting up the teat, NOT from lack of milking. Second, I work out at our university’s dairy unit, and we only milk our cows TWICE a day. In fact, INDUSTRY STANDARD is twice a day. But that is for industry, dairies selling their milk. Once a day for home use is just fine. And not letting Glory Bee suckle on BP? Rubbage! As for material for your blog, you have better things to do than create work for yourself just for material for your blog. Sigh. Keep up the fantastic work suzanne.

  28. twiggityNDgoats says:

    You have an amazing ability to take a potentially upsetting situations and turn it into a positive moment. That is one of the really inspiring things that your blog has to offer and it helps keep me enjoying the moment instead of worry about the bad things that happen.

    I sincerely hope that Morgan is feeling okay. What a scary moment for you both

    Oh and I’m thrilled to learn that have 3 of the top 4 animals I need to start a successful blog!!!

  29. MalagaCove says:

    Okay, I don’t blog nor do I have any animals, except a cat. But I HAVE read the blogs here, more than a few, and know that Glory Bee is drinking her Mom’s milk (isn’t that why cows have milk, I mean really?)

    One big problem with the internet is that it’s too easy to send off something you think is well thought out, and that you know the whole story, when in fact you do not.

    Suzanne, you have more patience and self-control than I think I would have had in this situation. Kudos for that!

    You think they could have asked a question or two beforehand? Naw, why clutter up your time with facts? Honestly!


  30. tdmarr says:

    Awesome, intelligent, well-thought out response to an obviously bitter, dishonest ( two times a day is max recommended milking for any dairy cow I know of ) and rather unstable ( looking for a post that upset her so much she joined the blog of a woman she finds detestable to lambaste her on her own site!!! ) creepy, bored, unintelligent, bullying…well, the list of adjectives for this sad soul goes on and on. Doesn’t it?

  31. CarrieJ says:

    Oh please…clearly she didn’t start at the beginning with the goats, sheep blogs. Or how to make cheese, or bread or soap. Give us her email…we’ll take care of her for you. Oh…and where I live, you have to have a LICENSE to sell raw milk. So, you milking BP 4 times a day and selling her milk proably wouldn’t get you anywhere. Or any cheese.

  32. Ramona Slocum says:

    Suzanne, Just ignore people who don’t know what they are talking about. I look forward to your blog every day. I have spent a lot of time in Rochester MN at the Mayo Clinic the last 2 years. I look forward to your blog everyday. It makes me feel good. It gives me hope. I love you and all the friends who share their lives on Chickens in the Road. Keep on keeping on.
    MN Mona

  33. brookdale says:

    Well done, Suzanne. :hug:

  34. TinaBell says:

    Love your list and accompanying pictures. Your tact and grace are exemplary. Praises to you for taking that necessary deep breath; responding rather than reacting…Was really nice to see a picture of YOU! You look fantastic with your hair pulled back 🙂

  35. farmkat says:

    I guess I’ll let my brother know (who is a full-time dairy farmer with about 70 cows) that he’s not really working when he’s milking cows twice a day!! HA. I think he’d beg to differ.
    And he does sell his milk, but he’s not making any money… go figure.

    Milking four times a day would be crazy.

  36. joykenn says:

    I don’t know Rah. I’m sure having a cow in a condo would make a FANTASTIC blog. Giant litter boxes or taking the cow for a walk 3-4 times a day? :moo: The difficulty getting giant rounds of hay deliverd and the doorman is SO UNHELPFUL (no Christmas tip for him!) You could call it a Cow in Manhattan/Chicago/Sydney…

    Maybe chickens are better. They might live on the balcony in a little chicken house–so cute. :chicken: But taking the chickens for a walk, training them to litter. (I don’t see a puzzled emoticon.)

  37. whaledancer says:

    Before I finished reading your response I found myself humming “You’ll take the high road and she’ll take the low road…”

    I’m sorry you had to encounter that kind of nonsense when you were tired and worried. That’s definitely a down side to interacting with the public. Fortunately, mean-spirited people are in the minority, but they can sure get under your skin when they catch you in an off moment. Sometimes one crazie can offset a couple of dozen pleasant people.

    Thanks for giving me one more reason to want chickens. I knew they’d be good for eggs, and free fertilizer, and bug removal, and entertainment, but I hadn’t thought of blog material!

    I’m glad Morgan’s okay. Ouch! And here you thought you were done with that kind of thing once the boys were out of football.

  38. cblystone1 says:

    :moo: This person does not have a sense of humor. Everyday I come in and read an update on Glory Bee , BP, Clover, Nutmeg (Rountda) or the many chickens. I beliveve that this perdon needed to read more than just one or two blogs. Your Blog is a wonderful insight to your daily life. Keep one blogging. God bless and Keep You Always. :cowsleep:

  39. Jiller says:

    Well Done Madame, Well done!

    Jiller :sheepjump:

  40. Darlene in North GA says:

    I’m so sorry for the troll. You did a good job of rising above the muck. Even more so, since it hit you at a very bad time. I think I would have cried.

    I’m so glad to hear that Morgan was ok! Head injuries are nothing to fool around with. Problem is, sometimes, you don’t know if a bump is just a bump or a head injury until time passes or they’re seen by a Dr. Glad that you were able to go and have her checked out.

  41. mamajoseph says:

    Kudos to you, Suzanne. You did the right thing and gave me a good laugh (which I can use) in the process.
    Sure am glad you got a cow :cowsleep: and started blogging about it! Now I have a cow, too! :woof: And milk and cheese and butter and anything else I want to make, thanks to your great blog!
    Much love and many thanks. Mahapundit got it all wrong.

    People keep camels around here. If I ever get a camel, I am DEFINITELY starting a blog. Where’s the camel emoticon?

  42. wildcat says:

    Hmmm….. I have a cockatiel and a Chihuahua…Oh, and a husband too… all are pretty entertaining at times….. Hey, I could start a blog! :snoopy:

    Seriously though, I love your blog. I wanna be you when I grow up. :hug:

  43. Sonia says:

    First of all, glad to hear that Morgan is okay. Secondly, SOCK IT
    TO mahapundit! That was a fabulous come back Suzanne. It was so obvious he/she did not have a clue what they were talking about, and the result was pie on their faces. Just wish it was the other kind of ‘pie’.

  44. Nana Ellen says:

    Wow! 😕 Someone I respect for their love of :cowsleep:and :chicken: and :sheep: once said, “Not everybody understands us, but that’s okay. We don’t understand them either.” __Suzanne McMinn on June 14, 2011. Wise lady. A lesser lady might have :hissyfit: Way to go Suzanne!!!

  45. MrsB says:

    Glad Morgan alright….sometimes things just lump together to make a mass of crude. I am remodeling a kitchen, got a UTI, got a nasty cold from contractor and today a tooth ache (going dentist shortly).

    And think I was actually considering getting a cow to blog about. I hope you put this ijit out of your mind….

    This entry just reminded me of how many ijits are out there with access to the Interwebz.

    Your readers love you – keep it up, girlie!

  46. langela says:

    “They’re delicious!” That was the best part of your response, for me anyway. :pinkpig: :hungry:

  47. DancesInGarden says:

    Give the girlie a tender hug from me, and a nice ice pack for her noggin! That person doesn’t make much sense, but since you are getting all these animals for blog fodder, and since you seem MUCH less lazy than I am, could you please get some turkeys and some quail and maybe a peacock or two? I’d like to read about those. *snort*!

  48. suziQ says:

    :shocked: What a ridiculous comment from mahapundit! You did a great job in responding and truly admire you. Like someone else said here earlier, I want to be you when I grow up! Thank you so much for the glimpses of farm life that you give us everyday. It makes my day to read about you, your family and your animals. Keep up the great work! :happyflower:

  49. BuckeyeGirl says:

    You’re the farmer Suzanne :cowsleep: , Mahapundit is the Troll. :dancingmonster:.

    Glad you saw what a fool they are and rose above the nonsense.

  50. gonecrazy says:

    My son has been working for a Dairy farmer who has been in the business for 50 years….They milk 85 cows 2 times a day. Now I’m going to have to tell him to get up and milk at 3:00 in the morning..He’s been doing it wrong all these years.

  51. TraciMarkou says:

    People keep animals for different reasons. It never ceases to amaze me how much they want to exploit them and use them all up without any regard to letting them be what they naturally should be. They are living creatures and I believe they have souls, feelings, are sometimes smarter *cough*goats*cough* than the average person, and deserve respect. Why not let the mother cow feed her baby? Isn’t that the natural order of things? Why not milk your cow once a day if that’s all the milk you need and want? Why not take joy in getting to know your animals, caring for them, and blogging all about the joy, sorrow, and reality they provide you every single day? Why not take something mean-spirited and turn it into a smile? Love that.

  52. Madeline says:

    Wow, it takes all kinds, Suzanne.. obviously you have nothing better to do with your life than get farm animals ,dig ditches, cook home made food and raise a family, all so you can blog about it for us suburbanites. The kids? Well, like you said, awful expensive and they tend to talk back a lot.

    Oh, but really, there’s the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS BLOGGERS MAKE.Maybe animals helps you make an EXTRA million or two due to reliably cute pictures?? yea, right. ROTFL!!!!!!!

    You know, there are self help blogs that only require your own blissful, pedantic, across- the- universe meanderings in order to get readers. But no, you had to get animals.And a farm.


    Suzanne, I love your blog.It sets my morning on the right note, every day. You work way harder than I do. At everything! And I love the pictures. (Of the animals AND the kids…)


  53. debg says:

    I don’t comment buy once in awhile, but Suzanne I want you to know that when I first found your blog I told all my family that “there’s a woman in WV who is living my dream life!”. Then I started at the beginning of your blog and read all your stuff. You’ve inspired me to get the stuff to learn soap making and candle making, and I’ve actually made a few cheeses. I have chickens, ducks, and used to have goats and really want a cow. Now I know that getting a cow will allow me to be a blogger too!!!! LOL
    Anyone who has followed your blog knows that you work hard and LOVE your animals. Even the tasty pigs! Oh and I want a couple of pigs too. All on my one little acre. LOL Anyway, keep doing what you’ve been doing, cause you are an inspiration to a lot of us. Oh, and you make me laugh a lot too. And cause I can’t have a cow on one acre, I’ll enjoy BP and Glory bee through you.

    And I’m also very glad Morgan is OK.

    You are a true lady.


  54. oct4luv says:

    Wow, that is a crazy, rambling comment. :pirate: Good for you for being the bigger person and making light of it. I’m glad Morgan is OK.

  55. Teresa says:

    Good job taking the high road on that one! It would have been so easy to do otherwise. You can’t even sell raw milk here in WV, it’s against the law.

    I’m ready to blog…I have the cats and dogs, plus a crazy rabbit and horse. Starting Sunday I will even have the goats! All I need are some chickens and I will be ready for action. :shimmy:

  56. farmgrammy says:

    If there were ever a person who should have lurked before posting, that man/woman was it!! Suzanne, it just shows that you are a Southern Lady to your core.

    Oh… I would like to see you get a llama so you will have something else to blog about!!! I hear they never spit and are great company.

    You have made my day again. Retha

  57. lavenderblue says:

    The difference between this blog and so many others is that respect is required here. We are a close knit bunch for a blogging community
    (don’t know of too many other bloggers who host camp outs) but readily include all new-comers if they are respectful of our host and other commentors. As you see, if that doesn’t happen we rally the troops.

    You gave an excellent response, Suzanne. Especially under the conditions. Tell Morgan take care of her noggin. She is the next McMinn that needs to win a scholarship.

  58. elizabethelfoss says:

    ya that peron mut jut live on a dairy farm where they think know everything. that was rather mean what he wrote!

  59. elizabethelfoss says:

    ok the s on my keyboard dosnt work unless u hitt it really hard

  60. DancesInGarden says:

    Farmgrammy – I forgot about LLAMAS! And alpacas. We would like you to get some llamas and alpacas, please. You know, just to make sure they make good blog fodder.

    Go on, we’ll wait…..

  61. twotravel says:

    1)`Wow, how strange and rude! :bugeyed:
    2) I am so glad Morgan is okay, she is a sweetie. :heart:
    3) I agree with the other members of this blog, we all love your blog and enjoy reading all about your life. :snuggle:
    4) 60 of us went to W.V. in hot hot temps to learn more about what you do. You gave us a closer opportunity to become more self sufficient and we created wonderful friendships. :sheep:
    5) HUGS and a bottle of vino to celebrate your amazing comeback. :snoopy:


  62. wkf says:

    OMG!!!!!! Suzanne this just proves if you BLOG IT, THEY WILL COME!! Then THEY get to be material for the blog! WIN :snoopy: for you!!


    God love ’em. Bless their heart!!

    ** Glad Morgan is okay.***

  63. Cheryl LeMay says:

    Suzanne you are an amazing woman! I have nothing but admiration for you for the way you handled that creep (and all the others that show up). What terrible timing to read something like that after the scare you had with Morgan. Just remember that there are lots of people who care about you and what you do.

  64. TW says:

    I found your blog a year or two ago when searching for a farm blog in the Appalachians, because when my husband retires from the military, we want to have a small farm too. I have been so thrilled with all that you write about and the experiences you share. I have learned so much from all your blog writing. Thank you for sharing the good and the bad with the rest of us. You do an amazing job! Too bad there has to be a sour apple in the bunch some times.

  65. Pete says:

    Shocking. Just SHOCKING.

    You mean this place is NOT owned by a consortium of Clover, Coco, Annabelle et al?

    Who is this Suzanne McMinn person? Why is she hiding behind, what is that, a camera?? How come you have to dig around all over the upper right side bar to discover her name???

    eGADS! How bizarre. Guess having a few fans with too much time on their hands is a hazard you must endure if your name is BP or GB.

  66. ladybird_1959 says:

    Suzanne, you are a much better person than I. I would be tempted to email the link to this post to mahapundit and let him/her know just how big a fool they are. Those of us who follow you on a daily basis know how much you love your farm animals, especially BP. I hope this person reads this post and all the comments. This upset me to think someone who doesn’t “know” you would judge you and say such things. I enjoy your blog and it’s one of the first things I look at upon signing onto the internet. Keep up the good work!

  67. wbender says:

    My first thought was that considering the way the comment was written, this person is potentially mentally ill. I do not mean that as a “slam”, but a definite possibility—most of it doesn’t make sense and rambles. (Then again, by that standard, I may have to consider my own sanity!! 😕 )

    Anyhow, I find humor in the twist that the comment itself made for very entertaining content for you blog! 😀 (So who needs cows anyway?!) So for that I am thankful! Well done, Suzanne. Well done.

  68. HobbyHillFarm says:

    It’s amazing how someone who does not know you judges what you do. I wish I had a cow for the milk but I can tell you that I would not be able to milk more than once a day with other things that go on “on the farm”. I too have a dog, 5 cats (mostly because people think you live on the farm and so should there cat), and 5 horses. This is a life I chose and not something I can easily stop. I love the blog and I like the fact that there is always something new I can learn. I also like the restraint you showed when you would have had every right to blast the “pundit”. ~sharon 😀

  69. steakandeggs says:

    Imagine That milking a cow four time a day, Never heard of such. My great uncle had a dairy when I was a kid. They milked twiced a day, at 4 AM and 4 PM.

    My father-in-law always had a milk cow. He milked in the morning and the evening. I remember one cow he had looked a lot like BP, he would milk her, and let the calves have the rest. That right 2 calves. Now she could give milk.

    Mahapundit said not milking a cow will cause mastitis. Does that mean if I wean a calf, and not milk the cow she can get mastitis. Then on the other hand if I leave the calf on the cow until she weans her/his self then I am guilty of letting one cow suck another. Oh dear…No matter what us farmers do we are going to get criticized.

    Suzanne I think you do a great job, and don’t worry about GB. My sister has a cow that use to steal milk until she had a calf. She made a great cow.

  70. mintamichelle says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake! It’s not always about the money….Some folks just want to provide for their family (and their animals!!) the very best they can provide, for me that means wholesome natural foods I produce myself….

  71. AliciaN says:

    I too am VERY proud of the restraint you showed in your post!
    Don’t feed the trolls :dancingmonster:
    Turn THEM into material for your blog! Hopefully they don’t eat as much as the cows or require any sort of attention or dedication! LOL Geez…Some people’s children!! 😆

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