A-Milkin’ We Will Go


It’s workshop season, and Glory Bee and I are in full milking swing. This makes everybody happy except Moon Pie and Dumplin, who do not like to be separated from MOMMY. Sometimes there’s a lot of bellowing. And crying. And whining. And pitiful cow eyes. But everyone is surviving. I load up my little cart and take it to the barn in the mornings.
Glory Bee waits for me at the gate, eager for her big breakfast.
I didn’t start milking her right away after she had Moon Pie. I let her give it all to the baby for awhile. I like to get them started out on all that good cream.
It was good while it lasted, wasn’t it, Moon Pie?
I don’t think she’s really speaking to me right now. But wow, she is a pretty calf. I love her. Even if she doesn’t love me back. Maternity leave is over, and mommy is back to work!
But it just makes the reunions all the sweeter…..!
Between mowing and milking and getting ready for the next go-round of workshops, this is pretty much how I feel by noon every day.
I don’t know what Casper’s problem is, because I can assure you he didn’t do anything!


  1. Joell says:

    :happyflower: o
    OMG—-I want a cow!!!
    As a toddler I lived on my Grandparents dairy farm, I remember my Opa sitting on a 3 legged stool milking the cows, such good memories, I can still remember the smell of the barn and the hay. If we could just save time in a bottle………….

  2. DeniseS says:

    Moon Pie is beautiful and she has really grown.

  3. cindyinohio says:

    I am so excited to be coming to the workshop in June. My family surprised me with it as a birthday gift!!! Our four bred cows/heifers are due to calf in July and August and I am planning to milk at least one of them. Not sure whether to hand milk or machine milk so I am eager to try both. Can’t wait to meet you and all your critters in person.

  4. bumblebee says:

    Moon pie IS beautiful… that is for sure. Suzanne, what did you do for milk all this time when you weren’t milking Glory Bee???
    Thank you for all your wonderful posts and great photos!!! HUGS to you and the animals. :snoopy:

  5. Chicken Crossing says:

    I love your idea of putting everything in a sturdy wagon and pulling it back and forth to the barn. Last year I lugged that heavy thing back and forth and nearly killed my back! I really need to work smarter instead of harder! My cow isn’t due until the beginning of July, but I am super excited for it! Enjoy all that fresh milk!

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