My Moon Pie


Moon Pie is growing up, a real lil heifer now, not just a baby. She’s putting on more color in her coat, as they all seem to in the fall, and she’s downright pretty. Not that she cares what I think. She doesn’t like me much. Or at all.
“She looking at me, mommy.”
“What does she want?”
“I can’t take it!”
“Help me, mommy!”
Poor cows, the flies are awful in the summer. I have some spray I use on Glory Bee when I take her in to milk. The best thing about fall is that first really good, hard cold snap that sends the flies packing. But back to Moon Pie–notice how her coat has really taken on a nice color pattern! I’m liking it.

Update on Glory Bee and her bee-hind: It’s been a couple months now since I had her artificially inseminated. I’m going to try to get a vet out here soon to preg check her. If she’s not bred, I’ll have to START OVER.

I hope she’s bred.


  1. gingergoat says:

    For the flies – try Avon Sin-so-soft. I put it in
    a spray bottle. Works wonders and your beautiful cows will smell nice.

  2. gingergoat says:

    Try Avon SKIN-so-soft. Sorry for the typo. :woof:

  3. bbkrehmeyer says:

    She is a lovely heifer.
    On the wood stacked under the deck next to the house. Don’t know if there are termites in W.V. But where Im from ,any wood to earth contact causes an infestation. If the wood is on the ground ( bare dirt) and touches any wood in or around your house,you can get termites. But as I said,don’t know if you have them in W.V. We have them in Cal, and Colorado,and Also the Deep South.
    Hope GBs “ai” took successfully. :moo:

  4. beforethedawn says:

    Interesting to see Moon Pie’s coloring, I like it. Love that smile in the last pic. :heart:

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