New Life


What is that I spy peeking forth from the woolly side of Miss Jacob?

Why, it is a new baby lamb!!! And, in fact, there are–

two new baby lambs!!!

We don’t know what (boy/girl) they are yet. They haven’t been investigated yet.

They’re black now, but based on experience, I’d say they’ll turn brown.

Miss Jacob just thinks they’re perfect and that’s all she needs to know.

Here’s one of Jester’s ewe lambs from last spring. The Cotswold-Jacob cross wool is gorgeous. I love it. Rich brown color combined with the wavy wool. Can’t wait till this one is sheared this year!

Shearing time is not far off.

Whether anyone else is going to lamb, I don’t know. Nobody’s talking.

Or looking particularly pregnant.


Jester? Could be…. Maybe….

Meanwhile, it may still be February, but with lambs on the place–

–it feels like spring to me!


  1. Mandy says:

    Yay new babies =D They are adorable x3 :sheep:

  2. Julia says:

    How wonderful! Congrats! This is so exciting. I love baby animals.

  3. Blessings says:

    The lambs are so cute! HOORAY!

  4. Nona says:

    So happy for the new mama and you too!
    Very cute.

  5. SuhaelAmrita says:

    Congratulations to the new additions! Your world looks so desireable… πŸ™‚

  6. Lindsay says:

    Oh! Look at their bitty little faces! Good gracious they’re adorable!

  7. Sonia says:

    I so love Annabelle. Can we just keep her as a pet instead of breeding her? She is just too cute.

  8. Rose H says:

    :sheepjump: Congratulations to Miss Jacob for the safe arrivals, what a pair little beauties :sheep: :sheep: πŸ˜€ Wish I could come and give them a cuddle :hug:

  9. debi says:

    :sheep: Oh my word,how cute are they. :sheep:

  10. lauren says:

    Congrats on the new babies!! πŸ™‚ Annabelle truely is special she has such a sparkle in her eyes,

  11. Linda says:

    They are adorable…Mommy looks very proud!

  12. greensborodailyphoto says:

    Suzanne had two little lambs, little lambs, little lambs…….. Are you singing yet?

  13. Lisa Anderson says:

    :sheep: cute!

  14. CATRAY44 says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations!

  15. Carmen at Old House Kitchen says:

    Congratulations! Animal babies are sooo cute! :sheep:

  16. Vicki in So. CA says:

    Oh my gosh, how cute! Congratulations to Miss Jacob. :sheep: :sheep:

  17. ellen mcbryde says:

    Congrats on the two gorgeous lambs!
    Indeed, Spring MUST be onthe way if lambs are born!

  18. Susan says:

    Farm or maternity ward?

  19. brookdale says:

    Yay! A sign of spring at last! Congratulations on the new babies, they are really cute!

  20. SarahGrace says:

    Congratulations! I think of you everytime we pass a house nearby. They have sheep that love to dot the hillside. πŸ™‚ We’ve noticed that it must be getting near the time of shearing as they are so wooly.

  21. Mim says:

    You must be doing something right since your farm life is increasing. I hope to have farm babies after I retire..hubby doesn’t want the responsibility….but I sure do. Gotta fence in more property this summer so that I will have room for them next year…Congratulations on the success of your farm. :pawprint:

  22. Window On The Prairie says:

    Adorable lambs. Our neighbors have sheep and they’re all pregnant. Can’t wait until they have their lambs.Our cows will start having calves in a couple weeks.
    Have a great day everyone,

  23. Mary says:

    Congratulations! They are adorable, and I can’t wait for the “jumping lamb” videos πŸ™‚

  24. Deb says:

    Ahhh they are kinda cute, I’ve always prefered goats over sheep, but those are cute being black, with that white fuzzy top knot on their head. πŸ™‚

  25. Linda Goble says:

    congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Babies, Babies and more Babies on the farm. Adorable they are. Looks like Miss Jacob is being a good mommy.
    Just love the color of Jester’s baby from last year. What a pretty sweater with that color wool. What is his or her name? :sheep: πŸ˜€

  26. Ramona says:

    The babies are precious. It feels like spring here. I hope it doesn’t change.

  27. Zusiqu says:

    More babies!!! YAY!

  28. holstein woman says:

    That is such a blessing for you. They are a wonderful addition. Congratulations!

  29. Carol says:

    my favorite is Annabelle. If she had babies, do you think they might be bouncers, too?

  30. iowacowgirl says:

    aaaawwwww…pretty nice babies!!

  31. Madeline says:

    Congrats to you and Miss Jacob! NEW LIFE!! A blessing! What a wonderful way to spend your days,Suzanne, great family and farm babies!!!!!!! I know it’s a lot of hard work too!! Thanks for sharing your days and your beloved animals and kids adventures with us!

  32. Casey says:

    So cute! Congrats on the 2 little new editions. πŸ™‚

  33. Casey says:

    That would be ADDITIONS. Congrats on the 2 little new additions. D’oh! I have mommy brain and haven’t had my coffee this morning yet! lol

  34. Brenda says:

    Oh I just love it – so many new farm babies – they are just darling.

  35. Leslie says:

    They are just precious!!! Do you keep all your lambs? Or do you sell any of them…that’s some great looking wool there! πŸ™‚

  36. Cheryl says:

    Aww congrats on the new lambs! They are adorable! I have just one born so far..with 14 more ewes left to lamb. Lambs signify the beginning of spring here on our farm too! My favorite part of spring is watching the lamb races!

  37. Miss Becky says:

    Congratulations on the births! they are adorable, of course. Suzanne, do you ever dye and spin your wool and sell your yarn? I realize you already have a lot on your plate (!) but it sure would be nice!

  38. Nancy P says:

    Congratulations, Suzanne! Any plans for sheep’s milk romano? Pecorino romano is AWESOME….

  39. Shirley T says:

    What a blessing. Your cup runneth over.Precious little lambs.

  40. TinaG says:

    Yah Miss Jacob and Suzanne! Congratulations. They are just beautiful. I can’t wait to see more babies running around your place. :sheep:

  41. Merlin says:

    Awww… so cute! Those lambs should be called Fuzzy and Wuzzy, because they are so Fuzzy Wuzzy cute!!!! :sheep: πŸ˜€

  42. catslady says:

    So glad to hear the good news – congratulations on “your” twins!

  43. Valerie says:

    Great news! How cute are they, anyway? I loves me some farm babies. :woof:

  44. Jackie Georgiou says:

    Fabulous! New babies always make me smile- no matter what their species! Congratulations to the whole Chickens In The Road family!

  45. Runningtrails says:

    You have been so richly blessed!

  46. Tobey says:

    Baby Lambs…so adorable.

    Sheep are looking nice and wooly. You have a lot of fluff on the hoof!

    I do hope you give spinning another chance as I fell in love with it and enjoy teaching others.

  47. C4G says:

    Stumbled upon your blog when researching how to make a cheese press. I LOVE IT! What I wouldn’t give to have that life! But alas, I be stuck in the city living paycheck to paycheck. Yuck.
    I love your farm stories & your humor. LOL!!

  48. nellie says:

    Oh, You make me miss our coopworths. There is absolutely NOTHING like newborn lambs in the field. I, too live in WV and love it even though we no longer have animals. I look forward to reading through more of your site.

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