Next They’ll Want Their Driver’s Licenses and Their Own Cars


Oh my, did they ever not want to come out of that box….. I had the kids load up the chicks while I manned the box in which they would make their trip to the chicken house. The kids chased them around the brooder–and my office–for several minutes while I was in charge of opening the box lid just enough for them to stick each chick inside one at a time, working to keep the ones already inside from jumping back out. Then I carried the wriggling box to the chicken house. We decided, for the first few days, to keep them inside the chicken house. We’ll let them out into the chicken yard soon, but to start with, it’s enough for them to get settled in the house itself and learn that it is where they sleep.

Once in the chicken house, box lid removed, they lifted their heads….

And started looking around….

“What’s out there? Where are we?”

They sent a scout on a reconnaissance mission.

She turned back to report. “Dudes, it’s huge. And the straw! I’ve never seen so much straw! It’s the land of milk and honey and bugs!”

Then she could wait no longer for her leery brooder-mates. “Mine!” she declared. ‘It’s all mine!”

Well, they couldn’t have that, so out they came, sticking together at first for security.

Then they started spreading out, exploring….

Scratching and pecking. “It’s true! It’s the land of milk and honey and bugs!”

And there they are, all moved into the chicken house. Settling in. Enjoying their first taste of the semi-outdoors. My babies are growing up.

I hope that they remember to brush their teeth and that they don’t stay up too late at night. And that they won’t mind if I call ten times a day.


  1. Enid says:

    What a handsome group of chickens!

  2. Amelia says:

    Their colors are so pretty. Now you have your office just to yourself…sob-sob.

    Amelia in Oklahoma

  3. Heidi says:

    Isnt it fun to watch them just fiddle about.. people always say the quote – Busy as a bee – they have never watched chickens then… They are ALWAYS occupied, scratchin, pecking, cluckin – you name it. It looks like you have a couple of roosters or a hen with gender issues!!! LOL

  4. Remudamom says:

    We put ours out in the chicken house, but still in a big container with a heat lamp, they aren’t quite as old as yours yet.

    I bet your office seems really quiet now.

  5. Kim A. says:

    Nice chicken house! I hope they appreciate the extra space and decor. 🙂


  6. Ann from Montana says:

    Boy, you can really see how big they are in these photos! Looks like the move went well – how’d you sleep “Mom”?

  7. Tresha says:

    This post just cracked me up!! this is so awesome!!! boy,they look big in the box but so small in the house! ha
    hope the worms they find aren’t Tequillia worms…but you know how teenagers are…..hahaha

    can’t wait for more!

    Tresh in Oklahoma

  8. Claudia W says:

    What chicken fun is that? They are going to be happy happy chickens in that house! There is a lot of pretty color going on with your chickens, what a great variety you got. I could sit and watch chickens work all day.

  9. Granny Sue says:

    Awww. How cute. They look very comfortable in their new home.

    We have our turkeys in a brooder in their turkey house. We’re not quite ready to turn them loose yet, but soon. They are so different from the chickens, much quieter and calmer.

    Loved your Memorial Day post. Like you, my suburban VA upbringing did not include visits to graveyards. Ours are so scattered–some in England, some in Louisiana and some at Arlington Cemetery. My husband and one granddaughter went to decorate his family graves in Kanawha County. I was ‘way too tired after cleaning my son’s house on sunday, (and company all day Sun and Mon), getting ready for his return from Iraq. I was very glad Larry went though. It’s just something a person should do. Respect and remember.

  10. Becky says:

    I’ll bet there was much laughter while trying to catch the chicks! What fun!
    Can’t wait till they venture outside.

  11. Jyl says:

    Gosh they have grown, you can really see just how much when they are all together in the box.

  12. Jill S. says:

    Aw, I bet they miss you already, momma.

  13. LinMN says:

    Oh no, not Empty Nest Syndrome! tee hee
    I want you to know that because of you, YES YOU, and your darn blog, as of last Thursday we have 5 little chicks of our own(all pullets. hopefully.). We had a few hens up until last fall when we thought we were going to be moving & gave them to a lady with a hobby farm. But plans changed & watching your chickies made me really miss having them around. They really are addicting, aren’t they? So when I woke up last Thursday morning, I KNEW what I had to do. I drove 35 miles one way to buy some at a farm store because I had to have them THAT day. ;o) They’re just great little creatures! My kids have put a pony tail holder & little pieces of watermelon in the chick box to create a sort of 3 ring circus. It’s hilarious how they’ll go nuts trying to steal from each other and/or protect their treasure. We noticed that quite often when one chick does something, the rest will copy. If one steps up onto my hand, 4 more will, etc. Right now I can fit all 5 in my 2 hands at one time…and it makes them sleep. Then I can’t get anything done because the mother in me doesn’t want to wake them. I know it won’t be long and I’ll be moving mine out of the house & into the coop too & missing them. Babies grow up way too fast! I just hope you’re adjusting! :o) Won’t be long and you’ll have the baby goats to coo over though.

  14. Robin G. says:

    For the record, I am totally loving the chicken diaries.

  15. Nell says:

    I’m as addicted to your blog as you are to your chicks! So down home and comfortable to read…..sorta like things used to be!

  16. catslady says:

    Oh pretty soon – EGGS :shimmy:

  17. jane says:

    52 and the basketball court scene – he is like that guy over the fence on Home Improvement – you never fully ever see him – hmmmmm

    oh come on 52 – let us see you – we wont bite!!

  18. Kacey says:

    LOL, I guess none of these chicks are going to make it onto your table, huh?

  19. Susan says:

    What beautiful colors they are! I bet they have moments when they miss being in the house with you. :yes:

  20. Linda in San Diego says:

    Have you found the Back Yard Chicken forum yet? It is a site where folks share the same love of chickens and worries, LOL. I just called home to talk to DH and while talking about some other things I just had to ask how the chickens are doing. LOL

  21. Carolyn says:

    The place looks so big and they still look so little. But, by and by, they will settle in and grow big and strong and they will love you for it. xxoo

  22. Kathryn says:

    Another surrogate chicken auntie checking in! Thank you for sharing those cute things with us!

  23. M says:

    OOOO so cool! Our bunch made it outside today too….all 6 of them….they took dirt baths and ran around the small “play area.” The ducklings are still in the box…they are not quite a week old but they did come out on the carpet and say hello to the kindergartners today.- No cars for them either!

  24. tillie says:

    just one question…where do you plan to sleep? is your cot somewhere out of the viewfinders range? 😆

    congrats on this chickie milestone!

  25. Netherfieldmom says:

    I read that if you zig-zag twine randomly back and forth over the top of your pen, hawks will not be able to dive bomb into it…FYI…the only losses we have had have been from hawks. Ours are loose in a two acre pasture, so string doesn’t “apply”. We love our chickens too. We have flower bed chickens–it’s the rehab center–the hen recovering from horse-broken leg and rooster with feet that will never recover from the frostbite, from previous owners. So, they live in our flowerbed all day and get ferried back to horsebarn at night. Best of both worlds–other than the doodie on the front side walk. 😆

  26. Amy Addison says:

    What a big day for the chicks!

  27. SuzieQ says:

    Isn’t it just like opening Christmas presents to see what colors they are developing…you have no idea how much I’m enjoying your chicks..

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