Once upon an Egg


Once upon a time there were 11 little chickens.

Some of the chickens were bigger.

And some were smaller.

But they all grew up together in the same big brooder.

They learned their ABC’s.

Some of them were quite artistic.

One of them liked to fly outside the brooder. He was a big chicken now! He was ready to see the world.

But there were giant, critter-eating monsters outside their happy home.

The world is a scary place for a big chicken who is really just little.

So the little chicken went back home. And the people put up screens so he couldn’t go out again.

The brooder was safe and warm. He would be a big chicken some day, but not yet.

The End.


  1. connie says:

    Loved the story Suzanne..I don’t know what it is about those chicks laying down sleeping but it gets me everytime..especially love the last photo again..This really made me smile this morning..Connie

  2. Kim A. says:

    Is that a cute, darling little chipmunk in the cat’s mouth? 😥

    I know cats hunt and I don’t mind mine bug-eating, but I always feel sorry for the cute little critters who fall victim to their instincts.

    But this is about the chicks, right? I like the big one’s colouring. And wow, thick legs.

    Silly chicks with tiny brains. No wonder they need screens to keep them safe. 😆


  3. Jyl says:

    Wow, they are growing pretty quick. Yeah, I think the screen is a really, really good idea. Looks like the mighty hunters would enjoy those little tasties.

  4. Becky says:

    So cute! I love the chick pics. Have you got the hen house ready yet?

  5. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Kim, yes, that is a poor little chipmunk!

    The hen house isn’t ready yet. We need to get it ready soon!

  6. CarolW says:

    lovely story, lovely chicks

  7. Amelia says:

    The chicks are so cute. Not a good combination with a “hunter” cat and easy prey…but your plans will take care of both of your animal friends.

    Amelia in Oklahoma :heart:

  8. Tresha Swickey says:

    THIS IS AN ADORABLE POST!!!! so love the the picture of all of them trying to learn the letter B !!! and yes, that last picture is the best!!! I cannot believe they are already losing their fuzz and getting feathers….aahhh…our babies grow up so fast!

    Tresh in Oklahoma

  9. Tresha Swickey says:

    ok…just for clarification…I do realize they are not actually learning the letter B… hahahahaa…..(I re-read my post and it read like I was an idiot …hahaha)

    Tresh again…

  10. Blaze says:

    My parents farm cats enjoy bringing their “trophys” back to the front porch like that too.
    Frogs seem to be one of their favorites for some reason..ugh.

  11. Granny Sue says:

    This is so funny! You’ve got a very creative brain.

    It reads like a children’s picture book. A little gory for kids, I guess, but it could easily be modified to be more,ummm, peaceful.

    I need to post photos of my hens. At 3 months, they look like matrons. They do grow fast!

  12. Mental P Mama says:

    Phew, I thought it was one of our babies. :chicken: :heart: :chicken:

  13. Cyndi Lewis says:

    How sweet! As a woman who isn’t able to keep chickens right now, I sure love “keeping” them through your blog. My 3 year old always enjoys your blog with me, I sense she will be a chicken lover too. My older kids don’t get my chicken fixation.

  14. Dru says:

    I was afraid for a moment, but glad to know that all eleven chickens are still with us. Hmm, I didn’t now chickens can fly. Love the story.

  15. Shirley says:

    Sorry for the chipmunk, but glad the baby chicks are save. Such a cute story.

  16. Treasia says:

    An absolutely adorable post. Whew I thought one of the baby chickens was in kitties mouth. Glad you cleared that up.

  17. Jill S. says:

    Aw, I knew you were writing a book, lol!

  18. wkf says:

    One of the best chicken coming of age stories I witnessed was when my bigfat cat thought she was having chicken for supper and that little teenaged hen wore her out!! Then chased her all around my flower pots. I laughed and laughed!
    have you seen this site? https://www.backyardchickens.com/
    They have some bumper stickers that make me giggle. :flying:

  19. Jannifer Robin says:

    Close call! Very cute story and pics. They’re just starting to go through their gawky phase, aren’t they?!

  20. Claudia W says:

    I’m so happy that was a good ending, Iwas afraid it was going to be traumatic for me! They are growing so fast! Cute little thangs! Thanks for the update on their life.

  21. Susan says:

    My goodness they are growing so fast! 😮 It seems like they were just starting to hatch yesterday. :chicken:

  22. Kim W says:

    I am TOTALLY serious when I say that you should really publish that little ditty! I think just simply what you have written – and illustrated – right here would be a great farm storybook!! If I still had little ones, I would buy it.

    Who knows…it could be the next Golden Book Classic! :thumbsup:

    Blessings from Ohio…

  23. Egghead says:

    That little one is the cutest thing. So sweet….but that poor little chipmunk. I have tons of those little guys stealing the bird food from my feeders right now. Cute! :rotfl:

  24. Tori Lennox says:

    You ought to be a writer, Suzanne. *g* Great story!!! :thumbsup:

  25. jean says:

    Poor Chippy. He led a good life. He died for his friend Chicky. Amen.

  26. Brandy says:

    Your post started to scare me. I thought one of your cats had gotten ahold of one of the chicks. Glad to know they are all ok.

  27. Estella says:

    The chicks are growing sooo fast!

  28. Amy Addison says:

    You really are the mistress of storytelling. Kids and I enjoyed the morning cuteness of the chicks.

    Though 9 did suspect that was the big chick in the cat’s mouth. It took a while to convince him that Big Chick was safe in the brooder.

  29. Jodie says:

    The chicks are growing nicely. At the beginning of the post I was worried that another one had died.
    Bad Kitty! Chipmunks are SO cute. I guess they need to get used to avoiding the cats. My inside cat just catches bugs and the occasional lizard. :cattail:

  30. catslady says:

    Tori Lennox Says:
    You ought to be a writer, Suzanne. *g* Great story!!! – ROFLMAO :rotfl:

    And that was very naughty of you to have us think it was one of your babies :fryingpan:

    I love their new little feathers :yes:

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